Reflexology ~ Lung Cleansing?

  • If anybody knows anything about reflexology or those toxic crystals we have in our feet, please feel free to say anything!

    I found that the majority of the crystals in my feet are built up where, in regards to reflexology, my lungs, bronchi, heart, and shoulders are mapped. That means that toxins have been building up around those areas, if I'm not mistaken... I've been trying to sing the past few months and it's difficult because clearing my throat is a constant annoyance (and terrible to do as a singer) and I was wondering if anybody knew much about cleansing lungs... So far, I've got: keep hydrated and breathe clean air.

    Does anybody know if there are any types of scents/oils that help with the cleansing?

    I'm not a smoker and never have been... but the building I work in does have some mold "issues".... VERY annoying.

    Thank you!


  • So stuff has been working its way out! Gross as it sounds... But hopefully it'll continue to clear up. Months of this is kind of annoying...

    Still, if anybody has pointers or tips- feel free!



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