Cancer women and men please comment

  • T7,

    no, i know quite a few Taurus folk, im not necessarily hot or cold on them, they are just people i know. i'd say i get along with them

    they reside in the colder months (east coast cold, which is quite a broad range so 😛 )

  • doeyeyedpisces: I am really sorry for the loss of your cancer man. He sounds like a great guy and you sound like a lovely women. It is a shame he left you without any closer. That is by far the worst. I speak from experience.

    I think part of the problem with me and my ex is I'm 33, and I'm so over hanging out at bars and parties. I just want a wife and kids and relationships with other couples. But she is 28 and still into parties and bars, though she acted like she wasn't while we were together. Also, I don't think she has been through enough in life to understand that life is not always a fairytale. It would be great if it were but bad things happen and when we are young and immature we tend to avoid the real life difficulties rather than face them. I love to have fun and laugh but I also know that sometimes life throws us a curve ball and when we are young and selfish we just move on. But that's not what adults do. Now don't get me wrong, if a man is beating his women or being verbally abusive she should not stand for it, but other issues like money and jealousy should be dealt with like adults, unless someone is blowing all their money or cheating. My point is my ex thinks that their is some perfect man out there that can give her the fairytale life she's dreamed about since she was a kid and she isn't going to stop until she finds him. I'm not saying everyone should just settle for someone, but I think people who think there is someone out there who will be everything they dreamed of as a kid is just silly and naive!

  • To Cancerman276; I'm a Virgo, but have many more years of time spent in pondering Life's Lessons for us MORTALS!!! My first & only marriage to a Leo lasted for 19 years, but we were a very dysfunctional family. We did produce a beautiful, intelligent daughter who we both love deeply. My second long-term relationship has been on-going for 25 years!! This man is a Virgo with a Cancer moon! Many of your listed items, called problems, are a part of his demeanor also!! He is now in his 70's, as am I. He has chosen to accent his many talents in business & politics,and still leave room to express his more emotional side!! I am SAYING.......Do NOT change so much for another person that you miss out on being the BEST that God made you to be!!! Anyone who truly loves another needs to have the depth to meet that person half-way!!! We are not perfect, & we do make mistakes, but it's NEVER TOO LATE to visualize a better future,if need be, without GUILT!!!YOU DESERVE IT!!! We get only one chance to make a LIFE TO LOVE!!! Hope it's a GOOD ONE!!

  • Thank you for the kind words SapphireGirl85!! Very appreciated 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the kind words and wisdom doeyeyedpisces!

    I very much agree with this "I think if fundamentally you want different things, it won't work, even in the best of life circumstances" yet when we are in love, we tend to ignore some big things that may likely be a problem when the honeymoon phase ends. Love is such a blinding, debilitating thing sometimes. It's no wonder so many people end up in a bad relationship. We ignore so many red flages when we think we are in love. It's very sad when this happens.

  • motocrab - you remind me of my J....he is witty like you, and, you cannot hear tone, but, I love sarcastic humor. J & I have that mastered well! 😉

  • Just had to bump this up and say, what a deep sign cancer people are. They are so caring, compassionate and kind, but, on the flip side, once they have decided a person is basically a waste ( I use that term loosely) they are cold, harsh and indifferent.

    And, I have to admit, I admire that in J. When he truly knows someone, if they are not a good influence, he can walk and never look back. As long as it is in a casual sense.

  • Damn T7, glad you are a cancer lover! lol!

    This is true..I often view people as pawns who are nothing more then a means to an end. (I am an aspiring entrepreneur/college student)

    This is not a redeeming trait as there was a point in my life where I felt as not every human had a right to exist because of the flaws all humans possess.

    Being judgement al s my vice but its also my best trait.

  • Motocrab- sometimes, that topic is one where J and I never agree yet we respect each others points of view.

    Yet, when he forces me to be honest with myself, I can see that there have been times I have felt or done the same things. Which is weird, but true. he thinks i spend too much time trying to see or find the good in all people, yet, he loves my thought process and my continual hope for good.

  • Been a moody moonchild all my life, I would have to answer yes to all of the criteria you have labeled yourself with. The biggest issue I have is with picking up on all of the pains and emotions of everyone I come in contact with...and then some from around the world that I have never met. It's a huge burden sometimes, but it's a sort of weird connection that keeps me if I belong to it all. That's who I am as a female Cancerian...nurturer. The only 2 cancer males I have known are very earthy or musical. I'm wondering what your age is.

  • Thanks for all the replies everyone!!! It's nice to see some Cancer lovers on here! You know you love our moody a-s-s-e-s!!! 🙂

    Marmoon I am 33 years old and look like I'm 25 lol. Most people would consider that a blessing but I oddly want to look my age.

  • Cancer Female 48 years young 🙂

    1. I have self confidence issues.

    Yes...and as I've aged I've learned that most everyone else does too. Cool aye?

    2. I tend to look at the negatives versus the positives

    I can...especially when it comes to business. In times, but then that fairness thing kicks in, and I quickly check myself.

    3. I am often unmotivated and lazy

    No...I am not unmotivated, nor lazy. Even when I was young I had to be always doing something.

    4. Relationships mean much more to me than money or material things

    No... money means a great deal to me. The more I have the more secure I feel

    5. I often live in my head because I don't want to face reality

    Yes...very true for me as well. I have learned to keep a journal to channel some of that.

    6. I have used and abused **** and cigarettes as an escape

    Yes...especially in my younger years when anxiety levels were high

    7. I judge myself against a standard I can not live up to

    Yes...but that's okay. Shoot for the moon that way if you miss you still land amongst the stars sort of thing. (Cheesy I know, but true)

    8. I can be vain


    9. When I fall in love I can become dependant

    No. In fact I often get complaints that I seem to not give a crap (but I do)

    10. I am often indecisive

    Business/ large purchases I take my time to mull things over, but do come to a decision I generally feel good about.

    11. My surroundings affect my mood dramatically

    Yes! Dirty surroundings will put me in a foul mood. Sitting at a table with people who have poor table manners will send me through the roof.

    12. I don't enjoy being alone unless I'm in a relationship with someone who loves me and desires me.

    I love my time alone, but I also love being social as well. Everyone needs to feel loved and desired. Human nature

    13. I easly get depressed when I feel alone

    Mmm no...not really

    14. I enjoy taking care of people more than taking care of myself

    Gads no. Though I have looked after those who needed to be looked after, I was always glad when I didn't have to anymore.

    15. I think about life, death, and the meaning of life far too often


    16. I have a hard time consentrating on things that don't mean much to me

    I am always hungry for knowledge so I'd have to say (no) to this. I am one of those weirdos that reads the back of shampoo bottles as they soak in the tub, or reads milk cartons while eating breakfast.

    17. As a Cancer man I feel way to emotional and worry way to much.

    No...I am not emotional...but I will admit to the over worry thing.

    18. I sometimes have a hard time sticking up for myself because I always stop to think about wheather what the person is saying is true or not. And even if it's not true, I feel guilty about fighting with a person I care about.

    When I was younger that I'm older I find it more and more difficult to defend myself. (strange) Yes I do battle guilt when I've argued with a family member, or friend.

    19. I often blame myself for things that aren't always my fault.

    At first yes, until the voice of reason kicks in and I have a long talk with myself. lol

    20. I am physically attractive but I often feel dumb or not manly enough

    At times for the manly thing I'd have to say, no.

    If you believe any of these things relate to being a Cancer please let me know. Thanks!

  • To me cancer men are very manly, but they don't know it, and this is what makes my relationship with them fumble. I am all woman and I feel they are all man, but they wont always act accordingly. Just be it and believe it.

  • Cancerman276, you are not dumb and you are manly. The fact that you allow yourself to be vulnerable is part of the reason I say this.

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