Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • Hi again, Christine!

    Once again, this site turned my few x's after my name into the cuss word thingie!!!?!

    Just so you don't think I was cussing!!!

    I do use "bad words", but in context!!!


    Lisa again 🙂

  • Hi Lisa! Thanks for responding so quickly. I need all the support I can get!

    The best way to describe this pain of grief is to say it's like suffering some sort of amputation. You feel like you've lost a big chunk of yourself, and you just have to get used to living without it. That's what it's like living without Mike. I realize every day just what he was to me, and meant to me, and I feel this wave of despair come over me, and the heaviness sinking deep into my heart. I can fool myself for short periods of time, but the denial stage is fading now, and the acceptance stage is the hardest to get through. Then I have to deal with the memories I have of Tom, and feel even more lonely. I don't think it could get much worse...

    I get angry at myself for believing so much in fate and destiny, because I thought for sure that Tom was meant to be in my life. The way our paths just crossed that day, and how he suddenly struck up a conversation with me felt like fate. He also told me he had felt so drawn to me, and that was why he wanted to talk to me. We also admitted that we had both noticed each other before Mike even died. I think we were guided by destiny, but I just don't think he believes it like I do. We are very different people, and yet we did click for the most part. He's from this small town, and has never left, and I'm from NY and have moved around, and traveled a bit too. I am also a progressive thinker, and have unconventional spiritual beliefs compared to most people around here. He was raised Southern Baptist (!), and I was raised Catholic, but left the church at 16, and never went back. (I hate hypocrisy...) I could feel us both falling though for a time there, and I think it scared him. I also know that my state of mind during this grieving has not shown me at my best. He just never really gave it a chance, and got out too quickly in my opinion. I believe I could have fulfilled all his needs and desires, if he had just given us a chance. I do know though that you can't really change a person's core beliefs and nature, and I just couldn't accept his "arms length" style, and solitary lifestyle. Eric and I need more than that right now. We need someone who embraces the challenge presented to him, and wants to make a difference in our lives. I felt a half-heartedness coming from him in facing the challenges of a newly grieving widow, and a fatherless child. It will take an emotionally mature and strong man to take on the role we need though...

    I have still heard nothing from him, and that speaks loads about what he feels for me. Nothing. Unless he is feeling something, but my email said I needed to stay away from him so he's doing the same. Who knows. I don't have the energy to play his games anymore. I don't resent him for them though, because I honestly don't think he's even aware that he's playing them. It's just his nature, and we both know you can't fight that!

    So my beliefs and dreams have been dashed, to say the least. I want to stay here, but I have no support system here. Mike and I moved here for us, and we were happy here with our little family, but now it's just me and Eric, and I feel so isolated sometimes. Yet, I don't want to give this place up. I have a lot of thinking to do in this next year, but in the meantime I have to get through this grief. A friend of mine shared some wisdom with me. She said when we are wounded and scarred, we will attract the same type of people. Once we've healed and are healthier, we will attract the same. That made so much sense to me. I guess I need to be more patient, for myself to heal, and for someone good to come into my life as well.

    Thanks so much for reconnecting with me Lisa. I felt an affinity between us, and am very grateful that we met on here. I would love to communicate via our personal emails, if you'd like. If you don't mind posting your address on here, I will definitely write you.

    Thanks for the hugs and kisses too. I could use some real ones, but the virtual ones will have to do for now...

    Peace and Love,


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  • Hello to all

    I have read all your posts, and thought I should also share my present experience with a Gemini Man.

    I am a 23 year old girl. My sunsign is a scorpio.

    I believe in the soulmate things way too much. I always thought from my childhood that my one day my Prince charming will come, and take me away with him....

    Hence I waited....n waited.....n waited, though I had few Infatuations and crushes in between!!!

    Then I met this guy, who is a Gemini. Though we met officially, we hit it off instantly. He never took off his eyes away from me. He behaved as if he was smitten by me, he was so interested.

    During our first meeting, even though it was an official one,we talked about our personal lives. He told me about his passions, interests, etc. After that we remained in touch through messages and calls. Speaking on the phone for loong hours, texting each other. He asked me out after few days. He said lets be in a relationship, but I am not in love with you. He cleared that he was not in love with me, he was attracted towards me and likes me very much.

    Since I was strangely attracted towards him, I thought lets give it try.............I was also not in love with him though, but felt so strongly about him. But after our few dates, I was completely in love with him...........head over heels!!!!

    Then comes the strangest part...................he abruptly stops calling me, he starts to ignore me.

    When I call him, he says he'll call me back, but doesnt. His phone comes busy most of the times. It is a very strange situation for me, since I had never felt so strongly about a guy. I was so disturbed. He was alsways on my time. I felt miserable, used to feel a void inside me. Too painful. I even doubted his loyality, I was so sure he was cheating on me. Then, on my friend's suggestions, I started keeping myself busy with other things. Thought less of him, stopped expecting his calls or texts. I was slowly letting him go.

    Then, one day he calls me, and asks me to meet him. It felt as if I was his option, that anytime he will call me and I will go and meet him. I was so angry I blasted him. I told him how I felt in the paste few days, I told him each and every thing I felt. He was apologetic. He asked for forgivness, and asked for one more chance. He wanted to start afresh.

    Since, I was already in love with him , and still am so accepted!!!

    He has been nice since then, but still doesnt call sometime or texts. It so confusing sometime, that I want to breakfree. But I like him soo much, what to do.............just love him , and he knows it. He gets to hils old ways too sooon..........what to do??? Sometimes I think, I should also forget him and move on but I am unable to do so. He is a true charmer.....but I am trying to keep myself busy with other things. But you all know how scorpions are......when they are in love, they are totally in love........if not, then they are never in love!!!

  • I never had a problem with Geminis before. Was never in love with them either.

    Mostly lust but I don't find them solid enough for anything serious, so it never goes beyond lust or just friends. Whatever chart they have, this is something I find common in the ones that I know.

    Recently I am working on financial and marital issues and happened to meet a younger, funny, high spirited Gemini.

    Funny thing that hubby is Cap sun Gemini rising and he is Gemini sun Cap rising

    both has solid Saturn placements, as if I had met a younger version of hubby lol

    but this Gemini also has a solid Mercury placement, almost as solid as Saturn in his chart

    we chat like a storm, flitting from one subject to another, there is almost no 'resistance'

    until the commitment issue comes up and I can see Saturn rears his head

    He wants commitment (after my marriage situation is over) and I said I am still working on marital issues, I am not looking for a new commitment yet

    After all we met right before Mercury went retro Mar 30, so commitment of any kind will require further details. A few times we chat about it and I assured him I am not using him. I just don't plan for anything aside from solving my issues first.

    Out of the sudden a few days after that, we had a fight, out of nothing I'd say.

    It's really just astrology and metaphysical which he cares nothing about and I am not forcing him to care about it. I am just sharing some things I've learned about cosmic energy.

    He spouted harsh words, about my interest in metaphysical, myself and about my friends who share the same interest. What the he ck ??

    I told him If he feels that way about me then we shouldn't be together. he said goodbye and I said ok. then he said he thought we were good together. I said I accept him for who he is, I never judge him at all, unless he accepts me for who I am, there is no future with me.

    He did say sorry but I am still not comfortable with what happened. I told him I need to know if there is a reason for his cruel words towards me and my interests, because if there is none, then it's goodbye.

    He is attractive and independent, surviving hard life since childhood, but I don't feel like spending the rest of my life with someone who can't accept me and has no control over his temper. He is good with words, I hardly win debating with him, not because I know less of a subject but because he knows how to twist words to his advantage.

    Good thing is he can't call me a liar, since there was no commitment, verbal or written.

    There is also no plan for commitment, now or after my marital issue is solved.

    I am so glad I noticed Mercury retro phewww

    I don't mind being friends again and I don't mind losing a debate, but any harsh words from him I will tear his mouth apart LOL he ck !

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