Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • Hi Anni,

    My Gem guy and I got into an "Email thing", and then I left it up to him to call me. Tonight he just sent me a silly generic Email that someone had sent him. Not what I really wanted! He is quite confusing... He sent me a very heartfelt Email yesterday, and I responded with the same, but no call tonight... : ( So I know how you feel. I am hoping I will hear from him tomorrow, but who knows? Sometimes I think it would just be easier to be alone...

    I'm so sorry about your stupid jerk of a Gem! I hate to say it, but you may just have to let it go and try to let yourself heal. Go through the grieving, but get yourself geared towards moving on. With no contact for how long(?), I think you have to assume that he is not planning on contacting you.

    The thought of this ending with my Gem makes me very upset, but I think we all have to be prepared for the worst in this world. That way we're not so shocked and disappointed if it happens. I don't think it's over yet, but I know it's going to be a rocky road, and my road has been rocky enough! To quote Bob Marley... "Please don't you rock my boat, cause I don't want my boat to be rocky... Satisfy my soul, Satisfy my soul"... Right? That would be nice...


  • Jazz,

    If there ever was one who can kind say that is an "expert" on the dealings and thinking of a Gemini man, it would be me. I have a man in my life that I grew up. We are both in our late 30's and early 40's. we have a child together and we never got along with no one else but each other. To better understand your Gemini man, you have to pay real close attention to how he acts. In other words, you will have to learn how to literally read him just like you would a book. There is very little that my Gemini man can keep secret away from me. I found that it is better to become friends with a person before you get intimate with them. Especially in a case of a Gemini. If you get intimate with a Gemini man too soon, you will never get him to commit. In a sense you will have to make him wait and let him learn that you are worth the wait. Gemini men like a challenge. If there is no challenge, they do not take things seriously and sadly become a playmate instead of a soul mate. It is not impossible to get a Gemini to commit. But the key is the physical intimacy. Do not give him any room to believe that he can consider any other potential relationships. When he would have seen that you were holding out, they tend to want to come after you (not in a bad way) and make sure that they do not lose you. See I love my Gemini. I had another person in my life in the past that too was a Gemini man. When things did not work out because of his deception, he found out too little too late that the grass was definitely not greener on the other side. I had to do a smooth ghost on him so that he would not later disturb my current relationship. I am a scorpio woman too. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it is easy dealing with a Gemini. You have be willing to do the work once your Gemini man is willing be on board with a committment.

  • Hi jazz,

    About that email that you sent, let me if you will allow me, give you a suggestion. Stop making yourself available to him too much. You dealing with a personality that thinks he's got you around his little finger making it feasible to have other women around. When he emails you, do not open the email so quick. wait a couple of days. When you do open it, wait another couple of days before you respond. By you doing this you are basically saying to the Gemini man that you are not just waiting to hear from him. You can wait to hear from him just do not let him know that you are. You draw his curiosity when you do not respond along what he calls acceptable guidelines. With curiosity that means he will be trying to keep up with you instead of the other way around. I promise you it will work. I do it to my Gemini man and he gives me the respect that I deserve because he knows there a world outside of him and that I am not going to encircle him by waiting to hear from him. It makes him be what he tried make me and he tries to keep up with me. You must have a life before you can invite a personality like Gemini into your life. Do not give up your friends. Do not give up the frequency in which you see your friends. because rest assured while you give up your friends he definitely will not be giving his up.

  • Jazzsinger run! Im a true Scorpio aswell and let me tell you, I have had 2 Geminis in my life and they are fun but they arent a match for us....seriously. We are deep a true, not saying that Gemini men are not, but we are too deep for the twins. Gemini women make amazing friends, but for the Gemini! Youll only get hurt.....we just don`t belong with Gemini. Good Luck if you decide to peruse!

  • Scorp Wolf;

    You should not be telling someone to run from someone just because it did not work out for you. Nine times out of ten the reason why it did not work for you is because you gave of yourself too soon too quick and the Gemini men you dealt with lost interest in you and wanted nothing to do with you. Had you spent more time getting to know that Gemini man and befriend him before you jumped into his sack, you probably would have been able to keep your Gemini Man. My Gemini man is very good to me. we were friends before we became intimate. we took time out to know and understand each other. And because of that we know pretty much what we need to know about each other. You have to be willing to do the work. I have known my Gemini man 2/3 of my life. We have have been together for 14 years without any real issues. Women have tried to get at him but he has always shut them down. And the way he shuts them down is ugly after he tries to shut them down respectfully. He has no real reason to go step out on me. So before you try to discourage someone from a potential relationship, re-evaluate and analyze your own situation to see where you went wrong in the choices you made dating the Gemini Man.

  • Jazzsinger;

    Nothing that is worth having is going to be easy to obtain. The bottom line is that you have to be willing to be patient and put in the work. If you do not give too much of your self too soon as well maintain your life by having hobbies, friends and other interests, you will be fine. But if you do not have anything going on in your life and you are just focused on how you can get him to commit then the commitment you are looking for will not come. Gemini men are funny creatures. But as I said before, certain personalities you can get away with doing certain things and still get them to commit, Gemini is not one of them. Never mind what Scorp Wolf said. Follow your heart but make sure you use good judgment and follow your instincts.

  • Thank you GeminiLover! I hear what you're saying! Believe me, I do. Unfortunately, it's too late about the intimacy (we took that step, and it is amazing, but he also knows that he's not going to get it freely without a commitment), but I have been evading him lately and it seems to have worked. Last night he said he has been thinking about me all week, since we have not spoken, and it's been "haunting him" not to be talking to me. I have good instincts, and he is actually pretty predictable (as most men are!)... I have learned from him, and in these forums, that Gemini men need a challenge and time apart to appreciate us. Sadly, I don't have many local friends as I live in a rural area, but I have constant contact with my rather large family. I also have my son to occupy my time, and he always comes first anyway. I have to consciously put distance between me and my Gem, but it does seem to work. I am a strong person, and don't give up easily on people. I am also quite good at getting people to open up to me. I am an open person myself (despite being a Scorpio), and by expressing myself I invite those I allow close to me to do the same. He seems to be responding, and he does see that I am a good catch. If he does not make that commitment though, to me and my son, I will not stay with him and just date forever. I made it clear what I am looking for from the start, and he hasn't run yet! I can be patient for awhile, but I won't wait around forever. After losing my husband and soul-mate last year, I know firsthand how short life really is...

  • although I am a woman I am gemini and a twin who married a twin!!! I have dated gem men they are tricky because they really just want a friend with benifits (even in a marrige mate) I can tell you the best way to get a gemini is to let them know that the door is open if they want to leave you won't try to stop them. They have to feel they are there because they WANT to be there not because you need them. Play it cool or run him away. I dated a scorpio once or twice they always scare the s**t out of me with all of that intensity. It's kind of like they want to own and control you and the relationship. I find it unerving that they seem to be willing to do anything but compromise to make the relationship work. This may not be your situation, but it was mine. Just let him know that you realy like him but will be okay without him. P.S. no emotional out burst

  • Well GeminiLover09, very happy for you that it has worked between you and your Gemini for all those years. Without prejudice to you GeminiLover09, thats my experiences and if Jazz has to stop being her vibrant scorpio self to please anybody....come on! And so, Jazz all I truly wanted to say is dont stay in a relationship that takes too much work, if your gemini can`t really communicate, well most scorpios need too. Good luck with all your future relationships Jazz, hopefully you will find the man who will commit to you and your son. 🙂

  • I was going to give my Gem man another chance. After a few long conversations on how he learned his lessons and how he wanted to turn his life around I cracked the door open for him to come back into my life. He wanted to redeem himself after being a jerk to me after the miscarriage. So this would have been the week I was due and alot of feelings came up for me so I reached out to him for support. He wanted to help me through this hard time and promised to make it up to me and do something for my birthday (which is tomorrow). So last Saturday, the plan was for him to come over and be with me. We were going to have dinner and watch a movie and talk. He was suppose to call me and he was always good about that so when he didn't call me I knew something was up. So I drove by his house and Apryl's car was parked out front. He told me that he was over and done with her and how she used and abused him so he didn't want anything more to do with her. So I called him and was like, Hey I am in your area, can I stop by? He was like, ahhhh noooo. Then fireworks hit. So after alot of anger I finally realized that Apryl played her part in the grander scale of things. She helped me see that he didn't change on bit. Apryl has a boyfriend in another town so she is running scared that I will cause problems for her. We have been in an email war for the past week and I am hoping that this all ends. I am turning 40 tomorrow and I am looking at it as a clean start, starting to write a new chapter in my life without that Gem man. He is 44 and he still hasn't grown up. I just don't understand that he could have had me, a quality woman, I don't drink, go to bars (either does he) and I live a good life vs. Apryl who is a bar fly, airhead and cheats on her boyfriend.

  • Well, I am a 40 yr old Gemini girl forever engaged to a scorpio guy, and while you sound like,passion, stability, marriage...He loves his freedom too much and yet wants to be engaged. I can say that I hate boring relationships and am always on the go. I have friends that are scorpio woman married to gemini man. They agree that this two signs are not meant for each other but seem to end up together a lot.

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  • Sealaskalady.... Good stay away from that migraine! Happy late Birthday, happy for you that you`ve decided that it is over with that looser . What a beautiful gift to yourself for standing strong and regaining great self worth. Let Apryl ( the barfly) treat him like the cochroach he is.

    lol take care dear Lady! and God Bless 🙂

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  • Thanks Scorp. I feel like this is a new start for me and I know deep down that this is final with him. This all worked out for a reason and from this point forward I know that my life will get better and better without him in it. I already look and feel different and I am going through another clearing in my home. Man, it feels good!

  • Way to go! 🙂

  • Here is the latest, last evening I was out driving around with a friend. She wanted to stop by a particular store and then changed her mind and then we went to Fred Meyer. As we were approaching I said to myself, "wouldn't it be interesting if I ran into my Gem man here and even funnier if I saw Marcy (she was the woman I caught him with last fall and recently she just got married to another man). So I am shopping and there is Marcy. I know who she is but she doesn't know who I am. Then I was walking kind behind her as she approached the check out and then she stopped and turned around and moved to another line. Then I noticed Gem man at the check out. He usually works out of town during the week. I have strong intuition but rarely about him. Does this mean that I am still connected to him? I don't want to be. I want to clear him totally from my life. Any ideas on how to do that? I smudged my home, been cleaning.

  • I feel that the connection you are mentioning is there because of you, your thoughts. The more you think of something or someone strongly, the more you are bound to see it or him/her. Have you ever heard of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION? well if not, check it out! youll understand exactly what I mean about your thoughts. Have you ever thought to yourself ( omg I wonder what happen with so and so, my god its been a long time) and then you hear of them or see them? Well it happened because you thought of them. Our mental, spiritual and emotional soul is energy and it can manifest itself.... thoughts become things! Only if you truly feel them and beleive in them. (your thoughts)

    Good Luck Sealaskalady! I hope that your thoughts are led slowly back to yourself so that you can make room in your soul to attract someone who will be worthy of your love. Out with the old and in with the new!

    Advice: stop mentioning (my Gem).... You`ll understand!

    ScorpWolf 🙂

  • Thanks ScorpWolf, yes I heard of law of attraction and thank you for bring it back around to me. I am feeling so much better about everything and I know that this happend for a reason. I was telling a friend about this situation and it unfolded to me that this happen to clear him out of my life once and for all. I have tried to get rid of him many times before. Now that I look back on all this, he was such a distraction and really didn't do anything for me but heart ache and chaos. I am now focusing on other things and yes I am going to stop calling him my Gem. I didn't even think about that. Thank you again for your kind advice.

  • Glad I could help!

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