Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • I am a Sagittarius with a scorpio rising and a capricorn moon. Yes, I'm funny, outgoing, deep, intuitive, loyal, smart, witty, and very, very positive! LOL

    I have been in so many different situations like some of the ones posted in this forum, that is why I am able to relate and give good advice. I can feel your pain as I read your reply and I know that you are hurting. But here is the catch:

    You guy friend knows this too, and he knows that you are a strong person. He wish he could be like you and he probably feels that YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR HIM. Thats why he keeps silent, He is probably in love with you and doesn't know how to express his feelings.

    Trust me, all you have to do is give it 2 weeks of no contact. The after that, give in a call. If he doesn't pick up, WAIT ANOTHER WEEK. Trust me, this will work.

    These men do not like pressure, so just calm down and be patient. It will all work out.

    As for me, I usually give it a month, but I may be more patient than you! LOL

  • Sorry bad grammer on one of the sentences. I was saying that you need to wait 2 weeks of no contact. Then after 2 weeks, give him a call. If he doesn't pick up, wait another week then call again.


    Sorry for all caps, but I need you to hear me. Just be patient, and you will see. He will come around

  • Dear lovely,

    thx so much....I really really will do everything to stick to your advise.

    I sure have nothing to loose!

    I've read a reply of you to a girl name Y.....( love and relationships) she seems to be in a situation like me and I can feel her pain, too!

    You really are great..................wish you would live more closer to me 🙂

    Where is you hometown anyway?

    Don't worry about the mistakes.....I suppose for me as being a German, you'll find a whole lot of misspelling and mistake in my grammar 🙂

    Later! Anni

  • I live in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Great, I've been to Georgia. Just came through Atlanta 4 times...airport.

    First time I went almost nuts. This huge busy place, but I loved it.

    The 2nd time I felt great, everything was so familiar and I'd found my way easily!

    The people there were very nice to me.....I've been in Kathleen, Macon.....we went to Milledgeville....took a ride all the way to North Carolina!

    I love the country! The heat 🙂

    I was invited and stayed twice 6 weeks. I loved it so much, especially the peaches...mmmmmmmh....and our fish bbq we had out there in the quiet country.

    Been in Atlanta twice, too. It was exciting to me, especially the 'Underground' made me go a little crazy 🙂 had to check out everything.

    But after staying there for 5 hrs I started to have a bad headache, so I also was happy to find a relieve of my pain, being back in the peacefull quiet country 🙂



    P.S. Are you at home? Or what times do you work?

    Actually I didn't want to get on the PC today anymore....but, always hoping.............and I can

    get my mind off a bit better like this, instet doing just household things......:-)


  • Dear Anni,

    My name is Christine and I live in Florida. I started this topic about my relationship with a Gemini man, and it has really taken off! I couldn't help but respond to you too...

    I am hearing on here, and have found myself with my Gem that Gemini men seem to want their cake and eat it too! (If you know what I mean.) They can be fiercely attentive one minute, then walk away and return to their own worlds the next. They run hot and cold, and do not want to feel pressured or tied down. Your guy has given you mixed messages, as mine is too. I am looking for a commitment from him, without exception. I have a 6 year old son, and am a widow for 1 year on August 6th. I loved being married and being a family, and want that again more than anything. He gives the impression that his feelings are growing for us, yet he wants to return to his solitary life when he leaves us. It all feels like some sort of game to me at times, as does your situation. I personally will not play games for very long. Life is too short for that, as I learned from losing my soul-mate of 23 years so suddenly. It can all end for any of us, at any time. So I have given him until September, which will be 6 months together, to make his decision. If he doesn't know what he wants by then, I will let him go. It will be a bigger loss for him, than for me and my son, as losing him could never be as bad as losing my husband.

    The advise from Lovely is good. Steer clear of him for awhile. I went on a trip recently with my son to visit my parents, and when we came back my Gem was so happy to see me! Then, it was back to the regular routine again though. One day a week with us, then he's alone for the rest. I get the impression that his feelings are growing for me, and my son, but he doesn't express them in words. I would not give your guy too long to make up his mind though. It's not fair to you to be left hanging like that. After that time period I would absolutely demand an explanation for his actions. Why did he turn away so suddenly, and cut you off like that? I hate to ask, but is there possibly another woman in the picture? Maybe the immigration aspect of it is overwhelming him, or his Gemini fears of being relied upon too much by you. As Lovely said, he may really need a very independent partner. My Gem seems to want that in me, and that is what he will get. I do have emotional needs though, and need some security in our lives right now, so I will not wait forever. You should not either. Set a date for him to clear all of this up, and if he doesn't, I would let him go.

    I hope this helped a little, and I hope this all works out for the best for you, no matter which way it goes.



  • Christine you are right on!

    I too have a flakey, wishey/washy Gemini friend. But see I can pick up on things easily and I can almost feel when he needs time to himself, so I go into hiding before he does! LOL.

    I know that sounds crazy, but I don't have time for his flakeyness. We are too old for mind games. So I often beat him at his own game. I may go silent for a week or so, and let him know that I need time for myself.

    Trust me Geminis are very special, and if you want to keep them you have to give them space and space for yourself. Maybe it has something to do with me being a Sag with a Scorpio rising, but whatever it is....It's working.

    Just don't let him figure you out. Because once he figured you out, then they have nothing else to chase. But in all honesty, you have to tell a man what you want, so he will know how to treat you.

    I'm not saying he won't ever try to press your buttons, but don't let him in too close.

  • Lovely 1206 is right. I told my Gem I needed a break. Took a month off and then we chatted again. I could feel the change in our relationship although I hope not to fall back into the same pattern. The Gem/Scorpio relationship is all about change and adjustments. I've had to make many in how I handle this particular relationship. I have my first five planets in scorpio so intense emotions doesn't even begin to cover it! I also have sag rising. He can't figure you out, either. You have to always keep him guessing. I go into hiding every once in a while as well to give myself space. He needs his space too and you really have to curb those possessive tendencies. They should think we're too good for them, because really, we are much more insightful and intuitive than they ever will be, but that doesn't (and shouldn't) stop us from loving them. This is a tough relationship. I cried myself to sleep every week for months trying to figure this out, and for whatever reason, he's the one person I've not been able to let go of. He's been there for me during a very difficult time (including the birth of my first child and subsequent divorce). Calls everyday and yet he can't pull the trigger on coming to visit. It's no biggie as I've learned to trust myself and my instincts. In dealing with gems I have four power words I remind myself of when things get tough: patience, perseverence, confidence and flexibility. They love independent women and again, he will come around. Just keep living your life and creating a life for yourself even though you feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under you.

  • And Christine (aka Jazzsinger) is right as well. They can be so very attentive one minute and then walk away and return to their worlds the next. I won't wait for mine forever, either. The best thing you can do for yourself is get a life and live it the fullest. He won't stay away forever and eventually, no matter in which direction, you will get an answer or explanation. I think our firece determination and courage is somewhat intimidating for them as well. Be a beacon of strength and courage and love will find its way back or begin anew.

  • Hi guys .-) this is Anni ( AJATC85) you all right about the Gems. I can see 'my Guy' in all of it.

    I am actually a very strong independend woman. With 24 yrs I've lost my 1st born with not even make it to her 3 b-day. She was diagnozed with a tumor, 2 weeks after she turned 2yrs. old.

    I fought along with her through operation and chemotherapy! A lot of stupid respondence came from people around, after she had lost her beautiful reddish hair, especially after she did realize this on her own!

    She was in treatment for 8 months.

    2 weeks hospital, 2 weeks home. She didn't make it...but through her pain and suffering she always was helping other little patients with her sunny and positive attitude.

    It was killing me.

    After 8 month of Chemo her other organs ( the tumor had taken over one kidney when dicovered) the 2nd kidney, liver, heart couldn't take this rough treatment anymore. She died infront of my eyes in my arms, grabbing my hand, calling out for me.

    I felt so very helpless throughout all the treatment, not being able to help her! I felt even more guilty for couldn't show her that life is not all about 'needles, infusions, blood taking etc.

    Then my dad died when I was pregnant with my twins. I really really wish that he had a chance to see my twins.

    Then my twinbrother died 2 yrs ago. Found in the streets, about 5 min. from his appartment.

    Also had a really nasty divorce and the year of separation we had to do, before we finally were divorced was hell.......

    So I went through all that on my own, raising 3 kids after being divorced all by myself! I only have a small family left here.

    But I've never lost my optimism ( well off and on going through all that)

    I've suffered off serious depression...taking medication for it!

    All this is behind me!

    Besides my twins are also geminis! It's funny! My LOVE's b-day is the actually dueday from my twins! The 20th of June. They are born on the 10th of June! First it was a bit strange to me.....:-)

    So actually he is close to a cancer almost.

    So I'll try to take all your advises because you do agree, actually with myself, also!

    Just have to be hard on myself not calling or emailing him etc. for at least 2 weeks from today!

    Thanks guys!

    See you back in here! Lots of Love for sharing this with me. It helps a bit!


  • Dear Christine (Jazzsinger), my oldest daughter's name is also Kristine, just with the K.

    thank you, too!

    You very right descibing your man. Almost sound excactly like I describe 'mine'

    It's extremly obvious, more than any other sign the gems tick! Seems almost like it's just one out there.....

    I will put him on a limit, first I try to stay back and keep silence for a while. I can't promise, but I will try hard, not to contact him for a while and the demand an explanation and a why or what....or I've to find a way to get over him!

    25yrs......long time...always been in touch....and now this.....

    Of course I believe there is somebody, else at least at the moment!

    He is a man.....and he has it's I did trust him on I do not anymore, but I don't know.

    But he promised me....if something would change, he wouldn't leave me hanging, but telling me the truth.

    He always was a man of his word...i could trust him blindly!

    Something had happen...but I'll tell this next time!

    I'm very tired now going for 12 pm....and I'm up since 5.30 am today after not even 2 hrs of sleep like most of the last days!

    So see you in here!


  • Hi Anni,

    I had a long talk with my Gem last night. I am not sure what he is feeling, and needed to know. My feelings are growing for him, but as I said this feels like we are playing a game sometimes. I just don't like that feeling. I want openness and honesty. That's the way I am as a Scorpio. He is just not sure what he wants. I have myself and my son to think of, so I will only give him so much time to decide what he wants. He is 41, and should know by now. He should also know that as a widow with a small child, I certainly did not want something casual! I just don't understand men in general, really. They are capable of inflicting so much pain, and they aren't even aware of it.

    I hope you resolve things with your man. Think of what is best for you, and your happiness. If he truly loves you, he will explain himself and be there for you. I hope it all works out for the best for you, and for me too...


  • I will not wait forever either. We had this big blow out this past week and of course he was quick to share a few feelings but left me feeling even more in the dark about him. I will for the moment just enjoy what we have and if it develops to something more great, if not, I will move on. Life is to short to wait for anyone. He's adorale but hopeless.

  • Oh Anni! I just scrolled back and read your post about your daughter. I am so sorry for your loss. So devestating. My sister lost her son when he was 16, and I know how hard it is to lose a child. Losing my husband was devestating too, but I know I will persevere and survive. I believe losing a child is the worst kind of loss, and I am deeply sorry for you. You have suffered other losses too. I have to remind myself at times that others have suffered even more than me. It keeps me from feeling too sorry for myself. You are obviously a true survivor.

    Once again, I am so sorry...


  • Dear Jazzsinger,

    I say. a loss is a's always so very painfull.

    Sure to loose a child is a bit different, because of this very iintensive realationship we have with our children, actually from the 1 sec on and before while we still carry them inside we're deeply connected with them already!

    I felt a bit ease back then after long time of 'being a zoombie' that my girl would not find peace seeing me like this, like I was! Nothing but like a shadow...........just had let people guide me, didn't care whether I ate, drunk, slept or anything else. I didn't feel anymore needs at all!

    Just crossed streets without paying attention to get hit by a car.....

    So I've tried hard to feel live again...............the nature around me, the smell in the air, the noises, started to wake my senses up again to I can feel again.

    Then I started to complain even to god, when I've seen mothers being a to tough on their kids, I jumped on them, telling them: that they should be happy their children are still alive.

    Slowly, very slowly I became a part of my surrounding again. It actually took me 3 years to be able to laugh again....that was the moment I felt my little girl laughing, too.

    I had to find a way to deal with it!

    2 yrs. after this, 4 yrs after she was gone my've met my Gemini man!

    He was just going for for 30.

    Well he believed I'm younger that him ( sure I was very flattered...but it wasn't new to me, to hear this...still people don't believe my age, I still be guess at least 10yrs. often 15 yrs. younger 🙂

    Well myself I'm shocked looking in the left it's sign on it, especially around the mouth....destiny sure has shaped me!

    That's what 'my man' realized first also seeing him after 21 yrs again....I was very hurt when he signed around my mouth, and he had tears in his eyes when he looked at me, telling me he's so hurt because he can see the trouble and the pain in my face, eyes, all what I've been through and he makes sure that my face will smoothen out after I'll agree moving with him!

    Of course I turned older, I mean 21yrs.............that's quiet a long time.

    He got older, too..but I didn't look at his body.I just looked in his where else first seeing him again,

    And there still 21 yrs ago and I'd felt like a schoolgirl again!

    It's been so long....since we've talked now..............and my mood chances from deep sadness into madness in turns.

    The last 3 days I noticed another feeling! I guess I can call it 'hate'

    Mindly I course him out in a very evil way, making plans how to hurt him no matter what way (never ever could put it into action), so he can feel my pain..........but I just wish he just would call at least and tell me WHY he keeps silence...........

    I know I need to know go on..............last time we've phone he did ask me if I started to pack up already and if I've spoken to the landlord about my move.....he made sure about my paperwork, I need etc. etc. not bring to much clothes( he yould buy me what I need etc)

    I worried about me in the US without a job! and I wanted to work some month longer to bring some more money with me, but he wanted me to be there last year already!

    He always told me not to worry about me getting a job, not through the first months or year anyway and he can support me ................said that all I have to do is..........finally after 25 yrs to be there right with him!

    That's what I do not understand............why he just ignore me since weeks now.......not even calls me................I know I don't ask for two much.....but after all we had, that's at least he should do............

    I even felt so desparate thinking to get me a ticket to fly there and make him face me........even it would be the end of I would know and be able to move on!

    I know it sound sick, especially being my age! But love don't have no age..............

    Jazzsinger................I'm truly sorry about your loss.................and now your situation.............I realized so many times.............people who are good by heart always have to face tough situation or deal with destiny no one actually want to be put through.

    Sometimes I think whether we are tested?

    My oldest daughter told me that once.........she said according to the person I am.............and her ability to 'compare me with other people she knows' that I've the biggest heart, be the most giving loving person always thinking of others never of myself.....she said: Mom maybe your tested and at the end of the road I will find peace and happiness because I didn't become cruel, coldblooded, ignorant or selfish............

    Well weeks ago I had thought of her words starting to believe somehow,, but now..............

    I wish you and the other a nice weekend and hope things turn out the best for you...........I don't want to loose my hopes now, not now.............I still have hope in my realtionship even noticing it slowly might fade away.................

    he is the one in my life..............25 yrs...............ready to enjoy the sundown with him on a bench at the water.........I've always seen this picture since I've met him first back in 1985.

    Then when I believed I standing close to this bench already, just needed to sit down with him....leaning on eachothers shoulders, both grey headed, watching the suns reflection the water, feeling a breeze coming close and yet................yap that dream had kept me going all those years................made me strong to deal with the losses of loved ones,

    the cruelty of my ex-husband and my ex-manfriend

    I made it, postitivly thinking, making others that more dream? no more romance ...

    I know each of you goes or did go through a lot of struggling and pain...........

    I do not want this anymore, I sure had enough of this also help carrying the pain from my 3 children after my divorce ( had to leave him, he almost beat me to death.......he was very possesiv) ex-boyfriend broke my nose, after 6 yrs, when I've told him it's over, he got on drugs and alc...couldn't deal with this, tried to help him over 2 yrs. but he would have taken me under, too....he was kind like my ex husband (dad of my 3 kids) gem knows all about this.....always telling me he just hopes none of those 2 ever cross his way............but what is he doing to me now? Might sound sick, but it hurts more than a broken nose..................

    Have to go for now! Take care of you, Jazz...



  • Anyway I wish you all out here a nice day tomorrow on the 4th July!

    I just wish it would be an independence day for me, too.............independend from the heart????????? 🙂 :-?


  • Dear Anni,

    You express so much feeling in your writing. I can truly feel your pain and confusion, and that warm and loving heart inside of you too. I too give to others freely, without concern for myself. I think I am a true romantic and dreamer at heart. I want to believe that everyone out there feels the same as I do, and is willing and capable of giving back the same to me. Sadly, that is not necessarily so. I do sometimes set my expectations too high for others. I also think that after my loss, can't I get a break? Would the fates, or the Universe, or God send me someone who could not meet my needs after taking my true love and soul mate from me? Why??? Like you said, is it a test? Maybe we both need to get ourselves on the right path for ourselves, and not for others. To take care of ourselves and our own needs, before being there for someone else. I don't know. Who wants to be alone and lonely though? I believe our purpose here on earth is to love and be loved. To share our hopes and dreams and love with others. Why can't everyone believe the same thing? Why do our silly fears have to come in the way of happiness and bliss? I don't know if I'll ever really understand the human condition and all the things that come between us and our dreams...

    Another similarity between us is that I met my husband in 1985 too! How amazing... I truly believe we are meant to meet people who can share in our experiences and losses and hopes. I am so glad to have made contact with you. You are very smart and insightful. Don't ever sell yourself short. You are a loving and giving, and strong woman. You have survived the worse kind of loss there is, and have come out of it a better person for it. I hope that is what will come for me too. Realize that whatever comes of this situation with this man, you will retain your identity and self-love along the way. Because no one can ever take those things from you. You will know when it is time to move on. If this man does not contact you very soon, I would say you must write him off. There is no good explanation for him leaving you hanging like this. None whatsoever! Don't waste your money and efforts flying all the way here to the U.S. to find out that he is just a childish idiot who didn't have the balls to tell you that he changed his stupid mind...

    Peace and Joy to you,


  • Dear Christine,

    you sound really like we've a lot in common!?

    To bad you do live across allthat water, too!

    Well this situation is killing me.......all the close people around me do not undersstand what's gotten into him.

    That he's not even capable of letting me know why he changed on me after all this years! like this.

    Like I've was his wish in the first place for me to come and live with him.....he first came up with this.

    He always spoke his mind, never holded back even I sure didn't want to hear it!

    If he's not man enough anymore to let me know why he's irgnoring me, at least he could write me, that way he wouldn't even listen to my voice........................I believe if this goes on longer, I'll be the one tell him how I decide!

    He knows me very well, so he knows how much pain he is causing me.

    Sure I've send him terrible e-Mails before.......because I was do hurt ( still am)

    Now I write but don't send it off!

    I don't want to think of him all the time anymore, but we've shared to much in all those years, so it's difficult not to think of him!

    I picture his face, his smile, hear his voice and I just can't believe it's him doing me like this!

    I do know from what he told me that his job is not so secure at the moment..............but still specially now he should speak to me..............

    Well, even I've tried to hid my sadness from my children, they know and I've told them that we haven't phoned in a long time, but off course they noticed already.

    My oldest,daughter Kristine told me today that she never wants to meet him.............she's through with him, my son wants 'to put him straight' and his twin sister not even want to hear his name anymore.

    It took a while to have them on the phone because hie wanted to speak to them and they really started to like him. Of course they've seen me bing happy all the time, and every single time when I came back from the US they said I do look like I've been in cure.

    That all the worryness disapeared of my face and I look almost 10 yrs. younger.

    Sure I was good teken care off, had all the peace and time also to myself ( He still needed to go to work except a few days) the area the sight, all beautiful.

    I just don't understand...............and I spend a whole lot of time trying to figure out what happened.

    I strongly believe that he is seeing someone else.....but maybe can't make up his mind yet.

    Christine, how is your life at the moment? Are you somehow ok?

    I wish, I hope you are...........I'm hurt enough for the rest of the world!

    HUGS! Anni



  • Dear Anni,

    I just realized you are a Libra. That explains your strong need for resolution and justice. Scorpios and Libras get along quite well. I am quite like that myself. My moon sign is Libra, and my son is a Libra. My rising sign is Gemini, so I do have a lot in common with my Gemini man.

    I truly understand your feelings of sorrow over this man and his sudden disappearance from your life. I knew my husband for 23 years, and although I was involved with other men over the years and was just friends with my husband for 10 years, I always knew I was truly in love with him. He was an Aquarius though, and I always knew where I stood with him. It's not so easy with my Gemini man now. Although he has also had a wonderful effect on me too. My family has said I look better now than I ever did!

    Things are better with this man now, since we had a nice long talk on the 4th of July. He came over for dinner and fireworks, and we all had a great time. We talked about so many things, including us and where we stand. He has asked me to be patient with him and that he is emotionally attached to me. That has given me the answer I needed, and so I will give him some time. He confessed that he wants to be the best man that he can be, and he needs some time to accomplish that. I can respect that in him.

    Pain over love is probably the most excruciating for us. It tears out our hearts and makes us feel empty inside, and yet love can also fulfill us like nothing else can. I believe it is because our true purpose in life as humans is to love and be loved. It is just not an easy thing to do! It is the true human condition. Both a blessing and a curse...

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