Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • Hi jazzsinger,

    thx for the reply! I know there is no excuse in the world to leave me hanging like this.

    Especially because he ask me if I could life in the US with him and if I want to marry him, because he never wanted to let me go anymore.

    Like I've said we were in touch 21 yrs. This 'relationship' survived his and my marriage and when we both finally were singles we started to talk very serious about a common future.

    I've been in the US a few times to visit him. And every single time he became very frustrated after me being back home 4-6 weeks because I still had responsibilities here (kids, etc.)

    Then finally after I believed we're closed to our destination he started to ignore me.

    He don't block my mail, instant messages or calls but he don't reply eighter.

    I'm very confused, because we didn't urgue or having difficulties.

    So I'm switching from pain almost into really getting very mad at him.

    I've wrote him, that in case he might have met someone else he can tell me, like he has always promised to do so and he always kept his promises.

    When you don't have communication going anymore you start to see a person with totally different eyes, because all what is left for me is assuming..........but yet I do not know.

    I've called a psychic for help, because I'm very desperate.

    I was told that he is under a lot of pressure, might loose his job. But still this is no rease to keep silence.

    Even it always took him a very long time to talk about his person problems. He believes I have enough going on here so and it's on him to solve his thing by himself.

    Now I really don't know what to do.

    He has to come up to me now. I should hold back trying to catch him. If it wouldn't be so damn.. difficult!

    Still just can't let go!


  • Dear Jazzsinger,

    the way you prescribe your 'Gemini man' that's just it.......that's what a Gemini man is about...........

    I just have to agree with you! 'Mine' always had make me feel like a queen and through him my self believe rised a lot........but now.........I do not know what is going on..................he just don't give us a chance to talk....while before he always spoke up, when I did something might have made him feel funny or irritated!


  • Hi sealaskalady,

    can you tell me some more about the newsletters of the Gems!

    Anni ajacky85

  • AJA, I deleted that email where I got that newsletter. But I am sure if you looked around the site you may find it. I re-connected with my Gem this weekend. He called and I let him come over and we talked. Just basically about what we been up to. He has been depressed about life in general. I am not sure if I want to get together with him...even though he has lost 60pds and he is looking great. I am taking this course called, "Calling in the One" to learn how to attract my soul mate.

  • Hello Everybody!

    Sorry for my "muteness"... I went on a five day trip with my son to visit my folks in St. Augustine! We had a great time, but I am glad to be home...

    Thank you all for your input! I am so grateful to have found this site. It has given me insight into myself, and others. It has also shown me how many people out there are like me! I don't feel so alone anymore...

    My Gemini man definitely missed me while I was gone! He wanted to see me ASAP so he's invited for dinner tonight. My son and I will be glad to have his company. We got used to being around other people for 5 days. He loved all the attention. I also met my stepdaughter's new husband! They got married a little sooner than planned, and so they drove up for Father's Day as husband and wife. We all had a great time celebrating their happy news. He has a beautiful daughter who is 4, and my son is 6, so they had a wonderful time together too. It was my son and stepdaughter's first Father's Day without their Dad, so I was so glad we were surrounded by caring and loving people.

    I am just "going with the flow" with my man now, but getting the strong feeling that this may just last. We are growing closer, and both feeling quite a connection between us. I believe that if he was going to run, he would have done it already. I gave him every opportunity to back out if he wanted to, but he is still hanging on! I'll give him time and space for a little while, but he knows what I want and deserve...

    So I'm back home, and looking forward to more contact with you all. Thanks for posting, and for being patient for my replies!


  • Welcome Home, Christine...Jazzy Gal!

    That is so great about yours and Eric's family visit,

    Sure sounds All Good! I'm glad you were there on FDay, I understand how this first year without Mike would naturally be it turned out well enough, I'm feeling after your update.

    "Going with the flow..."=an excellent approach with Gems!!! With them, absence DOES make the heart grow stronger"!!! IMO, you've learned a lot! Of course, I'm envious of folks who can go with the flow!! It's soooooo hard for me to " let Life happen..." Tell me your secret!!?! A Scorp who's a carefree, easygoing sort...hmmmmm.??! How I want/need to do this, sigh....

    Re: "Being patient with my replies"---it's funny, C, never do I think badly of someone who takes a while to reply. I mean, I may be really looking forward to a response, but I figure Life is so busy...etc. However, I don't apply the same logic to myself!??! Maybe coz as a kid, my Mom rigorously trained me to write Thank You notes--instantly! I feel like that's the reason I MUST post a reply at once! Like the "response-time police" are gonna get me if I don't post right away!LOL !!!

    So, when you're up to it, let me know how you and your son-shine are doing. Oh yeah, and how're those dreams of yours? And was it a "nice hot meal" with your boys the other night?!!


    Lisa xxx

  • Hi Sealask....

    thx for you info!!!

    So how is it going with the gem?


  • Well we have started seeing each over this past week after about 7 months of apart. We have talked a few mins during those seven months. He has been depressed about life and reached out to me but I am not sure if I want to do this again with him. I met one of his "woman" who he got together just after we were ending and needless to say that I wasn't impressed. She drinks a LOT and pretends to be someone that she is not. At any rate, I am expecting him to call me this weekend and I am cutting it off again because I can see the writing on the wall, we get back together and then he finds someone else or gets back with this other woman. For the 4th of July he is going back to his home town and that other women will be going there too and I have this feeling that they will re-kindless their sexual relationship and then here I am in second place again. I am not willing to do this again.

  • I ended it all for good on Friday night. I finally told him my truest feelings about him and how he has treated me. His last girlfriend did the reverse on him, she used him and tossed him aside. Now he knows how we (me and other women he used and abused) felt and he is sorry. But all that is too late and I am moving on. So over this past few days I have been clearing out my closets, and things I just needed to get rid of for a long time.

  • Hey Lisa! Good to hear from you, as always...

    Yeah, I can "go with the flow" when I really try hard! I do usually set my expectations way high, but am learning to be more patient. That's a virtue I have been lacking for most of my life! I guess being the youngest of 6 will spoil you a bit, huh? That most definitely affected my thinking over the years. I'm learning to start with a fresh slate now, and think Tom will really benefit from it! He came to the beach with us yesterday, and was so sweet and attentive with Eric while being very affectionate with me! Our dinner the other night, and dessert (tee hee) were great too! I have a very good feeling about us, and keep having visions of marrying him! Not in my dreams, but while awake. I hope that comes true. I miss being a family so much... I also think that my rising sign of Gemini gives us many similarities, which he is noticing too. I see where I am like him more and more.

    I did have an amazing dream about Mike a few weeks ago. Did I tell you about it? We were together and trying to convince ourselves that that was the reality, and his dying was a bad dream. It was so sad. I know he misses me as much as I miss him. His daughter had one too, that really blew my mind. He definitely visited her. It's coming up on the 1 year anniversary - Aug. 6th. I'm going to do something with Eric that day, and start clearing the house of his things before. I need to make room for a new phase in my life...

    I hope you and your family are well and happy!

    Love, Peace and Joy,


  • I feel your pain... Yes I do have fallen for the elusive Gemini man, the passion is red hot, exciting and addictive. Our relationship, if you call it that, works because I'm in one city and he is in another. I know very little about his family, except what he wants to share with me. First give it time, don't push, don't make yourself available and become that elusive, mysterious Scrpio that you are. Don't smother, make demands and let him come to you. I'm not saying our trist is the best, but after 10 months that's what works best for me. No clingy, needy types need apply to a Gemini.

  • You sound so much like my Gem, and I call him that because he is. I know there is emotion in that double edge sword of a man but that's what I am attracted to. I know he cares but his fears coupled with mine makes a very intense encounter. We both keep each other at arms lenght, not to mention the fact that we are in different cities, same state, and our work schedules keeps us from spending any time together. He is a comfirmed bacholar, his words, and I know deep inside he wants to commit but is more afraid of his feelings that he lets on. I stand by, letting him have his freedom yet there when he wants and needs me. I always let him come to me, no clinging, demanding or resentment when he does want me. There is a tremdous power struggle though. Any insight? I'm 55 he is 41. I'm the Scrop. and true to my sign. I am mysterious as I seem, holding every thing in till the point of a volcanic explosion.

  • Well, thank you Spontaneous for your input too! I started this whole topic, and although my Gem is definitely coming around, he is still elusive as well. He runs so hot and cold, whereas I stay at a very steady simmer, if you know what I mean! And I too hold things in until the point of eruption! Such a Scorpian trait. We have intense passion, and then he's back to his solitary life. He's 41, I'm 44 and a widow for 1 year Aug. 6th. He knows I want a commitment, and hasn't run yet! You and I both know he will never find someone else like me! He's no kid and has very high morals. He has no one else but me, and is showing his growing feelings for me and my son too.

    I am mature enough to be independent, and to avoid demanding too much of him too soon. Going away for 5 days with my son helped too! But I will not wait forever for a commitment from him. No confirmed bachelors need apply here! I know what's best for me and my son...

  • I have been involved with a Gemini man for over a year. We dated nine years ago and only recently reconnected. I've been disappointed so many times by this man I don't even know where to begin. They make promises they never seem to be able to keep. One big question I am asking myself (and you should be asking) is how long are you willing to wait? I thought my Gem was the love of my life and unfortunately, I still do. But he's not in a position to act on the deep feelings we have both shared with each other. I'm guessing it just wasn't meant to be for us. Stay strong! I keep getting tested and feel like I fail at every turn. Good luck! Gems are the most adoring sign when they're in love!

  • Spontaneous! Same with me! We live in different states and there are some definite power struggles. I'm learning to let go. I made mistakes and made demands and he just doesn's repsond to that. Then makes comments about feeling "in the dark" with me. Not sure what he means as I try to be open and honest. He talks about coming to visit and then I hear about how busy his schedule his. Wish he would be more direct even though he talks all the time!

  • I really would like to hear some opinions here, sure at the end I do know that it's me who has to makes the finall decision!

    I'm not a scorpio, I'm a libra woman.

    I wrote about this already.....I do know 'my gem' for 25 years.

    It was love at the first sight! Really was.............then he had to leave! He was a soldier back then.

    I'm living in Germany! He has told me from the very beginning that he has to leave after 10 weeks.

    We spent every single sec. we had together, went to Frankfurt with him, when he had to take off.

    We've stayed in intensive touch for about 8/9 month..then nothing but silence.

    After not hearing from him anymore I met someone else, he became my husband.

    The time I was pregnant, our paperwork still was not 100 o/o approved.

    I had moved by that time also and had a new job working for realestate.

    So one day my boss hand a call to me ( he didn't speak English).

    On the phone was 'my gem man'.

    He had applied to come back to Germany hoping I still would be single!

    Well, sure I still was but had feelings for the Dad of my unborn child.

    He was very happy me not being married then and would have got back with me even being pregnant by another man.

    Sure I couldn't do it, even my heart told me yes!

    So I marriad the Dad of my Gem and I met off and on and he saw my belly growing, wishing nothing more that this would be his child.

    If he would have stayed in touch with me....I'd never gotten involved with some one else.

    But after actually only 10 weeks of an affair (what I've called it), I started to believe...........well, I was just a number for him!

    But he told me he had to claer his mind, never forgot about m,e and had to make up his mind before he ask to come back to Germany!

    So after my girls was born and a few month old.we still saw eachother off and on (just as friends) he went back to the US. But still we'd stayed in touch all the time.

    He got married also.

    My marriage didn't work out. My Ex could not reach up to 'my gem man'.

    So being divorced, my gem was married.

    This went on till 2003. Always one of us was involved.

    Then after decades finally both off us were single again.

    I went to the US a few times and after seing him again, I felt like I finally came home!

    Everything was 'normal' like it just has to be like this.

    My children ( 3 from my Ex-husband) twins back then just 13yrs, my daughter 16 1/2 yrs.

    So there was no way off moving to the US then.

    I flew to him twice a year. First time he saw me after 21 yrs again..........he ask me if I could live in the US with him, he wanted to marry me.

    I was so happy and really believed in a common future.

    Through me flying back and forward sometimes he became a bit moody!

    We've made plans actually for this year, for me to be with him, We've looked at apparments together, where he always made sure I would feel comfortable and could really feel home. He was very serious about my paperwork I took to the US to let authorities check it out, if I have everything together.

    Coming back here....he said, next time I jump on the plane I only would need a oneway ticket! We really where happy, even talk about the clothes we would pick out to get married. Talking about details how to set our home.

    We were on the phone every day, sometimes two times.

    He became still being in Germany..........he always said that I should be right there with him already!

    Then after a phonecall in March!!!!!!!!!!!! this year, we've talke about shipping cost and stuff like this.............all in a sudden he kept silence!

    I could not get him picking up the phone anymore, no respondens to my mails, my text messages, my messages left on his mailbox!

    That made me so sick!

    I feld betrayed, very dissapointed, deeply hurt and and...........I send him mail, not bing very nice of picking my words out!

    I appologized afterward again..........I wrote him how I feel and that this is killing me!

    I ask him to let me know if he started to have doubts, even might have fallen for another one to let me know!

    Nothing, nada!

    Then after a mail letting him know I go to Italy for a while.....He did pick up the phone but didn't talk much...just asked when I will be back.

    He said he'll explain himself another time....why...............

    That was the end of May! Then silence agian!

    2 days ago he call me from his workplace....but really didn't speak!

    So I still don't know why??????????????

    It's killing me........we never had problems with communication...........always been connected no matter whether we'd a partner or considering the distance!

    He ask me to move to the US and after it be ok to marry him!

    I know, my friend keep telling me I should kick him to the curve, I don't need it! That I would have plenty of other choices! But he has my heart. Always had since we've first met! I should not gotten married back didn't work out, was a very nasty divorce! Another "9 1/2 weeks"!

    I even considered to fly there so he had to face me....I just like to know : WHY???? That's all!

    Would have to accept , no matter what!

    I wanted to write him so many times....just get out of my life completely...wanted to stay quiet at least for 2 weeks.........but I can't!

    Please would someone respond to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Anni,

    Your story is so sad....but it is all too common. Did you notice that when you told him that you were going to Italy, he responds? Maybe that is a clue that he wants you to have your own life for a while until he makes up his mind. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT ON THIS MAN. HE WILL COME BACK, BUT AFTER HE REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE A LIFE OF YOU OWN. HE WANTS AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN, AND HE DOESN'T LIKE PRESSURE.

    Please be patient, and try not to contact him for at least 2 weeks. Then call him up as if nothing happened. Ask him how he is doing? Is everything okay in his life? TRUST ME YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT WITH THESE TYPES OF MEN. IT'S NOT YOU IT'S THEM.


  • Lovely,

    thanks so much for your respondence!

    You are right, I shouldn't contact him for at least 2 weeks. And I know I've to do it!

    I guess you can imagine how hard it is!

    I know he likes a independend woman but on the other side he also wants to show the direction where to go!

    We've urgued about this! But he said, when I first come and live in the US with him, it has to go his way, because I'm not familiar with the life there.

    I've told him and he knows, that I'm very flexible and respect other people for being different.

    That's what I like about people....well I've told him that I really don't need no 'guidence', I'm a 'big girl'. And I sur don't want to be controlled.

    He said that's the furthest on his mind to do that and that he loves me just for my 'crazyness'

    You know, these days it's more tough for me to make it through the day, without having a chance to speak to him!

    And with this pain and disappointing how I feel, sometimes I'm really close to letting him know: that there never will be anything like : 'US' anymore! because I don't want him anymore!

    But of course I haven't wrote him anything like this yet.....but the thought slowly takes over....

    This situation, not knowing why all in a sudden he started to avoiding me....seem to take all my energy away.....and I can't let this happen...

    He knows where to find me, how to get in touch with me....and I do know I've done enough............

    I sure don't want to keep asking myself "WHY"......

    And even he start talking to me never will be like it used to be, because of what he's capable of doing to me....leaving me just hanging like this, knowing I got in the process of leaving Germany....while he wanted me to be there, actually for his b-day , which passed by.

    Sometimes I even wish I never would have met this guy.....

    just left it with the 10 weeks of a great time....25 yrs ago!

    But we've stayed in touch...................I honestly really believed that we've meant for eachother...

    Thx lovely

  • You're welcome.

    This guy sense that your feelings are strong for him, thats why he bailed out like a chicken. Trust me, he will be back, and this time when he comes back, try to act like you don't need him that much. Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. Just don't let this guy get to you anymore.

  • Dear lovely,

    you're right. My friends keep telling me this, also!

    He don't want to end it, otherwise he would block my mails or my phonenumber.

    So I've to be strong for now not to get in touch with him.

    He made me keep going for 25 yrs. now! he was the light at the end of a long tunnel, always supported me by listening and calling me every single day almost since 6 years, even when I have been right there with him those few times, always stayed 5 weeks, he did call me from work, even just right after he left the place and again right after he got off work.

    Yes he made me feel like a queen, seem to know me better than I do knw myself! Sometimes a bit scary, too 🙂 And when I felt I couldn't go on anymore ( had a very nasty divorce, or when destiny hit me from behind 8 my 1st born died with 2 1/2 yrs (tumor), after my dad and then 2 yrs ago my twin brother died unexpected.............he had so much understanding and patient to listen to me and stock with me...kept telling me, that once I made it over there I don't need any medications anymore ( had to take something for depressions over quiet a while)

    He knew about all I've been trough, always telling me that he or anyone else he knows wouldn't have made it like I did and still keep a positive thinking and making people laugh at least smile. And that what I'm doing good for other people I should do for myself, because when somebody deserves to be happy it would be me. And he would make sure of it, as much he can.

    And what really was amazing me, he did always!!! feel when I really felt that I'm not able to move one any more.

    That's when he called, too...even I didn't hear from him in weeks or months sometimes when he was still married!

    He said he could feel me, and obviously he did, like I felt him, too!

    That's why it has gotten so very strong throughout all those years.

    But he treated me like this till he stopped responding to me awhile ago.....

    But to let me start packing up, making arrangments and ask me to be there this June....knowing I'll do everthing to make this happen, and then just keep silence...............

    I am very irritated, very confused, because communication as well as everthing else, was great with have to find a way, not to let this :"WHY" guide my day and nights! The only one you has an answer to this, is him.......well, maybe he doesn't know himself!

    What month are you born in, if I may ask?

    You really seem to be a very lovely person, Dear!


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