Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • Thanks Aussiegemini/Cath!

    He was hurt in his last relationship. They were engaged, she had 2 kids that he had grown quite close to, and then she dumped him. I, on the other hand, lost my husband last August quite suddenly. That kind of pain is as bad as it gets. He knew about that when we first met, and my son was with me so he knew about him too. I may scare him, like andyman above! The connection we share and the level of intimacy when we are together is astounding to me. If it is to me, I'm sure it is to him! I'm going to give him some time to figure it out, but I know what I want, for me and my son. I need consistency and commitment, nothing less. I'm hoping he will feel ready to give us that soon... Christine

    Hey Lisa!

    It's good to hear from you, whether it's short or not! Tomorrow is his big day, but I may not have a babysitter! Big Bummer! Oh well, the best laid plans, right? I typed the wrong date for my husband's anniversary! It's August 6th. I heard from a woman that suggested a Feng Shui clearing of my house to aid in this new relationship. It made so much sense that there is work I have to do too to move on in this other relationship. I was so busy thinking about what I want, but not what I have to do to get it! It came at a perfect time, and it made me really think about what I have to do too.

    I'll have to do Eric's chart too. I don't know what time of day Mike was born though.

    Write back when you can!



  • Thanks to you all for posting... I am currently having an 'affair' with a Gemini man, if you can call it that, he isn't even committed enough to call it an affair. I'm a Virgo, we are completely wrong for each other but like that he is so easy to fall in love with. I say affair because I am in a long term committed relationship, it wasn't always like that but my Taurean man only decided to get 'serious' (Gemini Rising) after I had the affair. The problem is it is hard to let the Gemini man go, he has such an addictive quality about him. Everytime I see him I promise myself that's it, I'm finished with that - never again. But then he leaves it long enough for me to want to see him again. He LOVES his single life and freedom! Anyway my point is 'andypandyman' you probably are only reallly interested in your Scorpio woman cos she is interested in someone else? Perhaps?

  • Hello everybody out there,

    I'm a libra woman involved and deeply inlove with a Gemini man.

    We've met 25 yrs ago.

    10 weeks we had a great time and good conversations.

    after he had to leave we've stayed in touch for months till silence game in.

    Then he came back in my life.....wanted to connect with me again and happy that I didn't get married in the meantime.

    But I've been involved again, even I'd never forget him.

    It was like a match, as far you can tell after this very very short time of 10 weeks.

    Before he still was married but had his own place already ( which I did know for a fact)

    and had a 2 yr old daughter.

    So after we lost touch, I strongly believe that he made it back with his little family, but coming back in my life he straighten his life out. Free and willing to go on with me.

    Eventhough I wasn't married then, but pregnant he ask me to marry him, but I couldn't!

    So we've stayed in touch over 18 yrs till we both finally were single again in 2003.

    Both of our marriages didn't work out.

    I've was visiting him 6 yrs ago and he ask me to marry him because he still loves me.

    And I felt like we've never been separated.

    It was like he just picked me up from work. This feeling of trust and comfort and safety still was like when we first fell in love! ( Yes love at first side)

    Since 2003 we communicated a whole lot and I had visit him since then 4 times.

    We've made plans for a common future ( finally).

    Paperwork, check out appartments where I also could feel home, he always was very serious about all the paperwork I need so we wouldn't have no problems.

    My 3 children are old enough now and more or less live their own life.

    No he seems to step out somehow. Well, I feel totally ignored.

    he doesn't answer the phone or don't e-mail me.

    I ask him just to let me know what's going on.

    Even if he would have find a new love......sure it would kill me, but at least I can go on and work it ..

    None of my friends understand this sudden change. It was him to ask me for a sharing live and he said that he's a very lucky man to be loved by a woman like me who agreed finally after all these years and looks forward to a strong partnership, we both in a way wanted since 25 yrs.

    I would be very greatful for some comments or maybe someone has experienced something alike this..........which I hope not.....because it's nothing but very painfully......

  • Hello Jazzsinger,

    Girl, take a word of advice from me & RUN!! Lol I am 23 yrs of age I’m also a Scorpio & Let me tell you that I have only had 3 serious boyfriends in which 2 out of the 3 are Gemini’s OMG they can be a complete nightmare when it comes to falling in love with them! I am single at the moment but I am getting to know a guy and guess what?? He’s a Gemini! It kindda sucks because I am falling for him too! : / He tells me that he really really likes me but it's so hard for me to believe him because of my past experiences w/ Gemini's. I'm actually supposed to have a serious talk with him today & I'm going to let him know that we're better off as friends. I just hope he doesn't take it wrong . Good luck w/ yours!

  • Christine, OMG!!!

    Tonight's the night! I'm sending those intense sexual vibes that just are tooooo wild...with the Scorp-Gem thang!!!I hope you did find a good sitter for Eric. As you said though, " the best 'laid' plans..." LOL!!! Ha--whatever happens, it's " all good", as my sweet Saggie Jesse says. When I get all messed up with " how things should be"- well, but you sound really peaceful-that's so great, Jazzy! The feng shui works! I believe, anyway! You do that cleansing. It'll only help...

    And, I say re: Mike's Chart, get his info best you can. Day, year and birth city if you can. I recall somewhere reading that if actual time isn't known to call it noon??? Makes sense...? Do the best you can, go with it, see if it sounds like could probably fine tune it, if you did each hour of his BDay, but that's a lot to do!!!

    So, dear, let me know how's things!??!!! Whoopieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Lisa 😄

  • Andymandy,

    I am a gemini man (33y.o.) who fell in love with a

    scorpio woman (25y.o).

    it seemed a very innocent idea to me to ask her out,

    to my pleasure she gave me her number, we later

    connected on the phone, spent 2 hours talking.

    She asked me a lot of questions about me, and told me

    about herself.

    We agreed to meet out for a drink the next day.

    On the date our eye contact was so intense, i felt

    and still feel like i'm drowning in her eyes, her

    smile, her soul. We ended up kissing on the first date.

    During the whole time nothing else existed in the

    universe. We only looked at each other and have been

    completely immersed into the conversation.

    I don't remember what we talked about.

    I was the happiest man ever after this date. At first

    i didn't think of it, but realized that was flying high

    above the clouds.

    Since then we had two more dates, with much more intensity.

    after the 2nd date I was completely fallen for this

    Scorpio woman.

    on our third date she told me that she had broken off

    a previous relationship a few months ago, but it was

    still lingering on, and she had seen her ex since then.

    Moreover she told me she is planning to travel to see

    him again! The pain was excruciating. I anyways told

    her she can do what she needs to do.

    I feel that we can have a great connection, but please

    tell me what should I expect from this interaction?

    Does she really have feelings for me, or could be just

    a meaningless flirt on her part?

  • It sounds like she is trying to make you jealous? If she wanted to continue with you then she wouldn't have told you that she is traveling to see him again, some will call it being honest on her part. Did she mention anything like they are trying to mend their relationship or are they just trying to bring closure to the relationship.

  • HELLO LISA! Well, we had a really nice day together for his birthday, even with Eric along! We went out to lunch, and walked around a lake at a park nearby. Then we even played hide and seek with Eric for a little while! (Tom was so cute "seeking") After, we came back here for gifts and cake. He really liked the bag of gifts I got him, and after cake he initiated a nice long "heart-to-heart"! We really accomplished quite a bit with that conversation. He expressed his fears, but also his desire to keep us in his life. I expressed my needs as far as a firmer commitment to Eric and me. All in all it was really great! He definitely does not want to lose me! I Invited him for dinner Wed. night because he's off Thurs., but he's been feeling a little "under the weather" the past few days. Hopefully he'll be feeling better before tomorrow night! I have plans for him! LOL.

    TO: AJATC85, I met my late husband 23 years ago, but did not marry him until 1997. We had a long history, mostly as friends, but there was always love between us. We tried to get it together in 1987, but the timing was wrong. He led a mostly solitary life though over the years, while I had a few relationships in between. He was my soulmate though, and we did finally get it together. Sadly I lost him quite suddenly last August. My Gemini man came along this March, and we are developing something mostly at his pace. I will be patient as long as I can... As far as your man goes, something may have happened for him to cut you off like that, unless he is just not able to go through with the commitment. Have you spoken to him about it? I firmly believe in being open and honest in all relationships. If he is unwilling, you may have to draw it out of him. I would demand an explanation though, so as you said, you can choose to move on with your life if need be. No one has the right to leave you hanging like that...

    TO: Scorpqueen, Thanks for the warning! It sounds like you have a lot of experience with Geminis! I couldn't help but fall for this one. He is really great, despite his commitment fears. He doesn't want to lose me though, so I am giving him some time to get used to the idea of having a woman, and a child in his life. He is not involved with anyone else, and is no kid, so I think he'll come around. It sounds like, despite your past experiences, you can't help yourself with them either! And let me tell you, the passion between us is unbelievable! Your experience too?

    TO Structureman, I have heard some people speak of the manipulative type of Scorpio woman on here. I think if you are not pure at heart, the nature of the Scorpian will take hold of you and motivate you to "sting" those who get close. Game-playing might also come into it in matters of the heart. Hopefully that is not the case with yours. I suggest you have a talk with this woman, and find out what she's up to. Scorpians are generally very honest and up-front, but I'm sure not all will have your best interests at heart. Ask her flat out of it is over with the ex. We all deserve to have an open, unchained heart offered to us, don't we? Good luck to you!


  • Hey There, Christine!

    I'm so happy to hear that you had a sweet time with your Boys!!!

    I'm going to have to make this post short, but I will be back for a longer chat, my friend...

    Remember that thing about " the sand in the hand "??? You know-- the more tightly one holds it, the more it slips through one's fingers...? So, hold it --gently-not toooo tightly. The sand will stay better!!! Well, think: Gemini=Sand!!! I know, it's really not the way I tend to do anything! Any Scorp likes to hold on pretty hard...but just something that popped into my mind, and I had to share it with you-right now!!!

    Til next we post, dear Jazzy--hug that Eric son-shine for me, K?

    Love, Lisa

  • sealaskalady,

    I was getting the feeling that on some level she had fun being with me, but on another

    wanted to get back together with her old boyfriend. They broke up because he moved

    away to another city.

    She does have a very strong mind that I think is trying to control her feelings, but may be

    the flirting and non-stop making out with me was just having innocent fun on her part.

    I am suspecting she was not interested in a relationship that would require her to

    contribute too much time, and the way things were going with me, was like being

    a passenger in a car going fast when you only want to walk.

    May be she can be more interested if I can show that I can cool it down and give her

    more freedom.

    It almost feels that scorpio vs gemini has reversed here, because I am a Gemini and

    apparenly not me but her wants more freedom, and not her but me is getting

    more possessive than other party wants.

  • Thanks for the post denise! Like Score says after you, hold on lightly, not tightly! I do see what I'm getting myself into! He seems worth it though. He is special, and funny that you mention God, because he is a pretty religious man. I am more spiritual, not practicing a specific religion. Luckily he has an open mind. He will have to if he's going to make it work with me! Thanks for your input.

    Thank you too Lisa! I totally get what you're saying. I can tend to hold on too tightly, but I am being cautious with Tom. He is very special, and I know if he gives it a try we could be very successful together. We have a lot in common, and connect on many levels. He is very sweet with my little guy too! With Father's Day coming up, I'm hurting for Eric. I think about all the Father's Days he will not get to spend with Mike. What a damn shame! That is also why I want this to work out so badly with Tom. Eric really needs a good man in his life.

    Hope you are well and happy!

  • Structure, then just leave her alone. I don't know the details of their relationship but if he moved without her then it doesn't sound too promising but don't be second best here. Find someone who is available to give you what I want. If you have to adjust too much to suit her needs and compromise yours then who is loosing out here? Solictice is coming up and it would be a good time to set out intentions of what you want in a relationship.

  • Hey there, Christine Jazzy Gal!

    R u still on board? Maybe I've missed you on other discussions?

    Oh well, just wondering...

    How's life? And your son-shine Eric boy? And that Gemini? Is he being good to you, I'm hoping!

    I'm really steamed at my Gemini friend!!! And it's making me so frustrated, coz I do NOT like letting her "get to me"!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! She's been driving me and my Scorp hubby insane for like over 20 YEARS now, and no matter what tactics I or he uses, she just keeps it up!!??! You know--the more we say " well, there's no reason this friendship (ha!) should be happening...", the more she pursues it. I mean, I'm way too nice and always one to forgive. But she's just downright nasty much of the time, and enough is enough!

    Sorry for the rant! Soooooo, what's new? Or what's up? I miss your sweet stories and insights. Have you done any singing at all? Does Tom love your singing?

    Post whenever you get a chance, my friend!

    Oh, how are the dreams? I realize how very deep and personal it is, but I think your dreams are Awesome, and I don't use that word much!

    You said in a few posts back that you were spiritually inclined, rather than an " organized religion " type of person...Amen to that!

    Ok, I've blabbed enough, til next you post--like I said, no pressure! I'd love to hear from you whenever you feel up to it (it needn't be long!)


    Lisa ((((((((Hugs)))))))) 🙂

  • speaking as a Scorpio woman, he will never give up that little piece of him and his heart that gives you peace.

    i was married to a Gemini( June 4), have a Gemini son( June5), and most recently was deeply involved with yet another Gemini( June 3) for several years and my advice is to run as fast as you can!


  • Dear Jazz

    i have been with this gemini for what 5 years now. you know i think i know him but everytime i am surprized. the problem is not that gemini are unfaithful or something. they just cant give their last bit. being a scorpio i like wise i can be jealous. its in build. sometimes he would remark

    "nothing can be done about you its your basic nature"

    well its their basic nature to keep looking over their back and trying to analyze everyother woman on the street.

    intially i felt cheated but i realized he was reassuring himself that he had the best and learned to laugh it off. with him maintain your independence. (Scorpions are very independent. they like to think for themselves and its difficult for any man to pin them down so easily).

    Geminis will run after you becuse you are a trophy to catch but once its over they wonder was it worth it. silly fellow once won they dont know what to do with it even less whether they want to keep it.

    but he can be just as clueless when things fall apart. i have seen my man be clueless when his sister died of cancer and he had two of her kids to take care of.

    believe me we scorpions are build to last. we are not talkative but intelligent and nothing escapes our analysis. my boyfriend once remarked "you dig so much" . i realized then, i was hitting a bulls eye when i said something relating to his way of thinking. dont criticize him. he will run.

    in short i felt he was just like anyother . not that i have many experiences. he is my first boyfriend and what i am his second or third. he openly tells me he has firted a lot. well i replied thats nothing new everyman claims that. you should have seen the shock on his face.

    believe me settling down is the most difficult part with this man. if you are a scorpio you will have to make many compromises and adjustments.

    and since he is afterall a man he too has a bit of ego so be the first one too be ready to do so.

    you have to be very patient. you have to let him decide. at least make him feel its his decision. you cant force hmi to anything. being a scorpio recognize your strenght. and the point others made that he keeps coming back--its true. it happens with him. i almost broke off 3 years ago.

    its because not he cant find someone else is because he cant find your replacement.

    we scorpions are emotional beings we think from the heart. it difficult for us to think from the head. Geminis are intellectuals. So love them from the head. and a bit from the heart. and for the rest let me tell you the ROLLER COASTER RIDE HAS JUST BEGAN!!! you are very far from you destination.

    if you can give up thoughts of settling down for atleast for a couple of years and are more interested in settling and building your career just like i was. well he is your man. he will give u all the independence you need. one more thing if you tell him this it will come as a shock. because till now only he thought he was the one trying to feel free. Geminis can be possessive and jealous too ;-)...

  • Hello, I totally agree with sealaskalady! You couldnt of nailed more on the nose...I have been with a Gemini for a year now and oh my god...we are on and off, he is stubborn, beleive that only he is right and not a great communicator with me that is, but alas...he still has good sense of humour at times and weve had lots of fun, but thats about it! As a Scorpio woman, he sorta completes my sexual needs but not fully....ah I havent spoken to him in days and we are just about done. I really don`t have any patience for crib fits!

    Good Luck to all Scorpio woman who are with`ll understand!

  • Oh my love I know just where you are. I am a true Scorpio also and married a true Gemini man. Please take this gently. We are no longer together, and I feel that one of the biggest reasons was a power struggle. We were both very set in our ways and even though we worked hard on the relationship, we discovered that we were not to be. Mind you there are always variables/baggage that everyone brings into any relationship and we must be carerful to allow oursleves the room to stand back and be objective. It's like the addage "Put yourself in my shoes". I wish you the best of luck. Remember to be true to yourself first!!!


  • Wow...Im an Aquarian woman (with a Libra Rising and truly a mix of both signs), who has fallen for a Scorpion Man. I think we could be soulmates...I didnth think a mix like this could work! Thank you for sharing your special marriage with all of us! Good luck to you and your son!

  • From my experience with Geminis as a Scorpio can vary very much with each one. I had a female friend that was gemini and she was nice to me. On the other hand another female gemini is the most deceitful, two timer ever. I wouldn't ever trust her. As for the Gemini men, they are just too flirty and fake for me. I have known a few to chat with and be friendly with and on a whole, I like them more than gemini woman but not to be in love with.

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