Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • OMG!!!!!! Ladys you have sooo got my attention! I never chat or post but this, I just had to comment and thank you. Jazz singer I strongly caution you, but have fun. SeaLady- we are going through the same thing exactly! I made that same promise to myself. I am an Aries that has spent the last 5 years with a Gem. What A nightmare! Yet I can't resist? Integrity is such a moto for me, I can't believe I fell for the Gemini! King of promising the moon. Luckily I am not in a situation that I rely on him for anything at all. As well as not having children, thank god!!! Oh, and the lady that is married to one? Stardazer- you deserve a gold metal cuz thats an accomplishment! Thanks to all, I don't feel like the only one anymore!

  • Mstg,

    My Gem gavesme just so much to keep me hooked and well I had enough of all that. Seven months ago I prayed that it would all end once and for all and it did. What I couldn't figure out is that I am such a different breed of woman he falls for. I take great care of myself, well groomed, mannered, have a great job, beautiful home and great personality. I am pretty independant and gave him all the space he needed yet he was is out there chasing women who are on welfare and walk around like they just rolled out of bed. I saw one of his ex "girlfriends" at the store the other day and she looked like she rolled out of bed and still had sand in her eyes. Oh well, it's over and I have to accept that is his choice.

  • Yeah, the twins seem to master the art of you are the queen one moment and nothing the next. I am a very strong, beautiful and smart women but for the first time I question my self esteam. He has left a scar that I hope I'll soon rise above and be the women I used to be. What I try to focus on, (after 2 yrs of "what did I do?") Its nothing I did. The Gemini is a very non comital wishy-washy creature is what I found. I dont dare count on him. They jst dont seem to know what they want, if they could want anything long term in the first place. The interesting thing is that you said you can feel him when he is going to pop into your life. I find myself sharpening those intuitive skills too. As well as when he is about to fade out. I have learned not to put my worth or happiness in someone else. Easier said than done. Even though I have promised myself I will not be sucked into his B.S. again, there is this magic quality that I just can not resist! I give it 1 maybe two months and he will test me again. God give me strength! lol! Hope I make it on my journey! Hope you do too!

  • So where is your Gem now? How did it end? My Gem doesn't take ending things too seriously. I can see him just tapping his foot waiting to get back in the door. I am fighting connecting again to have some fun and some great sex. He is good for that. He did come through for me during our hardest times and for that I saw him in a new light. He stepped up to the plate and accepted his responsiblities. Last night I dreamt that I was in my old bedroom where I grew up and the floor was lined in rat poop and then my mom cleaned it up and she said, it was 50 pds of rat poop that was cleaned up and I couldn't believe that I slept in it and breathed all that toxins in. I am feeling that it was all his BS that I slept in for years and I am at the tail end of cleaning all that up.

  • Oh, I'm sure mine is tapping his foot as well, being the social butterfly he is probably enjoying the holiday with buddies. Or I'm not so sure, maybe this is the end? He is so unpredictable, yet after 5 years of the rollercoaster ways I'm sure he will be around again. Maybe there is another woman this time. I tend to think this every time. I have been through some tuff times with my Gem but conflict is not his strong suit. He tends to run until things cool down and return as if nothing was wrong. I never really question and don't care to. I try to focus on enjoying the moment. Getting to be torture though. This last time we were together was after a 3 month split, and he got a hold of me to try to mend things and try once more. We both promised to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. 1 week of it being great and the next I can feel his distance start. Two weeks later he gives me some excuse that I said somthing he cant forgive when we were argueing prior to us wipeing the slate clean and disapears again. So that was about a 6 weeks ago. Not heard a word since.

  • LOL! That sounds like my Gem, he runs until things cool down and he can walk back in my life like nothing happend. When things were winding down 7 months ago he told me that we are not in love so what is the big deal with all his women? He is out there unprotected and he is on one of those sight for people looking for casual relationships. He wants a life like his father who has owned his own business, owns homes and has this and that. He is still renting an apartment above a garage and lives pay check to pay check. I told him that his father has it all because he has a strong women behind him and they have love. I do feel sorry for his children who are seeing women come and go every few months. His son is 14 and is congratualting his father for "scoring".

  • Another thing is his birthday is Monday and I played with the idea of doing something for him. In the past even though weren't together I made sure that he had a good dinner and something special. None of his other women do anything for him. I am going to resist because I love myself more these days and I want more for myself.

  • Jazzy!

    Hi, I found you here! It's Lisa...on Cape Cod, right by the ocean! Thanks for your fun post! I really enjoy your! You're in FLA!! Nice...? And you're a Mom!!! It just gets better!

    I'm glad Mr. Gem called YOU. Yeah, maybe let him initiate most communications! I hate head games but with Gemini lovers I think it's unavoidable! Just my experience...speaking of air people-I'm intrigued by your relationship with Mr. Aquarious!! And if any soul could be channeled, it would be Aquarious! Your little Libran boy is air so it makes sense...maybe your son has Picses heavy in his natal chart?!!! Pisces is psychic to the max! Oh! My Goodness, my Aquarian Mother is always lecturing, a know-it-all and not satisfied-ever. Also not a warm, physically affectionate lady.she's my Mom however and I'm the only child! Nobody is getting any younger and I try to get along...she's a pro singer, I just thought of that!! And ya know, the Aries gals I love! Got lots of good gals of the Aries persuation. They're so devoted as friends, even though I find that the itch-britches part of the Aries nature makes me get lazy and stubborn! It's my Taurus moon, Taurus Ascendant I swear... Do you know yours, J? It's amazing how one's whole chart reflects that person so well! So do you sing for your livelihood or for sheer pleasure??!! Got to run, glad to hear from you, Jazzgirlsinger Scorp!

    Give that little Libran a hug and croon him a sweet song...

    Wait! Speaking of Aries girls, my hubby's ex who I'm good friends with is a ram and living in FLA!

    Hmmmmmm......Lisa 🙂

  • Hey Lisa! My little guy is out of school now, so I can't get on here as often! He needs a lot of stimulation, especially after his first year in school! He is so much like his Dad. Very creative and smart. Also a bit of a hothead though! Mike, my husband, was quite the metaphysical type for many years. He got into my dreams, and we had a very strong psychic connection. The only other man I had that with was the Scorpio guy I was involved with shortly after his death. I can reach the Gemini guy though if I really try! I just don't want to "cast a spell" this time. It backfired with the Scorpio. My husband has given me so many signs that he is there. I made him promise me he would if he died. (He always knew he would die young.) They are all musical in nature, and so obviously from him. Such definite messages from him, and also the dreams (visitations). They've helped me a great deal to accept his death a little easier.

    We played music professionally on and off over the years. We had some success down in Ft. Lauderdale where we moved after we got married in 1997. We played Blues originals and covers. I sing, he played guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn. Blew every other guitar player away down there. That's amazing that your Mom is a singer too! I want desperately to sing again, and am looking into it now. I need to find a good reliable babysitter for my son first. I just want to sing one or two days a week. I feel so compelled to get back into it. I want a piano player or jazz trio this time though. I'd like to sing Jazz standards this time around...

    I need to find out more about my moon sign, rising, etc. I know I have other influences.

    Good to hear from you! Stay in touch!



  • Hello Mstg... Wow, your Gemini does sound a bit like mine! A little flghty yes, and noncommital to a degree. It's only been 3 months though, and he is very reliable so far. He just needs to open his heart up a bit more to me. He is very open in the intimacy department though! When we're alone he is all there, for sure. Very passionate, like me. He's coming back from a weekend away with some biker friends of his. I think we'll have a little talk about us. I just want to make sure we're on the same wavelength. Life is too short to waste time on a one-sided relationship, right?

    Thanks for the warning! I'm hoping he'll be on the good end of the spectrum for Gemini men!


  • Hi there, Christine!

    Wow, you write beautifully! I hope that you find a responsible babysitter for your little guy soon ( as a Mom to 3, I know how gruelling it can be-usually it's a "lucky" type of deal...), coz you need to sing!!! I can just tell that you're a beautiful singer, as well as writer. Maybe coz I'm born from a great Aquarian singer, my Mom! BTW, I really enjoyed hearing your musical history...I'd love to hear your music-any of it recorded? Let me know, I could have my Sagg son ( who is a mucho talented musician himself plus records other people in his studio/bedroom !) I can have him somehow get your music on his email and donload/upload? it...I dunno! I'm having a confused day! Is Mercury direct yet-I hope!!!

    Yes! Find out as much as you can about your whole chart! Especially moon and rising signs. I'm interested in what they might be...

    And you know, long ago I took a class in dream interpretation. I learned that if one has a dream about a deceased person, and that person SAYS anything-it's super important!!! Also rare. I guess that the deceased, when appearing in a dream, usually do not say sounds like you and Mike have an incredibly strong ( and Real) connection!!!!!! Impressive, to put it mildly. Is your little guy OK about his Dad passing on? I hope so. I can't tolerate it when my kids ( or any kids!) are sad or bothered in any way! Sometimes I need to " back off" and let them be with their own pain. They've told me as much, but mine are older! I got off-track again, what's up wth me today???!!!

    Back to Mr. Gem--so, his Day approaches...haha!!! How's things wth him, Jazzy? You may have already cast your Scorpio spell, sometimes we don't want to just happens on it's own!?!! I hope he isn't playing "hard to get" wth you. Or that he doesn't need for you to play that stupid game for him! Or if games are needed, save em for the sexy stuff!!! We like those games, eh???

    He cannot begin to imagine what you have in store for him on June 4th!!!

    So, my Scorpion Singer Lady-friend, fellow Mom,til next we post!

    Love, Lisa 😄

  • Hi Lisa! Thanks for all your positive input! I can use some of that... I can get bogged down with my worries and fears sometimes. Over all, I'm an optimist though, and I believe in magic and destiny, and the power of the Universe in our lives. Not everyone believes that though! I think that could be the thing with my Gemini guy. He is more of a religious sort, while I am more of a spiritualist. He has an open mind though, and seems to enjoy all our "deep" conversations. He is just a little reserved with his heart, and I think I'll have to give him some time to get used to the idea of having a woman and a child in his life full-time. As of now, it is a once a week deal with him. One day on the weekend together, and then he's back to his busy work schedule (with phone calls in between). I am, on the other hand, not working right now. My husband's SSI is enough for my son and I to live on (we own our house-no mortgage), and it's given me the time I need to grieve the loss. We don't get to do a bunch of things, but we make ends meet. When I do go to work, I want to sing. I live in a rural area that has few job prospects anyway. I'm determined to do what I really love to do now... Unfortunately, the only recordings I have of our music are on tape! I need to transfer them to CD somehow. I have so many cassette tapes of our rehearsals and our demo tape with 2 originals Mike wrote.

    I found out my Rising sign - Gemini!, and Moon sign - Libra. Interesting, huh? The birth chart was so accurate with it's descriptions of my personality. It made me cry with the realization of who I really am. Some things are great, and others need a little work! Especially in dealing with my son. He is so much like Mike, and sometimes it frustrates me. He had not quite bonded yet with his Dad before he died, so he has handled his death pretty well. Now I notice though that he is definitely looking for a male figure to emulate. My Gemini (Tom) is sweet with him, but reserved, as I said. I know it's due to his last relationship involving children, and the pain he suffered when she ended it quite suddenly. I am nothing like her, according to him though. He'll just have to figure it all out for himself though. My "spell" is cast, for sure, but he needs to accept his fate! tee hee...

    Mike and I had an amazing connection, and still do in my dreams. When he visits me, I always wake up feeling like I was really with him. The feeling stays with me all day. I am an avid dreamer, and people can reach me in my dreams (usually men!). I have been interpreting my dreams since I was very young, and feel they carry important messages for us. The last dream I had of Mike, he just wanted to sleep. He said to me, "I just want to rest", and was in a bed trying to go to sleep. I didn't want to leave him, but I did finally go. It was so poignant, and I felt it meant that he really does want to rest now. I call on him all the time, and ask for his help in my life. I know I will eventually have to let go of him so he can rest in peace...

    I've been feeling so disjointed lately too! It must be the Mercury retro thing! At least I know why now! It's reversing this week I believe...

    I am hoping to get a babysitter for Tom's birthday so we can have the day alone. I have a neighbor/friend who watches him on the weekends if I need her, and even keeps him overnight. She has a sweet 12 year old son who really likes Eric. Her mom offered to watch him too sometime. I have to call and ask her to help me out!

    Have a great day Lisa! Until your next post...


  • Hey there Christine!!!

    You-all just go and do whatever it takes for you-to relax and have some fun, carefree time! As long as your son ( Eric, right?!) is safe and sound!!!

    Well-I heard, long ago, that a person's rising sign will be a determining factor in the people s/he is around/involved with...hmmmmmmm. 😉

    Walter, my Scorpio hub has moon in Libra, too. I've got tons of Libra! My son-shine, Jesse, is a Sagg with (you guessed it!) Gemini moon and SCORPIO rising!! My little (15 yrs!) girl, a Pisces (talk about intense) has Sagg moon Sagg rising...gets interesting when you know those three things about a chart! You gotta "do" Tom's...Ha!!!

    The dream with Mike wanting to sleep is I got a rush in my heart when I read about very clear, like you said. It's hard to put into words how I feel-like how do you, when do you let go? Sigh...I'm so sorry! I want to somehow help you, and all I can do is tell you that it seems so great that he's kept his word and come to you in such a very real way!!! Do you suppose that Mike would like it if you put that music onto CDs? Well, if you could do it!! I guess there's a way?!?!! I'd love to hear it someday-when the time comes!

    I know you're busy with Eric-sunny boy and prepping for your well-deserved fun hot BDay!!! Tee-hee hee!!! So post whenever...have fun, and have extra for me!!!

    (((((((((Hugs)))))))))). Lisa

  • Hey Lisa! I had my guy over for dinner last night, so I was busy preparing for it! He likes my cooking, and he is very sweet with Eric. We had a really great time together again... Mmmm!

    That is interesting that your husband and I share the same moon sign! What is his birthday? I just felt such relief to learn that I am the person I am by nature, more than by nurture! It takes some blame off of me, and my parents! LOL... I have to do a chart for Tom too. He is definitely a complex Gemini type! I am curious about the other influences in his nature too...

    I ahve had a quite a few dreams of Mike since he died. I also dreamt of him when he was alive, and before we got together. I met him in 1985, but we didn't get together officially until 1995. I had some very vivid dreams of him that he later confirmed were in some way initiated by him. He was quite the metaphysical type until his strokes in 2006. I can't believe the 1 year anniversary of his death is coming up already! August 8th. This year has really flown by. I miss him everyday... Thank you so much for your compassion and concern. I think I'm doing pretty well with it all, considering... My heart aches for Eric though. It's such a damn shame he won't grow up with his Dad in his life. Especially the music...

    I am working on getting a babysitter for Thursday! I have Tom's expectations quite high, so it better all work out! Although, I don't know how we could top last night! Tee hee...

    Look forward to hearing from you!



  • Jazz, did you ever get my emails from my hotmail account?

  • Hi Jazzsinger,

    I am a 44 year old gemini with a libran rising. I may be female, but I am one of the most loyal committed persons that I know. (If I am in relationship.) You should get your fellow's time of birth, he may have lots of other influences that make him a committed Gem.

  • To: sealaskalady, No, I didn't receive those emails! I was going to finally write you tonight! I'll try when I'm done on here...

    To: Aussiegemini, Everybody is different I feel, and our life experiences will always affect our choices, fears, worries. I am sensing a reluctance in my Gemini guy to take this to the next level. I know it has to do with past hurts, but I am doing my best to assure him of my loyalty and commitment. He seems to be having trouble communicating (a male trait I think!), but I feel he is truly with me when we are together. It's just I can feel the distance as soon as he leaves. Is that common with all Geminis? The need to have your own world to go to? Maybe it's just that he's so used to his single life, and is reluctanct to give it up for fear that I will infringe upon it. He's no kid though, and I'm going to need a a stronger feeling of security about us, especially since I have my son to think of too. I did a sample chart for my guy, guessing his birth time, and although there were definite similarities between it and him, I feel I need to get the correct time to get the most accurate reading. He may not be able to get that for me though. My rising and moon signs are an absolute influence on me! I am Gemini rising, and Libra moon. My chart blew me away with it's accuracy...

  • Hey Jazzsinger,

    Your question about feeling empty when he leaves?? That kind of depends on how old/ or what experiences he has had. Me? Me, when I was younger, I used to pine as my lover left too and hunger for more... These days, I may give the impression that your Gem gives you. Why? Because I too have experienced much pain and have learnt to move on situation to situation, friend group to friend group and not worry about what is happening to the lover as it killed me in the past. Men also like to go back to their caves no matter what sign they are!

    Love Cath xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi my case is the reverse of jazz. I have fallen in love with a Scorpio. I have no idea how i did that. or manage to fall in love with her. What I can say is from my perspective. her name is bonnie. not her real name but she uses that one to introduce herself. What i find interesting is her intensity. Man she made me cry trying to get me in touch with my deeper feelings. I have opened myself up to her completely. I generally don't do that but i did. and what she did do was get me in touch with my emotional self. now believe me I will avoid emotions at every cost. It somehow brings me down so I just avoid emotional situations. Problem was I and her over this weekend were drinking and watching this Japanese movie called "The grave of the firefly", at one point of the movie I made a mistake of letting one tear drop. and she got me. I felt like I was on an interview table. but i decided to be honest with her. I think she shook my soul. I am actually afraid of her and yet in love with her. She is scary in that way. she said at the end I like you this way you feel more human. I am like what the.... I cant do this I love her and would marry her if she would let me. but she scares me man.... maybe that's part of the attraction. Problem is she is in love with someone else. Some 40 year old German dude. I am 29 and she is 26. I don't know what else to do but to wait till she sorts it out with that dude. We Gemini are emotionally shallow for us its all about logic. If I ever get married it will be for this logic. And I dont know about all geminis. I cant cheat on people I love only because it is illogical to destroy something you have just for kicks. for me sex is a game and its really no point in playing a game and destroying a relationship. I don't know she has got me all confused. maybe only time will tell which way it goes. so I am letting god or the universe or whatever name we call god with take care of it. Will let you know if something worthwhile happens.

  • Well Hey there Christine!

    I just finally saw your recent post, and though Now is not the time, I have to do a " quickie"!!!

    Sooooo happy about yours and Tom's dynamite nite!!!! Whoopieee!

    Walter, my hub is Nov 13. I know about 10 people same BDay!

    Wow. What you say about Mike just is such a tribute to " there's a whole lot that is real, yet not explained...this is really intense stuff!!!!

    What about Mike and Eric's charts, as well??

    To get a bigger picture!?! I had a " Mayan-Aztec" reading done; very spot -on. So, even more info, yikes! Better go, dear, it's Dinner Time... I will explain later...!

    Love, Lisa (-;

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