Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • I am a very true Scorpio woman, 44 years old and a mother of a 6 year old boy, and widowed from an Aquarian man last August. I have met a really great Gemini man, who will be 41 June 4th. I am really enjoying his playful, experimental and passionate side, but do feel that he might take awhile to commit to me and my son. I am used to the absolutely devoted ways of my late Aquarian husband and soulmate. I guess I'm just looking for some insight into the Gemini man's psyche. I can sense that he does not want to feel confined, yet my Scorpio personality wants to kidnap him and lock him away with me forever! lol... We are very passionate together, but I obviously want this to be about more than that. So, any Gemini men out there who care to give me some pointers on how to handle this traditional, yet daring, religious, yet extremely sexy, Intellectual, yet silly specimen of a Gemini man? I know some Gemini women, but have never gotten close to a Gemini man... P.S. He is not only a Gemini, but a twin as well!

  • My ex is a Gemini man. They are great for fun and making you laugh but don't count on him when the going gets tough or when you want a committment. I am not saying all Gem's are like this but he didn't take things too seriously. He loved chasing other women and women loved him.

  • I am definitely having fun with him! We've only been involved going on 3 months now, so I know if he is going to commit, it's going to take longer. He has expressed more than once that he is looking for a commited relationship though. He is 41, and was only engaged once, never married. He was hurt pretty badly by her, so I know that is a factor in this too. I am doing my best to show him my ethics are high, and of course my devotion to my late husband for 13 years certainly proves that when I'm in a commited relationship, I am in for the long haul! I have female Geminis in my life, no males, so I am curious about them. What sign are you?

  • I am a Leo with my venus in Gemini. He called me last night to ask if I wanted some fish. I haven't talked with him in months. We went through some stressful situations in the past sevevn months and there was alot of fighting going. One thing I know about Gem's is that they don't hold grudges. Even after what we went through he still thought of me or was he just trying to get back into the sack? I am into Feng Shui and everytime I re-do my relationship corner old relationships surface or could it be that Mercury is in retrograde? Well if he told you that he is looking for a long term relationship then take it as a clue that he will be sticking around.

  • Is this an ex-boyfriend or husband? I guess you are still friends? How do you feel about him calling you out of the blue? Funny how we can hang onto them even after it's over, huh? My late husband and I had a try at love 2 years after we met, but the timing was off. We stayed friends though for 7 years, working together musically on and off. (I sing, he played guitar) Then we finally got together for good in 1995, married in 1997. I was devestated by his sudden death last August. It's made me feel a little desperate at times, which makes me angry. I am a strong woman, but was left so suddenly and felt so isolated from the world. I met my Gemini this March, and have been dating him exclusively. I want a commitment, probably before it's possible for him. I am just so used to being with someone all the time. I will do my best to be patient. He sure seems worth it...

    P.S. I guess you live in Alaska? I've never met anyone from there! I live in Florida...

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  • I meant to say that we are not really friends anymore. I had too much disappointment with him and well I feel that he is re-thinking things but action speaks louder than words.

  • Hi Jazzsinger,

    My friend married a Gemini. and she is a Scorpio. They got married but it just not working, she seems to be like you, he is good to her financially but he cant commit although they are married. Before they got married for the Scorpio the signs were there but she ignore them, when a woman called her and told about her relationship with the Gemini, but my friend still married him, but they dont even live together, he cant deal with her stability, she regrets the marriage, but they just dont see things the same way, although he continue to apolozie for his unfaithfulness but after a week or two he back at it again. My advice is to take it slow and pray that God will show you if he's the one, dont let emotions get in the way. Dont do the instant relationship, date others before you make your deision ,take you time. Time tells everything, even if he's the right one for you in time you will know. I hope everything work out for you. I too lost my first husband, but it been 18 years ago, so I know and understand the lonely and longing for the same kind of relationship you had, but things are different now for you. You got to learn a whole different way of life, so take your time. You may not even be ready yet, especially if you seeking what you had when your husband was alive, you may be looking for your husband in him and that's not good for you nor him, take care. I been there.

  • Thanks to both of you for your input! I'll write you soon Alaska lady! Yes, actions do speak louder than words! I'm sure you don't want to be the "back burner" gal...

    To Almondjoy225, I've heard both sides to the Gemini man. Geminis tend to look at themselves differently than others do. My Gemini man is very open and honest, and has been in only a few serious relationships despite his age. He was hurt in his last, and so he is being very careful this time. Especially since there were children involved then, and I have a son. I respect him for that. I do not get the "cheater" feeling from him at all, plus at this point he has absolutely no reason to consider that. The passion between us is amazing! I think my intellect and sense of humor might help to keep him interested as well. We never seem to run out of things to talk about. Plus, we all must keep in mind that our upbringing influences our decisions in life too. Not all Geminis will cheat, for example. It really must be in their nature to do so...Thank you for sharing your loss with me too. It's hard to find fellow widows to relate to. I feel my late husband's hand in my life still, and although he was my soulmate without question, I know he would want me to be happy. (I get messages from him all the time!) We also had our problems too, with him being an Aquarian! He could be distant, moody and quite critical at times. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy myself, but don't want to play the field by any means. The thought of that makes me cringe! Unlike your friend, I would never marry a man that had already cheated on me though! I believe once a cheater, always a cheater...

  • Jazz,

    Yep, just enjoy yourself. It sounds like you are and I respect someone for taking it slow especially where there are children involved. I look forward to your email.

  • Thanks for responding back and I agree with you, you cant judge one Gemini or anyone by what another does. You seem to have your head on right, I wish you, your son and Mr. Gemini the best and I really happy to know you found someone who can bring joy to you and your son's life.

    In fact my youngest son is a Gemini age 19, (June 15) mature and responsible for his age. Take care. lol

  • I am married to a Gemini...they tend to be very talkative, and communicating, which is good since Scorpio tends to be more brooding and silent. They are fun to be around and are entertaining and they are great lovers. But be aware that they do like to flirt, and they are very attractive to other women, and they love to bask in that kind of attention. If you are at all the jealous type and want to possess him, forget it. I give mine plenty of freedom....underline plenty!!! They make good parents, and retain a youthful sense of adventure which makes them fun to be around. Good luck, enjoy! Still love mine, after 22 years of marriage!

  • Thanks Stardazer! I really appreciate your positive input... Your hubby sounds just like my Gemini guy! He is funny, witty, smart and a great lover too. We are really hitting it off in that dept., for sure... Although I can be brooding at times, I guess I'm a bit of an exception to the rule with my ability to talk it up with the best of them! I am a performer, so I think that influences me. Also that I am the youngest of 6, so I was the baby in a large closeknit family. I was married for 13 years to an Aquarian, and it was a rocky road to say the least. Sadly, he died quite suddenly last August. It really turned my world upside down, and I felt lost without him. We spent so much time together, and were best friends. This guy is so much more lighthearted, and romantic though. I'm loving it, and will gladly give him plenty of space to hang onto him! I am happy that when he is with me, he is completely with me. That's all I ask for. And a good role model for my 6 year old son (a very smart and precocious Libra)...

  • Hello sealaskalady! Can you confirm your email address for me? It was spelled a bit differently, so I wanted to confirm it before I emailed you... Thanks. -Jazzsinger

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  • Jazz, do you get newsletters from this site? I got one this one about Gems. Pretty good description on Gems (atleast from what I know personally).

  • Yes, I do get newsletters. I did read the one all about Geminis, and my guy fits the bill completely. I am getting quite a few responses on my topic under Love and Relationships saying that their Geminis cheat! That's not good, but I truly believe that has little to do with the fact that they're Geminis. If it's your nature to cheat, you will regardless of your sign. I can understand that their outgoing nature and need for adventure and constant stimulation might lead the ones with no scruples to cheat. Apparently women are quite drawn to Gemini men! I heard from a Gemini guy though, and it was all good. It fit my guy's temperament so far. I just have to give him his space to do what he likes to do alone, but he will come back to me with open arms. As I said, I see and feel that he is completely with me when he is with me. I do want him to open his heart a bit more to me though. I feel he does keep me a bit "at arms length" regarding some things. I think that has to do with his cautious side. He is quite the "dual personality"!

  • My ex Gem is trying to get his foot back in the door. He is so charming but I cannot fall for his tricks. He is so much fun, he makes me laugh and we generally have a good time but I made a committment to myself to love myself more because this man will never do that for me.

  • So this guy keeps coming back, huh? Does he have anyone else in his life? It's tough once you've crossed the line of friendship, but not impossible to remain just friends. My husband and I were friends for 2 years, and involved with other people when we fell in love, the first time. We tried to make a go of it after those relationships ended, but the timing was off. We did go back to being just friends for 7 years, always staying in touch, and working together musically on and off. (He played guitar, and I sing.) Then as the fates would have it, our paths crossed again, and this time we got it together and got married 2 years later. Do be sure to love yourself enough to not let him walk all over you. It's a shame when we fall for men who can't love us back...

  • Jazz, can you email me directly at hotmail. I have some specific questions regarding your husband and fate.

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