Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man

  • Hey, Anni!

    Sorry, I've been on a mental vacation. Im a Sag with a Scorpio rising and sometimes I go into hiding to sort out my emotions.

  • That's fine Lovely......i know what you're saying! Stick around! Take care off you! Later!


  • Dear Jazzsinger,

    one of my very best friend is aquarius, he's a DJ.

    Well he is also 48yrs. now, and is DJ over 27 yrs.He is an American and we are like brother and sister!

    I went to his play especially when he had those 'Old school parties' the 80's.

    i just love that kind of music!

    But these days I sure don't get the groove anymore..................

    I've another very close friend! He's a virgo but his b-day is at the 29th September. So he gets close to the libra.

    We're also more like brother and sister. But have a very straight since 1993 ongoing friendship! We can talk about deep stuff!

    He will be in Germany a week from now. Last year he rejoined the military and is in Georgia right now. He'll be here for a 2 weeks visit before he goes to Korea.

    Another 'friend' of mine............he's a psychologist ( a very down to earth guy, very openminded and tolerant (not that typ sticking to theory), helped me a lot when my twins acted like nuts through the time growing into a teenager ( 14-16 yrs) we talked a lot .

    So now I've told him about my gem.....he did speak to him several times on the phone back then and told me ,as far he could from just lstening to him, that he had a very positiv feeling about him.............

    Well these days he just told me, that no answer is also an answer! Sure.........we say that here a lot!

    But then the whole 25 yrs would have been a lie!

    That's something I just can't believe.......then I really must be the most dumb person on earth...........

    I'm happy for you, that things go smooth with you and your gem!

    Really, I don't like people to suffer or being in pain period..................

    If I just had one wish, I just want him to speak to me, even it would be the last time to let me know why he's doing this to me!

    'Jazzy' I need to get some sleep..............don't have much time left!

    I look forward to hear from you!

    It sure helps to exchange minds and experience. Have someone to share all this! THX!


  • Sorry for all the misspelling

    but 'my man's ignorants really gets to me!


  • Sorry for all the misspelling

    but 'my man's ignorants really gets to me!


  • Hi Anni,

    Ahhh yes... the 80's! I loved that music too. I was a bit of a "punk" in those days. I loved the alternative stuff that came over from Europe. I used to go dancing all the time! I still love to dance, but just at home now... At 44, I'm not "clubbing" anymore! (How old are you?)

    I have always had my best friendships with men, although I've connected with some great women on here! I have 3 sisters, and that was quite complicated growing up. I have trust issues, I think...

    So where in Germany do you live? I am half German myself. My mother is half German, half Italian, and my father is half German, half Hungarian. (MY grandmother was born in Budapest, and I feel such a strong gypsy influence in me!) I am trying to convince my parents to take a trip there. I would love to know the best places to visit there...

    I agree about the fact that no answer is an answer, in a way. Your suspicions of another woman might be true, or maybe he is just not ready. I am beginning to wonder if Gemini men are ever ready to commit! After all these years knowing you, you would think he would be sure by now, right? I hope you can get some sort of resolution over this though, and then be able to move on with your life...

    I wish you the best...


  • I'm 54 now but always be told I look at least 10-15 yrs younger also when women try to figure out how old I am!

    I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Me right in the middle, the only one with dark brown hair, with a little goldreddish shin when the lights hit it.

    My youngest sis and my oldest brother (she's 6 yrs younger, he's 6 yrs older than me have both the same haircolour, kind a 2 yr younger sis has kind a mango colour, my twin brother head dark blond hair!

    I'm born and still leave in Stuttgart ( you propable know this City)

    Stuttgart is beautiful. The old town and the huge parks we have with lakes in it!

    The centre we have those huge castle the new and the old one! Beautiful!

    The street leading through it is prohibited for cars. Full of stores on by one, restaurants and coffee place. Now you can sit outside everywhere. The grass around the 'schlossplatz' what is called is full of people during summer, sitting or just chilling there on the grass or a blanket they brought with them. There is a huge spring in the middle of this place and during the summer season we have open air festivals and all kind a events going on here!

    Stuttgart used to be in the old days a huge stallion for the military! For their horses off course .-)

    The name back then used to be like 'STUDGARDEN' from the studs.

    So due the years they changed into into Stuttgart. We spell much for a little history trip.

    I can sit for hours outside one of those coffeeplaces just watching people passing by! Of course when my girlfriend is with me, we do make comments about people, too... but not in a evil way, just like everybody does here.

    I did notice that in the States people don't really look at you most of the time, at least not straight at you, maybe with a blink of the eye! But definitely don't stare what people do over here.

    They check you out from top to buttom in a kind harassing way, too. On the bus, train, U-bahn, when you wlak inside a place or the swimbath.

    I hate it, always makes me feel like I walk around nude!

    I have not experienced this in the States!

    So we also do have a lot of beautifull places around Stuttgart, I guess you've heard about Heidelberg ( a beautifull old University City located at the Neckar river, with this huge castle up on the hill like it's still protecting the town, then Wรผrzburg, also University City, Munich is very popular also for American still here or the ones who come to visit ( known through the Octoberfest!), then we have the Black forrst and the Schwรคbische Alb, nice place with little towns still looking original with farms spread around, mountains and rivers!

    Bavaria, 1 state in Germany ( Munich is the capitol of it) has beautifull sights, too! Yes we do have great places here, just much smaller like in the States of course as you know. Then the biggest lake here is the Bodensee, surrounded by beaches and lots of Hotels , motels restaurants, stores etc.

    A more likely tourist place, also..Bit more expensive! The lake (for us German's a huge one) acctually hits 3 borders. Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

    Switzerland is known for skiing, beautiful surounded by mountains and and!

    Yes I could be your guide .-)

    I'll sure try to catch a bit sleep now..............see you next time in here!

    Big HUG!


  • Sorry about all those night it's hard to write correct and then sometimes I'm not sure about my english anyway! But normally I read it over and discover quiet some mistakes! .-) Anni

  • Being a Gemini rising and having sag in the 7th house the call to be free is always nipping at my heels. However I don't cheat on my husband. Basically Gemini are very social beings and have a very playful side to them . They have both male and female friends and if connected to you it more on a mental level. Rarely are they emotional and intense like the Scorpio so it really depends were is his sun so you will know how it works. Also they rarely carry a grudge if they do they are acting more like the Scorpio who will hold a grudge ; and many times exact a revenge. Since so much interest this person it may seem they never will commit or focus enough on anything. It would help for you to know where your and his Venus and mars is because this give you a indication how you fit into his plans. . It always said 'if you need to hear your special or loved never be with a Gemini or Sag because there motto is "I'm here aren't I" if they aren't interested they are long gone. Just don't try to fit him in to replace someone else they are unique and they flit away if they feel hemmed in.

  • Hi Anni! Thank you for the info on Germany. I will continue to try to convince my parents to visit your lovely country. It sounds beautiful! I wish I could go with them, but cannot afford that kind of extravagance right now...

    Funny what you said about people here in the states. It really depends on the state you visit. I am originally from New York. I was born and raised on Long Island, but now live in a very rural part of the Florida Panhandle. What a culture shock! In Manhattan, everyone is too busy getting where they're going to look at you, and here in the country people can look at you like you have 2 heads sometimes! We are difficult to figure out, I'm sure...

    A big hug to you too!

    Hi addRN!

    Thank you for your input. I am hearing basically the same thing from everyone about Geminis. Men and women. I have 3 female Geminis in my family. 2 sisters and my mom. I get along just fine with them, as my rising sign is Gemini. There are similarities between my Gem man and me, which is why I think we've got a chance. Despite my Scorpian demands for a lifelong commitment. I don't require someone to tell me I'm special or loved (my self-esteem is at a healthy level), but I would like to feel that he won't just disappear on me one day!

  • Hello again addRN,

    I referred to our birth charts, and my Gem's Rising sign is Sagittarius, and Moon sign is Virgo. My Rising sign is Gemini, and Moon sign is Libra. Venus and Mars for him are both in Gemini, and Venus is in Libra/Mars is in Leo for me. Any insights on that info? -Jazz

  • Well being a sag rising that means his sun is 7Th house. and this is what making the connection to you because he feels you can understand him. His emotions however will run more on the cool side since it is in Virgo; and when upset this moon will be hypercritical ; and then become very analytical. His love nature also makes a connection to your rising sign; but being in this sign of Gemini it makes it very hard for him to connect to the idea of getting married or seriously involved.; but on the other hand he really wants to. Sag/Gemini are considered to be the eternal bachelors. Definitely don't ever make him feel hemmed in he will run for the hills. You on the other hand even though you show the world the Gemini personality you have a moon and Venus in Libra which natal is should be in the 5th house . So you have a passion for love affairs and feel great when in a committed relationship . Your mars is in the 3rd house so you do have energy in the fire of matter of speaking. Libra is what makes you faithful and being a sun Scorpio you are intense and it in the sixth house so be careful of your GYN health and rectum.

    .I need to go to sleep been up since 6 AM and now up 21 hours

  • hello addRN,

    I very much was impressed by your postings.

    I'd love to hear something like this, also if possible............

    I'm a libra, burn 2 th October 1954 (yes I'm kind a old already but still young by nature)

    'MY trouble is a gem...knowing him for 25 yrs. (wrote parts of my 'story' in here already..very long trip already) he is born on the 20 th Juni ( last day almost cancer, but tended more to the gem caracters, a lot)

    I'm born in 70372 Stuttgart, Gemany, he is born in Chicago, but rised in Texas and Misouri....... you have anything for me, too?

    Throughout these last weeks I'm very desperate, after 18 yrs of friendship, startet of in 1985 as an affair, he'd to leave..............but we were holding a strong connection, till finally we both where single in visiting him since 2006 quiet a few times............since 2002, he did ask me if I could imagine to live in the US with him (WA state, now).

    But my children were to young back then!

    After he saw me first time again in 2006, after 21 yrs......... he ask me if I would like to become his wife!

    No pressure at all from my side.................we phone everyday since some weeks ago!

    Before every time i'd to go back to Germany he became more and more frustrate ( which I felt the same) that I still had to go back.

    I heard that through the tone of voice he was giving me, he always really had difficulties to talk his feelings. But great in talking around the bush.

    We always did feel eachother even having all 'this water' beetween us.and the situation itself!

    Always called me when I thought I can't go on no more, because he felt me falling, what he always said........................

    So he couldn't wait any longer...back then we both had a dream, well first it was just mine but me telling him, we've shared it!

    Both of us sitting on a bench, greyheaded, among a tree at the water.watching the sun going down!

    Now that nothing was in our ways children old enough to take responsibility for themselves ( they don't want to come along anyway ( relationships ๐Ÿ™‚ beside they born at the 10 th of June, so I've double trouble.boy and girl....due day was considered from the doc back then 20th of June,'my Gem's B-day ( just coinsidence or destiny?)

    So now I haven't heard from him in a while. Receiving nothing but silence, except one mail, 2 very short calls..but didn't answer me why he started to treat me like shit....while he made me feel like his queen till I came back this yr in February.............when I just have to come back her to pack up!

    He was so excited about it! We've been looking for apartment where WE BOTH would feel home..our home!!!!!!!!! He demanded me to bring all the paperwork I needed........went to authorites to look it over!

    He never wanted me to go back again!

    Said he never ever want to loose me anymore..........................

    We didn't argue or anything while hanging on the phone the last time.....he even said he'll try to make it (His job) over he to give me a hand and even I insisted, he wanted to pay for the shipping cost, for my little stuff I wanted / needed to take with me!

    I'm totally lost, and a lot more!

    I've wrote him......even he decided after all he couldn't live with me, even he might have met someone else? I need to know.......I dealt with the loss of my dad, twinbrother and my 1st born (died with not even 3 yrs..tumor).

    So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know.....I won't find an answer in here.we all only can give our opinions, our experiences to others...........and everybody has to decide for themselves at the end..this is when we have just us!

    But in Here it helps to destract the mind and even I'm always very busy..................neclegting houshold a bit now ๐Ÿ˜ž

    I like to hear other peoples comment!

    Sometimes it opens our eyes to things we can't, don't want to see..because we want them to be just how we wishing for!

    That is not a matter of age.or stupidness................when the heart and soul is in control the mind don't have much say so anymore! At least with me!

    I', a very very sensitive woman, went through hell more than once ( marriage, realationship, authorities since my divorce, family matters, losses etc.)

    Name me..............but I'm sure still very warmhearted openminded loyal person..and I do love to helps other whenever, however I can!

    I had great responsible positions at bosses and colleges loved me for my attitude.....well exept some woman off and on, but I always find a way to stay cool with them, was just at work anyway!

    Sure I'm asking myself why me......not pitting myself at all, but blaming myself a lot that it's all my faulth, and I might deserve it!

    But I've never cheated, betrayed using or abusing people! Believe me I had still have a lot of chances to make my life very comfortable..........but it aign't me at all!

    I love to give.............not expecting anything to make people laugh and built them up when they down ( I was told I'm very good at it)

    So, I guess I also got lost in here, my girlfriend is waiting ( also a libra in love with a gem :-(..-) )

    So, Anni wrote a loooooooooong story again!

    ๐Ÿ˜ž Anni

  • Hello addRN!

    Thank you so much for your reading! It was quite accurate, so you must have experience doing this... It helps empower me with insight into both of us. It also gives me some hope for a future with him. It is pretty much what I expected to hear about him, and I do know myself pretty well too, so no surprises about me! Thank you for the heads up about Gyn health too...

    We're going out together tonight, and he is surprising me with the restaurant we're going to. Also a movie out, or maybe here at home. My son is staying overnight with a friend, so we will have some quality time alone. I hope to do a little bit of everything! LOL...

    Thanks again, I hope you got a good night's sleep!

    Now help poor Anni! She needs it!


  • Thx you so much JAZZSINGER for your support..................

    I really wish you a great time with you gem!

    I wish this for you with all my heart, because I've been there before.............they also like to spoil us.........full program of everthing.........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .-(

    Wonder if I ever will be able to look in his eyes while he smiles at me with this smile hit me always deep inside......and I couldn't be upset anymore............but hugging and squeezing him 'to death'............know what I mean!

    Now I'm so so sad..................once you had'll miss it like crazy once you've to do without it!

    It's the 'leaning on him' head on his shoulders or his lab while his hugging me and play with my hair (he loves(d) it so much)............(Wonder who's hair he's playing right know with :-((((( )

    I had two reading and a friend who does it, too...but she's still learning............

    all said that him and I have a very strong honest thing going since a long time and it will remain ( well my friend know how long I know him already, the whole story, but the psychs didn't know a thing.nada at all) and all of them say this other woman, I've dreamt more than once about it , too :-((((, but all said it's no threat to me., just the nature of the men ...separating body from soul and heart...............Ass! )

    Don't even want to think about time I haven't seen him for 18 month..but I'm faithfull, not even crosses my mind to get with someone else, just to have 'fun'! Never could do heart has to be jumping for a hands sweat....yeah, the butterflies...feeling like a schoolgirl!

    That's what I really very much love about him, his voice. Sound like Jeffrey Osborne ( do you know him), great songs, lot of emotions in it) and 'my gem' really does sound like him and he can sing, too!

    Did this always in my ears when we've danced or just chilling together ๐Ÿ˜ž

    I did love everything about him..everything, nothing had really bothered matter whether he grew a belly or his face turned a little more rounder ( he sure looked like Denzel Washington, when we've met him being 24yrs. young..........mybe till he turn 40yrs. old ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Not just my opinion......everybody who saw his photo here said it!

    Well not to forget to mention......Danzel is my favorite! Now , I'm watching his movies.......and feel all the love for 'my man'

    It's so so sometimes I really getting very mad at him....for doing me like this.feel like a peace a shit, flushed down the toilet..........

    Then I start to get very very mad at myself feeling like this and tell myself that I will call him up (well just always get his mailbox........not even know wheter he listen to my messages or just erase them) to tell him that I'm happy he's out of my life acting, doing me like this after so so many years and of course I started just to have doubts in everything, especially in me and my judgement about people! Usually I'm great at it..worked personall before and my bosses always ask for my opinion.when somebody needed to get hired, and it always worked out!

    It just felt all so gooooooooooooood...everything...............

    when we've met way back then...........I felt like I'm dreaming!

    As being a child then a teenager, then a woman always dreamt of some man on myside like him and then it became reality for 25 yrs...........and now ๐Ÿ˜ž all in a sudden.....I do not get it!

    Would have given up everthing here just to be with him.even we would have to sleep outdoors matter what...just to finally share with him.....he always was amazed how little I need!

    I wouldn't care for to much being with him...............sure I'd like to have a dog.he said I could get to have a horse....said . but not in my garage! and we've laughed our asses off when I've told him the car had to be parked outside if it's not a double garages, yes we sure did laugh a lot, too and his laughter always made me shiver!

    He enjoyed my laughing also because it reminded him at a child laughing..sur e can get like a two yr old sometimes..acting all playfull and go crazy, but that's what he loved about me to.....when it's needed I'm all a lady........

    He loved me being make mostly looking like I just woke up........sure like when we went out to dance or fine diner.I fixed myself up but still naturall , just a little lippcloss, my hair put up...but definitly combed through before we've left the house!

    Oh..guys.....I will stop now, don't want to go on anyones nervs for writing all this long stories in here......but I believe you know....I'm just feeling so lonesome and hurt......and it is destrating me being in here also to read your sories........wish I would have more time..most times I'm writing at night...don't watch anymore TV or read and actually I always feel very exhausted after it had turn 10 pm!

    Since 3 weeks I wake up at 5 am and can't go to sleep anymore, even my days right now are filled with runarounds, looking for a job again (didn't take one at the reception I could get, but I was ready to leave .-(, also authorities bugging me............and my kids seeing me suffer start to develop kind a nasty attitude toward him, seeing me all sad and drifted off in my own little world! No, I sure never pitty myself..........I'm getting so mad at in a ways I torcher myself..not enough sleep, nothing but coffee and way to much zigarrettes........

    like I want to punish myself, for giving myself to someone............who at least right know seemed not to even deserved a piece of me!

    I know it'souonds so weird.but still I do love him with all my heart............and always will, no matter what..............because I'm real when I open my heart to's the same with friends....of yourse that's a different love..but anyway ...that's me!

    Yes I know, I'm just cry it all out to whomever want to hear it or not............pain does this to me...

    Hugs! Anni ๐Ÿ˜ž

    You just enjoy every sec....and I wish you really that you get what you're wishing for!

  • Horrible mistakes I've made............but I'm in the twighlight.............

  • Oh Anni! I hear your pain, and I do understand about wanting so badly to be with someone you love to the deepest parts of your soul! I had that with my Aquarius husband. I will share my story with you, in the hopes that you will see that so many others have felt what you are feeling...

    Mike and I met in 1985 when I auditioned for his band. I am a singer, and he played guitar (like Stevie Ray Vaughn-we played Blues). When our eyes met, I felt an immediate connection and was sure that I must have known him before. I came to the conclusion over the years that we must have been lovers in some previous incarnation. We had an immediate psychic connection, and became fast friends. I was with another guy at the time, and he was with the mother of his daughter, although they were never married. We were close friends for 2 years, living in the same building, hanging out together, playing music together. We tried our luck living together after my relationship ended, and his too. The timing sadly, was off for us though. It was great while it lasted though! (True bliss...) So we parted as friends, and continued to play music, and always stayed in touch. I always thought about him and wished that someday we could be together again. Then, in 1995 after living in South Florida for 2 years, he decided to move back to New York where he was from and I still lived. My relationship at that time was ending too, and he was alone as he was for many years after we parted ways. We connected across the miles, always knowing when he would call, and we connected in my dreams too. I would dream of him every time he was thinking of me!

    So we finally got married in 1997, and his daughter even came to live with us. We decided to move down to South Florida to play music professionally again. We did that for 2 years, and then decided to give it up for more "normal" lives. In 1998 we bought our house here in Northwest Florida though, and finally moved here in 2002. We were very happy most of the time, but there were rough times too. We were destined to be together though, and were true soul-mates. Then in 2006 he suffered 4 minor strokes that left him almost incapacitated for a few months. He recovered quite well though, and seemed to be in the clear for 2 years. Then, on August 6th of last year, a clot entered his lungs and killed him instantly. My little boy found him first lying on the couch, and woke me to see why Dad wasn't moving. I then found him there, and he was gone...

    So this past year has been filled with grieving that was gut-wrenching at times. Having to accept the fact that he is truly gone from our lives here has been almost too difficult at times. But I am strong, and I persevere knowing that it is what he would want, and for my son too. If I didn't have him, I don't know how I would have survived this. I have received so many distinct messages from him though, and I know I will see him again when it's my time...

    Meeting this Gem has given me hope for the future, and something to look forward to, at least.

    So much is at stake though, and so much is riding on it, so it giveas me some stress daily though too. Life is short, and I know that firsthand. He understands my feelings, and knows what I want though. He hasn't run yet, which is a good sign! I am learning a new trait, which is patience, and I know it's good for me. I also think this Gem is good for me too...


  • Jazz......seemed like you also went through to much for one life already ๐Ÿ˜ž

    I really can feel you! and I hear the strengh in you!

    Loosing some we love is terrible pain...can say this firsthanded, also!

    But it seems and sure feels, at least to me, that we come out stronger, too!

    That the ones we've lost, help our grieving souls to recover and be strong to keep moving!

    Like they support us, even we can't see them in person anymore, but by heart and soul! They always will be with us!!!inside of us.....a part of us....that's what makes us stronger..........helping us going through rough situations always they'll be with us!

    I do have to go for now........but I believe sometimes a few lines, say more than a long strory! But I definitely want to here more......I'm just feeling so very exhaused.through the last two weeks I've only slept about 2 hrs a night!

    The adrenalin is kicking in supported from to much cigaretts and coffee and runarounds!

    So as far I had 2 breakdowns in 2 ยดmonths in 2005 (that's why I couldn't fly and visit 'my gem' that year) ended up in the hospital both times still being unconcess!

    My kids had to call emergency and I don't want this to be repeated! They where in deep shock then, because they always believed Mom never gets tired and is always, today I felt great, well ๐Ÿ˜ž walking with my closest friend! We've started this a while ago! I mean straight fast walking....:-) feels good.emotion might you just keep going as far you'd some sleep! She's also a libra, a very dear woman, also 3 kids, that's where I know her from kindergarden back in 1993 when my twins and her daughter just started to join the kindergarden and we were connected from the very first moment till know!

    She is also in love with a gem! Since now, almost 2 yrs!

    As far her husband was her first man period and got married to him, having a family, actually "just" being housewife, wife and mother she really never had a chance to really live her own life and let ther "who she is" turn to the outside!

    Now she is struggling to make a move......she knows exactly what she wants!

    Her husband was taking her for grantet throughout the years and as far him being her first man....she believed that's jus thow it is!

    She hasn't been happy for years already missing out on something she really couldn't tell what it was, before she met this gem man! Through him.......she finally could be herself..after she started to see him!

    She felt being loved the first time in her life ( exept the love from her children, which is the most precious thing on earth anyway!.......she grew up with a sis and a brother....while she really was treated first place, no matter what she did was good enough...and she felt ugly, too)

    Loved from a man..........she really started to look like a blooming rose!

    This gem is waiting now, 2 yrs for her!!!!!!!!! because she'll make this move, now that her kids are more mature, responsible and aable to take care of themselves. The oldest has moved out already just like mine!

    We do have .actually till now almost everything in common! Hobbies, creativity, deep minded, analizing.......helping......etc etc. and she never ever thought of herself, before not everybody else was satified.........then she just was to tired to do anything for herself!

    I felt just fine and tired, but I couldn't do what I wanted to do, to get a bit of peace and relaxation!! My twins and their boy/girlfriend were home already, plus I'm giving shelter to a 17 yr old girl for almost 8 weeks! Her mother had just kicked her her!

    As far she just came the Germany 'by the orders' of her mother 5 yrs ago.took german school, is great. college right know, speaks proper German.....(she's from Jamaica) and became friends with my son first through playing also basketball and she's doing my twins hair, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    So ..........these weeks always sombody is home, leaves or comes back home, a steady moving here!

    I just realize when I jumped in here.just wanted to check for a sec :-))))), lololol..........

    how exhausted I really am after these weeks, body is talking to me.I used to ignore these signs till I woke up in the hospital twice in a short time.....made me scared, too!

    I was going for 51 back then..and my Love for my gem gave me wings.well as far I don't have any I hit the fround so hard that I could have died! Heavy brainconcausion)Spelling?)

    Needed once 7 stitches, 2nd time 5! Doctor told me I've a very hard head they'd really did break 2 needles sewing my wound back up ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that was funny!

    The 1st scarf is shaped like a star, the doctors were kind a facinated about that! First I thought they were teasing me..because I still felt very dizzy, head banging like crazy, feeling like I was still not all by my full senses!

    So he brought me a mirrrow so I can see for myself......and there it was he was right! A five star-star! Was funny back then, because when I still was married , everybody called us ' The Jackson 5'! I'm a married Jackson! Thes days it's very sad..but the first time I'm kind a proudalso to carry this name. Crazy., isn't it!

    Jazz, I just wanted to drop by to say 'Hello' and see what's new on the board, so for now, I will cut the PC off so it'll get some rest, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So you take very well care of yourself..........and I'll 'see' you in here!!!!!

    Bless you and your son! Big Hug cross the water


    P.S. don't get to much respondence or comments in here anymore.maybe because I'm writing tooooooooooooooooo lmuch???????????? lol

  • Thank you Anni! You really sound like my kind of gal! It's okay if you're writing too much! It's good for you! Too bad you are all the way across the Atlantic. I'm sure we could be friends...

    Yes, I too have suffered, and I too believe that our loved ones live on in our hearts and souls and help us to go on. My husband was/is a very powerful spirit, and I have always felt him with me even when we were apart. I feel his presence with me since he died, and have felt his "touch" in many things that have happened since he died. It gives me hope.

    My new Gem man is a good catch, and has such good qualities, just a fear of committing too soon due to past hurts and being used to being alone. And me, I just want what I lost, and now! lol... I know I should be patient, and I'm trying! I don't want to scare him away! I do hope things work out for us. It would be really good for me and my little boy.

    You take care of yourself too! No falls, or breakdowns please!

    Big hug back at you across the water!

    -Jazz (Oh, my name is Christine)

  • Hi Christine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also wish the two of you the best and that it will turn out the way you're wishing for!

    Even 'my gem' hasn't contact me till today I still hope he will! I sure don't want to rember him as a coward and ignorant person!

    That would blow my whole world off............I just do not understand all this!

    So I'm keeping myself very busy.and as far I mentioned before...maybe I even overdo it these weeks!

    But I just can't the way I feel since he started to keep silence get me down! Sure can't afford it right now. Have to much to do and to many things going on at the moment needing my full attention and strengh!

    I don't listen to music these days, because it really makes me so sad and then I even miss him more as far this is poosible (don't think so ๐Ÿ˜ž )

    Not even watching sort of romantic movies (makes me cry...which would be ok, then I might pitty myself ( like: why me? Why so close to almost had reach my destination etc), which I can't stand at all!

    I try not to think of him every single sec...........which is very difficult...when I'm around friends, it seems to be better first, but then I always think it would be just great him being here, too, right at my side....or I could live with him (wouldn't have all this water between us anymore eighter) already how we've planned it :-(!

    So but now I do need to get some sleep!

    Just finish talking to my very best friend and it's going for 1.30 am here!

    Still earlier than the last weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I will get back with you..........and I feel like you, too!

    I also believe we could be great friends, but who knows, I jus tmight come and visit you one day??

    You also take care of you and thanks a lot for your concern! It helps a bit, but sure feels good ๐Ÿ™‚

    So for now.......(not to long tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but my fingers, hands, arms seem like they just working slow motion and sure feelthey they weight a mill... tons!

    So, big hug! (Bet you still enjoying the sun?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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