The most puzzling reading i've ever had!

  • Hello world!

    I have recently broken up with my boyfriend and as i was checking out how he feels for me I got a rather puzzling cards set which left me wondering!

    I did this reading twice, it's a three card spread and both times i've had the judgement card!

    The question was "how someone feels for me"

    Answer : " judgement" ???? i can't get how such a card could describe someone's feelings!!

    in the first time it was paired with the lovers and the ace of wands.

    and the second time it was paired with the wheel of fortune and the three of pentacles.

    the judgement card always being the first in the spread. and what would the wheel of fortune be as feelings???? I'm going banana!

    I'm just very puzzled by those two readings! they shocked me...

    PS: the question was not how they see me or how they feel about the situation the question was specifically "how they really feel for me"

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you in advance

    Light and blessings...

  • Just for a clear image of the readings here are the spreads. All cards describe present feelings...

    the following are Two separate readings,

    first reading: judgement, lovers, Ace of wands

    Second reading: judgement, wheel of fortune, three of pentacles.

  • This post is deleted!

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