I need advise/read please Shuabby & The Captain

  • I have met a Libra man (9/30/53) and we have been dating for three weeks. I am an Aries woman (4/3/59). We get along great, communicate well and he is everything so far I had hoped to find in a man. Libra man and I had both said we wanted to pursue a long term relationship with each other.

    Libra man's ex-girlfriend of seven years has reappeared. She was engaged to be married after knowing the new man for three months. Apparently her fiance ended up being violent (has a felony assault record) and she left him. Libra man and her family and other friends helped move her out quickly while the fiance was at work this past Tuesday.

    Libra man is very honest and trustworthy. He has told me everything about their past relationship. How much he really loved her and how she moved away to another city (year and half ago) to another city. Libra man asked her to marry him many times and she said no. He was terribly hurt when she got engaged to a man she only knew for three months and her and Libra man were together for seven years and she always said no to his marriageproposal. Libra man and ex-girlfriend are 20 years apart in age. She always told Libra man she didn't want children and then when she got engaged to a guy close to her age, she decided she now wants children.

    Libra man has told me he still has feelings for her. I asked if he was still in love with her and he said he didn't know, but that he cared for her deeply and felt like he never had closure. He wants to figure out what is going on with her and help her through this time of her breakup and moving out of her fiance's home. I have decided to step back and away from our relationship and told Libra man to go figure it with her. He has called me everyday since this has happened and told he he really cares for me and likes me. He says he has told ex-girlfriend about me and she has told him that he has this glow when he shares with her about me. But, I know and can sense that he needs closure with her befoe he can move on with me or with anyone for that matter.

    Can you please give me a read on this situation and what the future holds for this Libra man and I if anything?

    Any advise, wisdom and guidance is greatly appreciated...

    Thank you and bless you!

  • Oh dear you have been faced with that terrible Libran indecisivenes - this could go on for quite a while. They have so much trouble making up their minds.

    Unfortunately the astrological prospects for marriage here are bad. This relationship tends to be best for work or a sexual affair. Together you could have a successful career or business but the personal side here is not so fortunate. You will eventually be driven crazy by your partner's indecisiveness and procrastination. You are action-oriented and delays make you frustrated. His attempts to show you he is decisive will only make things worse as you will quickly expose him as self-delusional. This guy will be unable to meet your expectations - you have very different personalities which at first is attractive and different, but can become a source of conflict later on. You will be stung by your partner's criticism and perfectionism - he is a born reformer who is attracted to those whom he sees as in need of his help. You like being just what you are and admired for it - your motto is "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it." Your partner on the other hand usually can't keep his itchy hands from trying to make things run more smoothly. He needs to fix things, situations - and people.

    You two are very ardent lovers. Extremely attentive to each other's romantic and sensual needs, you can carry on a long-standing sexual relationship. If your desires remain unspoken, things could probably work out fine but your partner always wants to talk about everything, particularly about what needs improvement. Sooner or later his perfectionism will take its toll on you, because you can't stand being constantly analysed and corrected. Eventually his checklist of what he would like done for or to him in intimate situations will begin to bother you as you like to be yourself and follow your intuition, avoiding fixed routines.

    The best outlet for this combination will always be career.

  • Hi Captain... Its been awhile since my last post. I need your advise again. I told Libra man to go figure it out with Gemini ex. They are still talking, seen each other a couple of times and text. He told her that he wants her to come back. She said she likes her job, doesnt want to give it up. Asked him.if he would ever move to where she is and he no, there is nothimg there for him. He owns a home here and his kids are here. Anyways, I told him that maybe if he gives it time shell come back. I told him.that he still has deep feelings for her and until that is resolved he cant move forward with anyone. He doesnt want to let go of me. We became great friemds, but I cant deal with the other woman, nor do I want to be the other woman. He says he loves me and cares for me deeply. He says he is not going away, that I cant get rid of him that easily. I dont get it. What does this man want from me? As you know he is Libra (9/30/53), she is Gemini (6/16/73) and I am Aries (4/8/59).

    I look forward to hearing from you again Captain.... 🙂

    Thank you again for your advise and wisdom...

  • This is all a vicious circle. Your Libran man doesn't want to be alone so he clings to you - until he gets his ex back. He is captivated by your vitality and free spirit and the physical attraction is very strong. She meanwhile is holding out because she likes to keep things light and breezy and to be free to live as she pleases. She wants him to dance to her tune, he wants you to dance to his. This could go on forever - when are you going to get out?

  • I guess I need to be firm. I believe this could go on forever. Everytime I go away he either calls or text me. I'll not respond and then he is relentless.... He's a great man. Very kind and has been there for me through a tough time. The hard part is we do get along great and always have a good time together. You're right in that she has him damcing to her beat and he has me dancing to his. It needs to all stop. I don't think we can be friemds. Are he and Gemini going to be together again ? Am I ever goimg one to be my lifetime partner?

    How do I end this merry go roind?

    Thank you again for your wisdom...

  • Yes I believe he will cave in to most of her demands in order to be with her - he really is addicted to her, like a drug addict who knows something is bad for him but cannot resist it.

  • Thanks Captain..... He is still attempting to stay on contact and yet he tells me Gemini is coming to visit tonight and leaveThursday morning.... You are right... he is addicted to her. It is becoming comical watching him tryimg so hard to make her happy no matter what. Do you see them being together forever and what do you see a man entering my life anytime soon?

    Thank you again for your insight Captain....

  • You won't attract anyone new until you release the old.

    And I feel your friend will be dancing to his ex's tune for a long time to come, until he finally wakes up to what is going on. But he, like you, is not ready to let go.

  • I have let go Captain and I haven't returned his calls or text. He keeps leaving messages about what's going on with him and how he misses me... I am done with this vicious circle and the games... I don't want to be around wjen he crumbles and she hurts him again... He is going to crash hard. When I have no idea, but I believe it will happen. I am not going to be second choice nor do want to clean up his broken heart.


    I am letting go, but he isn't... How do I get hom to move on completely to het and forget me???????

  • Letting go means not thinking about him at all or having any emotions for him. Which you obviously still do...and you don't really deep down want him to stop trying to contact you, do you?

  • Yes I do want him to quit contacting me so I dont think of him... How else besides ignoring his calls and texts...???

  • And yet your original question concerned a possible future with this man.

  • Yes, that's correct... But, as this merry go round keeps going I want off and have told him good luck. I truly wamt to move on. I have come to realize that no matter which way ot goes with him and her he will always be hung up on her and everytime she calls he will always go rumnimg back to her. I deserve better than that. I told him to go make it work with her and leave me alone as I am moving on amd looking for more. This situation is not healthy for me. What more can I do?

  • You must look deep inside to ensure that your subconscious attitude reflects your conscious thinking. In other words, if your mind is teeling you to move on, but your heart says no, you are stymied.

  • My mind is telling me to move on... it is time to put this behind me and learn from the experience. My heart is also telling me to let go. I am so tired of this back and forth and his indecisiveness. I am no longer going to allow myself to be put on the back burner. I am way to good for that.... I believe the right man will come along... I just keep stumbling over the wrong ones for some reason...

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