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    I am a Pisces in a (now) fairly stable relationship with an adorable cancer man. It's a long distance type relationship, I see him when we have the money to do so. Well just recently, I met a Capricorn Man. I have a slight old school weakness for Capricorns....its like when they are around me the romance light comes on with them and they make me melt and weak in the knees. We have been talking for a little bit now(4mos) and Mr. Capricorn confessed that he has fallen in love with me and wants me to be in his life. I find myself pulled in two directions...I am not sure which path to take. I would like some advice...please.

  • It's one thing to talk with someone or see them on and off, and quite another to be with them all the time. You don't have enough information about either man to make a safe judgment about compatibility and need to find out more about how you would fit together in regular daily life, seeing each other more often or even living together. Maybe your Cancer man doesn't even want to share more of his time. You need to dig deeper and take more time before you make a decision or you might regret it.

  • The Cancer I have known for 5 yrs. He asked me to move in with him. I dont know how we would be together in daily life...but I do know this...he too, wants me in his life, wanting to share a home together and see where the journey takes us from there...but I have reserved judgement for a later date till I do have more information. either way I care for both.

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  • You can't know someone at a long distance very well. You need some experience with this guy on a daily face-to-face involvement to see how he handles difficult situations and commitment. What you have now is like a holiday romance - you don't have the problems of daily routines and life, just the pelasures.

  • pleasures

  • And you should read the numerous posts on this forum about how difficult some Cancer men can be.

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