Reading/Insight from Watergirl, Bloom or Captain

  • Hello! My name is Sharon W.

    Ive been reading through the posts and all of you seem quite great at what you do and i am wondering if you could prehaps give me some insight/a reading about me moving.

    Im wondering if my mom and me will be getting an apartment in my home town (crystal lake). Also if you see a time frame of when it will be?

    My DOB is 2/6/1986.

    TY for your time.


  • According to your numerology, this is a year of endings for you, Sharon - a time of finishing up old business, gathering your strength and making plans to achieve your goals, cutting old ties and making new ones, and releasing the old lifestyle in order to move on. 2012 is when a new overall start will occur but the physical change may occur before that if you get your act together and take realistic action. It depends on what your mother's birthday and timeline is if you want to move together.

  • Rebecca (my mom) was born June 28 1961.

  • This is the sort of year for your mother that you will have next year. It is a year of new beginnings which suggests she may be more ready for change than you are. If you both work hard to make your plans come true, you will indeed move this year although psychologically Sharon your mother is more ready to let go and move on than you. Be careful you are not holding both of you back. This year you will have to shed all the things (like fears and doubts and attachments) that may be holding you back from the big move. Your mother has already done that last year. Put aside your worries and throw yourself wholeheartedly into finding the right place.

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