What this world is to be and how ?

  • There has been so much information on changes and getting rid of fear and doubt and every thing is suppose to be changing and we are just to have faith in the light in all these changes but i am asking those who suppose to know what just what of this Earth is going to change and how ,they say think it and it becomes your reality is that just positive thinking ? I am asking for every ones thoughts ,how is things going to be better or a full change hasn't this been going own since man came here to find better ways ?

    What about food clothing shelter Mother Earth heating oil,gas ,security ,governments ,money ,i am told Mother will furnish every thing we need ,food,clothing ,shelter and medical threw a collective conciseness of one with many Hearts ,does that mean no more governments or security or military,infrastructure,no banks no jails no oil refineries no slaughter houses ,no grocery stores,what abouut heat tools to work the soil ,whose soil and where ,what kinda of houses ,who makes the decision on who get a house or the kind of work or where to do it and when how to you exchange for food or clothing or shelter ,what if you have nothing? who owns the land or do we even own land what about the land that is already owned ? Cars ,trucks ,how do we transport will we even need to ?

    I think it is time for some answers from some one about these things ,i have given what has been given to me and when mankind is at stake i think we need a little more information ,and before anyone jumps in here and says i am not in faith or i am in fear ,is there fear in Truth and if there is not then these questions need to be answered that no one has yet or is all this just for entertainment?

    No fear here and not trying to great any but i would like everybody's input and what they think and how about these things . Tooter

  • Do not worry about all that stuff tooter, Think, one single step at a time, You need to focus on little things at a time, and If you ever heard of the saying. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. That you gotta take small steps, even if you get set back, for some reason, You cant be expected to accomplish everything in one go tooter, take it by stride, and slow down a little, Theres still time. that we know of. Have you also heard of the say, Even if the world is ending, I will still plant my apple tree, That is One big thing, keep on keeping on, even at the last minute, Your right to worry of course, and sometimes we cant help it, but think of yourself once in a while,

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • I believe that some of the answers you may be searching for could be found in a book called "The Celestine Prophecy". It is a very insightful book in so many ways. If nothing else, it can help you learn to deal with others and many questions. Please read it. Also check out the 2nd part, book 2 "the tenth Insight". The lessons in these can make us all better beings.

  • Bee that i was told when i was a child and it is very good advice and still is and i know that i am talking about now with the all of everything we have been told i know about putting one foot in front of the other and just doing what i can now and about getting rid of fears that has been a life long thing for every one and yes i am even planting a garden but them are questions i would like answered if i give warnings shouldn't i give a way to help in that time and i did with what i was given . I am asking about the new world we suppose to be getting and how it is to come about . Like a new car you just don't call and say i want a car and not look at it or check it out and to see if that is the kind you really wont .

    I know if i plant a corn seed in the ground and i nurture it and care for it chances are it will sprout and grow and hopefully produce and if i am so doubt full that it wont produce i probably wouldn't plant it then i need to find out why i am doubtful and remove or deal with that fear especially if i want to eat the corn .That is just good direction we should be applying every day anyway.


  • Ah, dear, TOOter, I agree with angelbee. Do not worry about such things. The new Earth will be nothing like you could ever imagine, so don't even try. We are all still evolving into new higher beings. So many of our needs today will be vanquished. But , to ever see it for yourself, you must push away all negatives...fill yourself only with true positives. Read the books I suggested above and let it teach you how to accomplish this task..


    BEE xX

  • OK I have seen the new World have you? i have been to the other realms have you? Tell me about it what it is to be what it looks like how are things to work can you tell me how you put the words on this screen and i am sure you can then tell me what you speak of and what i ask just asking for your truth. Love Tooter

  • Delbertc, are you asking me or angelbee?

  • Irishelf I am asking you and dont get me wrong i am not trying to be mean or anything i wont to know from others and what they know and thanks for the information on the books i will try to find and read them Tooter

  • Bee is about the most honest person here she shares her whole life with us her hopes and her dreams and her fears she is very brave and a courageous person and i will do what ever i can to help her and others if i can and Bee you are a lot braver than you give yourself credit for . Love Ya Tooter and Bee i am fine

  • Ok, Tooter, Here is some idea of what I believe. 1st. Einstien was very close to discovering a tremendous thing with his theory. That time,space, energy thing. So, if energy does not "die" but just changes form, and if who we "are" is a form of energy, then "we" don"t really die but just change form. By changing "form" we can then exist in another "realm" altogether. Also, this means, of course, on a timeless one. 2nd. I know this "energy" does exist because I have picked up on many "energies" of others who had "passed away". (Many of whom I never met.) It's like a radio picking up on a hard to dial in station sometimes, but have gotten very clear messeges. 3rd. Mankind IS STILL evolving. When Psycic gifts were used or shown in the past, people would be chastised or put to death for them, but we now accept them. Even scientists have shown that our brains are evolving to a higher energy level when these gifts are present. 4th. Try "faith". There is definetly something there. Bout any religion or ritual requires you to have it for a positive effect. That is because you direct a positive influence with it. 5th. If you believe that there is a good and great force that is much "BIGGER" than us out there somewhere then you must also believe that if we don't do right, we will never enjoy what is to be. All good is a positive energy, while bad is negative. Our job now is to pull and surround ourselves with all the positive, while sending it out as well, as we can. Leave no room for any negative, then you may start to see what I have "Seen". I cannot describe what is indescribable.

  • I will also like to add that I whole heartedly believe in psycic abilities and in love. I am not here to judge, but working together, may we all find the answers that we seek.

  • Tooter, does any of this make sence to you? If the burning question of mankind is "What are we here for?" Then the answer must be "To evolve and learn to love". If you Believe in any type of "Higher Power", then we must learn to accept and be ONE with it.

  • I am not here to judge either and i have Faith some might question that but if they are true physics they would know and i ask you for your belief Truth is Truth is it wrong or right? is it in truth what we are to try and be in and the light and to remove all fears that we can .isent that what we need to be doing to enhance or faith is remove fears and doubt . My thought is you just can not say fear be gone and it is i don't think it works like that for me anyway .I also know about Einsteins theories and have read some about them and he was a very smart man but i wanted your thinking not what i can read out of a book we are beyond that i want to know what you know and feel and have seen, your Truth is it Truth here to help us all grow and have more Faith, is not in Truth in Faith is Faith a Truth or a Lie ? It can be in either Dark or Light my Faith is in the light of Truth but the things you described are very true when we die that energy leaves that body and precedes to the higher realm but there is a transition period how long i do not know because there is no time as we know it . But i am asking your truth what you think and feel and see not someone elses and maybe threw all of use we can see the whole picture and if its true what is wrong with that? I think it will give us a better reason to want to change and grow in truth. Tooter

  • All I can say is that waking up to a whole new reality can be really painful. Everyone around me is going through some massive trauma. We have bonded through it. Nobody is saying 'my problem is worse than yours' any more. But I've had more real connections with family and friends just in the past 3 months than I've had ever. I've heard that everything is speeding up. I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen. But the shake up of all you thought was secure, I think, is to make you more flexible and adaptive. When you add faith to the equation, it can become the one anchor you can cling to in the storm. Many of us stand with one foot on earth and one foot in the spiritual realm. Teetering. My pastor said last week to look at Jesus, and not the waves. And, boy, that's hard. But I can tell you that's the only thing getting me through this right now. I study what others are saying on this forum, and try to figure it out myself. But sometimes you just have to go with it. No explanation. No idea of the outcome. Day to day. I look for signs of the shift from darkness to light, instead of focusing on the darkness. And I see them. Every day. Small but brightly shining. Know them for what they are. Feed the flame. Why in the Bible does it say to not be afraid or anxious 365 times? In light of everything around us, it seems totally illogical to NOT be afraid. So we go on in faith. Someone handed me a note that said 'feed your faith, not your fear'. And we, as humans, can't do it alone. It takes the Spirit in each of us. All of us. What do you think they meant by 'the peace that passes all understanding' (logic, reason)? I chose the Bible, but I've got friends of all faiths. I've seen the face of God come through an atheist, in their actions. I've seen others consumed by their greed. I, like everyone else, wants to know why the big push to get your house in order. But if I focus on the why too long, I'm not doing it. So I take one step at a time, in faith.

  • Yes, Tooter, I believe that if we ALL seek the TRUTH with this higher level of evolving, then we shall find it as a collective. Each day, we get closer. My own mother has told me that I was reading at the age of 2(funny thing is, she has no idea how I learned to read!), and I have been reading everything I could get my hands on since childhood seeking "truth".

  • Oh, much of the "truth" I have learned, though, has come from personal experiences. Yes, I have seen events happen before they actually happen. I have been to places that I never "physicaly" have been. I have had dreams where some answers to life have been "suddenly realized". I have had contact with "deceased" persons. Truth is everywhere around us. It's up to us to pick the real rose out of the artificial ones.

  • Hi Del,

    I have the same questions as you do. I am shown things too. One of the main things I have been shown is that there is a positive force in the universe and there is a negative force in the universe. I was shown that each of our individual energies feeds these energy sources. Lightworkers are here to help change the world for the better and I don't know for sure which way the scales have tipped. At the time I was given this message about 15yrs ago the negative scale was heavier than the positive. I believe from what I have been told in my dreams and visions that the main job of a liight worker is to fuel the positive side, the light side, and that anytime we experience negative energy we are supplying fuel for the dark side. I too believe we are all given piece of the puzzle and if we all get together and share we can figure more of it out. I think we get the information that we need, when we need it and the key is to stay positive and light about everything, as we need to be in that vibration to hear from the spirits that dwell in the higher, lighter realms. Its easier said than done. We get and give our messages that we need when we need them, and those who are meant to understand at the time will understand. I'm personally sustained by the mustard seed parable, my experiences such as visions and dreams, listening to others such as you and others who also recieve guidance and are so generous as to share it. Also the birds because they remind me of earth angels, and they know how to listen to their guidance such as when to fly south, and when to build nests for their babies. I'm trying my best to enjoy this amazing time we are in and have faith that everything is just as its supposed to be. As with all messages, take what resonates with you and leave the rest, and who knows it could be just what some one else needs to hear. Tooter I do love your enquiring mind and your adherance to truth because with out it we would just be in that old negative energy of non truth. You might enjoy googling the venus project, there are many groups now and they are trying to figure out all kinds of ways to handle our new communities, there are some cool idea's out there. Much Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • You know to me truth comes from Love and Love is pure knowledge and out of that knowledge is every thing good to me and all the positive things in life i am not questioning your faith at all and i have all kinds of faith i have faith in my truck it will start because i have done the best i can to make sure it does ,now what happens to that faith if i do not take care of the truck or put fuel in it chances are it wont perform the way i want it to and if i am to go to a job there is a chance i wont get there if my truck don't start and if it don't and we can not get to work and we call in to say our truck wont start and we don't know why ,is that a lie or the truth, the truck wont start ,true ,i don't know why it wont start a lie , right . Now i want to ask a truth that you both should be able to answer if both of you believe in the Bible and Jesus came to you and said he was Jesus and said i am bring you home go jump off of that cliff would you? Really would you is your faith that strong ? Don't answer that not to me anyway but think about it .

    Well i don't mind answering it my Faith is that strong and i would die for my Father if he ask and in away i have dieing of self but he has never ask me to die as we know death but he did ask me to do a job and i am doing that the best i can and Marcie didn't you say we shall find it as a collective is being in a collective mean sharing and having the same goal to reach the same objective? How can we become collective as one if we can not even know what it is we suppose to be collective about, doesn't the Bible say to thy on self be true ? How can i be true to you if i am not true to me ? I am seeking guidance and knowledge from you Heart and give the knowledge from mine so we can all grow in faith and knowledge and understanding on the most important thing ion my whole life and my family and friends its not just about me its about mankind as a whole .

    We have fears that are good they keep us safe and comfortable, like if you have to go to the bath room your body is telling you that by a urge and if you don't go pretty quick aren't you afraid of what will happen? ,or crossing the street with on coming traffic those are healthy fears and good for us ,unless they start controlling our lives by doing to much or not enough.

    Let me be blunt for a minute ,if we are to be a collective conscience of one with many Hearts

    and if the internet was not here or and you get this direction in you head but think its just from all the stress and devastation going own if you cant hear then how you going to hear it now ? Wouldn't you want to know as much as you possibly could before it gets to that point on what to do and what to expect or you just going to go on faith maybe Father is trying to help you build your faith threw all of our knowledge together and to seek your own Heart and that is what i am asking from every one from their Heart what they know and together, wont we be able to help each other more ? Love Tooter

  • I had never heard of "Lightworkers" that GJay speaks of before today, but I think that maybe I might be one. Somehow, it seems that people are drawn to me, sometimes in marvelous and facinating ways. I had a lady, once, walk up to me and announce that she thought that I had the most beautiful aura that she had ever seen. At another time, I just ran in to a store to pick up something, smiled at another lady, and she gave me a big hug and said that she really needed that smile right then.

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