At a loss and need help!

  • I have been a member of this site for awhile, but I am new in the forum. My life has just taking a major turn, not sure which way yet! But I really need help in getting some insights. If anyone has any for me, I would be very grateful.

  • Hi! There Irishelf I have nothing to offer for you im a not a reader but prayer is power above all .I was in your situation up and down sudden death but ialways call my angels and good spirit to come in to my hearts and lift then up to the lord,I appreciate all the kindness advice and I am sorry for being me sharing how i felt to people matters to me

  • Annielan, Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  • My life just took a total topsy-turvy and I could use a reading, if anyone can help, I would so appreciate it. I am a scorpio born 11/20/1963 at 8 am.,Marci. Need help in some kind of direction to go now.

  • Marcie If i can help you i would be glad to if i can and i will tell you if i can not Tooter

  • I have suddenly found myself staying with my uncle after a bad relationship ubruptly came to an end. I have no idea where or what my next steps are to be. I have health issues that prevent me from working any longer, and have been trying to get disability. I am finding friends that I thought were lost. I feel like I have 40 doors in front of me,and not sure wich one is the right one. I also don't know what kind of time frame I am looking at untill my life is on "track" again.

  • Dear Irishelf,

    I'm so sorry to hear about everything going on in your life right now. I do angel readings, and asked your angels what they want you to know at this point in your life. Here is what they said to tell you:

    "Dear Child of God, fear has gotten ahold of you and is distorting the road that lies ahead of you. You truly must let it go. You have had some hurdles to date, and are in the process of overcoming others. Move forward, even if in baby steps, and push through the fear. Push right through it. What is fear? It's everything you are uncomfortable with. Or hesitant about. It's what your mind conjures up on a daily basis. Your heart is lost inside of you, being overruled like it's in a courtroom full of judges. Get back in touch with your heart, for love is your lifeblood and that is what you want to reintroduce into your life.

    As angels, we are with you every single day of your life. Call on us for support. Lean on us. Lean on God, your Creator, and have absolute faith in this higher power, of your highest self. Trust that he will not falter...because he could not if he wanted to. You are surrounded by each and every one of us filled with love for you. And we are with you to help you follow the right path you soul-searchingly are seeking.

    You are much wiser than you give yourself credit for being. If you will carve out quiet time, cancel all the noise in your head, and focus...deep inside of will narrow those "40 doors" down one at a time until you get to those that are truly your opportunities.

    Your psychic ability, the way you will receive our divine guidance, is through your vision. Because, our dearest, you are clairvoyant. This may manifest in your dreams (you repeatedly have the same one/message), or you just see signs around you that you intuitively know what they mean. Trust your vision. Trust your sight. Because it is true divine guidance coming through.

    You also have a life purpose that involves using this clairvoyant psychic ability of yours (as you develop it of course) to help heal and teach others. Through your writings. And through getting in front of others and helping them learn in a classroom type setting. This one journey will re-energize your spirit, and will revitalize your own personal health as well. Surround yourself with the healing light of your angels, ask us to help guide you back to your chosen life purpose (for you did choose it before you were even born). It's time to focus on others...spread your light. For you, dearest, are a lightworker in your own right. Our love to you."

    Angel blessings to you irishelf,

    Miss Beth

  • Marcie to me you have taken the biggest step i do not know your situation or the why but i do know about that and to have to go some wheres that you never intended i am glad you did have a place to go and if i would suggest any think first to see and ask your self what it is you really want and that will help you deside wht door you want to walk threw next ,but also look at all the possibilities and options you have and what you have and need to proceide to the next step .

    In my heart i wanted every thing to be like it use to be when we were happy and in love with each other but in reality that time had passed and it was what it was at that given time and to hang own to that is a fanitcy but it has taken me time and that road has not been easy and i talk about Faith and truth a lot but the reality was my Faith was in shambles when i came here because it was all tied together with my wife and home and kids and grand kids and today i have my kids around me and some grand kids but on her side i don't get to see them and i did nothing but love them ,but i have come to except it is the best for them and that's all i want is what is best for them and even her to now that has taken a while.

    The ones here or a lot of them here help me to get back to my Faith and gave me a lot of guidance and understanding and i am very grateful for that and i will do what ever i can to help you help your self i wont tell you it will be easy or it will happen over night but i will say it will get better as long as you take steps for it to get better and there is no wrong steps just growing steps that we learn from sometimes it seems backward steps but sometimes we have to step back wards to see the next step and i have sent a prayer for you and remember your not alone believe in your faith Father has provided all my needs and i am very impatient and he knows it and you have the answers go to your Heart seek for them there and use the people here to help guide you to your answers if you need me just ask i wont go where i am not wanted Love Tooter

  • Thank you, Delbertc. I know that sometimes I cannot see things clearly when it comes to myself. It is always easier for me to help others than it is to help myself. That has always been my nature to help others before myself, though. Even when I am in need, I will give to those less fotunate than I. I try not to share my burdens but lift the burdens of others.

  • Well i lost what i had wrote but what i was saying is sometimes we need to reach out to others for guidance and i was the kind i didn't want to ask anyone but it has gotten easier threw the years but we also need to keep our self spiritually fit if i am to be of maxim service to God and my fellow man and for me some times that is a full time job but you get some rest tonight and remember all the things you have to be grateful for and may the Angel hold you in his arms tonight i will send you a song maybe it will give comfort it has me and i love music any way i am fixing to go to bed you have a good night Love Ya Tooter

  • and thank you missbethsangels, for your help. Your kindness shall not be forgotten.

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