Curious about Life Path

  • I am curious about the way to go about finding your life path....

    I have a feeling I may know what it may be, but how do you know for sure? Could it be something as simple as helping the people that cross my path or am I supposed to go serching for those that need the help? Is helping it?

    Just kinda confused about this and have been for a while. 😞

  • Dear aqua2378,

    Our angels say that your life path -- your life's purpose -- is one that you agreed to before you were even born. It's in your life's "chart". While your own free will choices can have you go this way or that way, as you meander through this life, your life's purpose is your "calling". It will tug at your heart strings no matter what you are working on...calling you to it. Sometimes your life's purpose is your career...and sometimes it's not. You can certainly work at something you enjoy doing for your "job"...but you will still deep inside have this yearning. Because you won't feel complete and satisfied until you do that. And it can be on a volunteer basis. It can be part-time. It's just that you have to do it.

    Your life's purpose is also something that doesn't just benefit you. it benefits many many people. If you are doing something now that just benefits you, or a few people, then it's time to start asking your angels to help guide you to your life's purpose. Ask them to give you signs. They will! They will also give you people "in your path" to help...for how do you think those people got into your path in the first place? Divine intervention.

    As for searching, you don't go up and down the streets looking for people per se. Instead, your angels say you will simply "know" who you are to help. Either they will approach you, or you will have this inner knowingness to assist someone. Helping someone is just following the golden rule. If you help someone carry their groceries for example, that isn't a "life purpose" (it helped one person/family), but it's a nice gesture and that is doing the right thing. Putting someone else in front of your own needs and wants.

    If you have a "feeling" you know what it may be, that's wonderful! Test it out. Immerse yourself in it and see if it's smooth sailing...or if you hit a lot of obstacles in your way. One is divinely inspired...and one is your angels trying to get you back on course.

    Hope this helps explain it a bit more for you.

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth

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