Spiritual Enlightenment?

  • For almost a year I have been having strange and wonderful things happening. First, I have lost 50 lbs. in a year without trying. I have fibromyalgia and haven't had any problems with that for about three months. My sleep patterns have changed and I don't feel like I need as much sleep as I used to. I am more forgiving and accepting of people and situations. I don't fly off the handle like I used to. I started noticing my intuition about a year ago also and now its at the point that I notice that it is stronger on almost a daily basis. And, it seems that what I wish for, things that I REALLY want, I get. As I said, these are all wonderful things. Just very strange. I've been reading alot on spiritual enlightenment and this is what it seems like to me. Any thoughts?

  • You are resonating at a higher vibration now and are tuning into abundance, peace and joy. You obviously have worked through your issues, past etc..and have come to a place of understanding and acceptance of who and what you are. Enjoy being rewarded and keep searching for truth in every situation in your life and in yourself and your faith and honesty will be rewarded! Life is good when we see it that way and let go of all that doesn't serve us. Best Wishes to you!

  • Baby, did you do anything before all this started like prayed, set out intentions or did all this happen like magic? I would love to loose 50 pds without trying.

  • What an awesome story!

  • Me too..... Magic magic magic Me a 69 baby too.......... it all just keeps getting better, appears to be no effort on my part, but me thinks dont be so hard on yourself..... we deserve all the grand awakenings and magical happenings .... what I do is reflect on what 'kind' of person I have been for 40 years.

    and adding it all up and graphing my past intentions and actions ' we orsum' so lush it up and notice even kinder more purposeful actions and intentions compounding the rewards / magic and happiness

    Go us .... go everybody

    I have embraced the reality that life is HEAVEN and the syncronicities have always been there its just that now the path has lights to follow........... the eternal light

  • This group has the potential for a lot of teaching and learning. I hope it continues! I would love to lose 25 lbs and have all the rest of it as well. I read everything spiritual, metaphysical, etc. I can get my hands on and have everything Tolle has written (and many others) of which I am aware. I 'know' a lot but seem to have trouble implementing what I know with what I think or do! Any helpful suggestions?

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