Cancer men so confused :( driving me crazy

  • Okie so i been in the relationship with my ex bf which is a cancer for 6 months. For the first two months it going great He told me how he got betrayed by his first love and i told him i wouldn't do him wrong.Later on he told me that he love me and i love him too.We first met at the party so he know that i like to go out have fun and party alot which later turn into a problem. I told him im confused and i can't make up my mind since he always give attitude about me going out too much. I said we might as well just do our own things. But later on i soon realize i wanna be with him more than anything so i try to spend most of my times with him or just go school and work. Nearly to 5 months, he told me he struggles with lots of thing goin on and he doesn't know what he wants anymore, he needs space then he broke up with me. But i get my way to see him and we talk for awhile, then decide that we will be together and maybe he could change his mind. I tried so hard and he seems like he doesn't care anymore. I got mad and keep pushing him to answer me what he want so he basically tell me he not ready for a relationship. He loves me he doesnt want to let me go, I'm his best gf he ever had, maybe later when he ready i would be the only one he want to be with blah blah blah. I cry so much and told him i wouldnt want to hear or see him ever again.why cancer so time they want this, another time they want something else. It been more than a week that we havent talk and i know how much i miss him.I really want to get him back.I'm a leo girl btw.

  • Hi

    Well u rocked his image of his the one. U see cancerian males r notorious HOMEBODIES. NOTHING rocks as much as being at home n having fun. they aint much of a go out party till dawn n being in crowd. I believe it would do u much good if u took time to study his sign N ur own. the description of how the signs are deep down has to me been a HUGE help, n i cant help but feel had u KNOWN cancers r homebodies u could have prevented the line, "we might just aswell do our own things". I strongly feel THAT was made him second guess if u n him even had a future together.

    Another is when he asked for space u went eff no n forced him to talk to u. Another fat no no when u deal with watersigns. Watersigns CHERISH their space n solitide, its where we recharge, think things through n come to solutions. U my dear practically INVADED him n his space. U FORCED urself onto him n as the gentleman he let u. Cancer men are BIG Hearted.

    U forced an asnwer from him n the one given doesnt sit right with u n u dump him AGAIN!

    Now this may NOT be the reply u look for BUT ur whole handling this has not been the nicest at all. u have not given him much ground to stand on. its been ur way or high way.

    IF u want him back u need to learn about his sign AND ur own. And u sure need to change n mature. I wanna slap u bc he seem to b a good man n all i see more or less is a bratty girl who wants it all n not give an inch to him. Its all about u. Ever stopped to think for a moment, it aint all about me, it includes him also, now what does he want?

    sorrry girl but time to wake up. N ill let u in on a tip. NO man, regardlessof sign will take that act from u. So if u EVER want ur ex or any other man in ur life as ur man, u need to clean up ur act.

    I gather u are young n think u have no care in the world, n party each day or often as possible is okay. What if all that was not possible tomorrow? I believe its time u mature, act ur age n not like a teenager. Sorry if it offends, but i believe in truth in ur face, blunt tough love.

    regards cwb

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  • hey,

    Thanks for the advice, i really didnt take it offended. In this relationship, it may sound like i get my way to whatever i want and didn't put effort. I'm the one that work to pay for stuff whenever we do anything and drive around since i have the car and he doesn't. I would never complain about it but i can sense that he feels like he couldnt help to support me

    . Unlike the type of cancer you said above, this one like to go out have fun with his friends alot. I admit it's my fault for hurting him at first and i try to give him as much space as he demands. I just can't take it as he always goes im sorry i'm still confused about what i want. If we not contact or anything anymore, i'm just scared that he would move on and i can't stand a chance.But like you said, cancer need space so i won't try to call him or bug him anytime soon

  • Hey hon

    Well men still have that caretake dna from when we lived in caves. We may b in a modern world n society n womens rights n so forth, but men havent ahm developed that much lol

    Here i think its the woman taking care of home put food on table n so forth. Men prefer its theior job, so mayb he felt a tad immasculated.

    Anyhews consider he may not b the one bc i know there r plenty of men out there who doesnt mind what u do. as in being the one who is headhoncho in the home

    i wish it for ya. best of luck sweetie

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