I'm offering readings/reading exchanges..

  • Hello,

    I'm new to the community and I am offering reading exchanges for anyone interested. Will continue this offer till the end of today 03/24/11. Cheers.

  • Hi! Dcorbette,

    I have nothing to offer but I so strange that i was in a deep danger or trouble please enlighten me I honestly felt nevous when I check my tarot card for the day .And im asking for reading to one of lovely girl and I understand cos she can she high energy on me now. clear my mind please many thanks

  • Hi Annielan, can you provide me with the name or initials of this lady you speak of?

  • Hi dcorbette.... I am new to all this. Can you tell me what you see in my future regarding love? My DOB 4/8/59.

    Thank you and bless you!

  • Hi! I am asking a reading to lovely lady blondebarbie22 and she said she will ready me tomorrow which is now and she said that I have so much energy now and a lot on my mind and asking me where to start ,I understand her reading can be so tiring as what ive hear to anyone and can be emotional and mentally drain

  • Dcrobette id love a tarot reading if possible! My name is Sharon Anne W, born feb 6th 1986.

    Im wondering where and whom i will be living with and perhaps when. Trying to get out of my house and move back to my home town.

    Thank you and God Bless!


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  • Sharon Anne ,

    i have same feelings but I am so confused cos I need to stablishe myself from were I am main reason where will I find my half and who will give me a lovely kids or I am meant to be alone and single which I dont want it to happen cos I will love to see my own kids

  • Sorry to barge in everyone, but please note that dcorbette was offering reading EXCHANGES. Also, I understand that things are seemingly very chaotic and difficult for everyone right now, but try to remain calm. It feels like people are asking anyone and everyone for a reading on the same thing. Once again, I understand the impulse, but this can energetically come through as desperation which only invites lower energies into your life. Ask a question, take time to ponder/consider the reading given and be open to what comes through...

    Love and Light,


  • Hello BrightEyes...

    I am using the Inner Child Cards for your reading.

    What I pick up from you is that you're pretty fun and light of heart, a youthful soul and maybe someone who is finding dating to be eager and fun after some time of not dating.

    Cards pulled

    Hanged Man

    9 of wands rx

    ace of cups

    knight of cups

    6 of cups rx

    I feel as though something will be coming up in terns of a potential offer of a relationship. The 6 of cups rx points to possibly someone from the past. If its the case of someone from the past, its telling me the reason why nothing took off previously in the past is because of timing and right now it seems as though timing is right. However, I feel as though you probably came recently from a draining relationship and now you are or will need to let go any defenses and blockages for this romantic new romantic partner to come in. A nice new beginning for you after learning from the mistakes of your past relationship. You will encounter a new transformative sense of self. It looks good.

    I'm not sure on timing for this one, but probably by the end of this month or in October or November.

  • I get what you mean and I guess I am a bit heavy for anyone I get a small part of the question but there is a loof hole. May we need to take sometime out I been sitting here all night and i apprceiate mikoy and bb22 to admit that I had a lot on my mind need guidance anyways times flies need sometime out.I have a feeling that people I used to talk about was here correct me if I was wrong both of them

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  • Hi Annielan,

    Okay I'm just going to do a general for you right now. I feel as though you need a general done. I'm gonna use the Thoth deck....

    9 of disks

    4 of cups

    10 of wands



    ace of swords

    It seems as though there maybe something going on with your family structure right now. I see possible issues with finance or stability. There is some frustration or the feeling of blocked development with someone of authority, if that makes sense to you. From this situation you will find the need to break of out patterns and habits in order to free yourself from the oppression you may be feeling. Therefore, this situation will require mental clarity from you, also the determination or will to work through exisisting problems and to look at things from a different perspective.

    I hope this helps...

  • dcorbette,

    I would like to do a reading exchange with you. I'm a clairvoyant reader.

    My question is : What does our future look like in our new home? If you need futher information please let me know,

    Please send your question along also.


  • I've stopped taking readings today. Shuabby will be my last person I read for.



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  • Hi dcorbette, my DOB is Aug 02, 1976, my question is, what's my future with her?. Tks

  • Thanks Dcorbette, I open up that matter here ,yes we do issues and I am aware of my finacial status and I keep positive so far I have no missing out financial and what I am worry off is whats the best ways investment a property or doing shares lending investment cos i know for sure If i invest to property my profit will going down on theother hand but all good market doing well and keep up good spirit. I don't know were will i settle down and do i get married or end up by myself that all a liltte bit insight cos mind was totally messed up

  • Dcrobette id love a tarot reading if possible! My name is Sharon Anne W, born feb 6th 1986.

    Im wondering where and whom i will be living with and perhaps when. Trying to get out of my house and move back to my home town.

    Thank you and God Bless!


    Okay so I used the Fey tarot. Sometimes when I shuffle, I get the full reading from shuffling the cards before laying them out. I feel inclined to use this method for your reading....

    10 of pents


    4 of swords

    Queen of Wands

    I feel as though you will move in with your mother based upon those cards that I saw during shuffling.

    During a regular pull of the cards

    5 of chalices

    7 of wands

    9 of swords

    knight of swords

    Seer (High Priestess)

    knave of wands

    It seems right now you're living under very modest means and this card reminds us despite our modest or even dilapadated environment, we may have wealth... inner wealth. That is all that really matters. However this has been a tough time for you and its like you're fighting against real issues and people around you but you may need to realize not to overreact as, ultimately, these people and this situation you are in cannot kill you. There's a lot of fear surrounding you but you have to believe in hope and any spiritual graces of God Allah, whomever that will help get you through this situation. Upon this still reflection and faith that you will be guided, you will find answers in helping you to rebuild your life again.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Hi dcorbette,

    First I would like to say welcome and thank you for your offer. Can you tell me if my old friend MJL d.o.b. 7/1/66 will ever talk to me again? My DOB 2/20/68.



    I'm using the Fey Tarot for your reading

    Ace of swords

    Ace of wands

    2 of wands


    So I get an absolute yes on this. I think the reuniting will be quite positive and that you will form a bond again. I guess in the past the connection ended because someone started a new job or moved, something about changes took place that seemed to have kept the other less in contact. With the last two cards it seems as though you may have to make the first step in reconnecting with this other person. There's a lot of fear about doing so, but fear keeps us stagnant.

    Hope this helps..

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