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  • A young friend on here is having a problem with an energy in her bedroom.

    We have tried to help with this but I get the impression it is an elemental that is attracted to her energy. I told her to ground her energy with the earth and then to surround herself with white light. Now she wants to know how to ground and I don't really know how to get the point across.

    Her bedroom is upstairs and sometimes people have trouble feeling the ground from there.

    Do you have an easy way to explain this. I would appreciate if you do. thanks and blessings

  • Hi Ibeleive,

    Hope you don't mind me just jumping in here but I have used this very similar method of grounding and clearing for over 15 yrs, I learned it while attending the berkley psychic institue and it feels so good, anyway remembered seeing it here awhile back, so copying a bit of it below... I'm sure there are many other ways, so imagine SilverRavenWolf will also have info as well, but this is very nice. Love and Light 🙂 GJay

    this is from leoscorpion's thread posted by goldenhill @

    Also, please ground self everyday-

    sit down in chair feet on ground, visualize grounding cord dropped from root chakra

    base of spine all the way to core of the earth-as do thus pick color

    can change color anytime,then ****. Energy coming from soles of feet from the earth up to legs up to same chakra **** energy swirling and mixing leave 10% in chakra then 90% goes down to earth via feet then via energy coming from Universe via top of head down to all chakras then swirl at base chakra leave 90% there and send 10% down via feet

    do this for a while weeks or so, Till feel comfortable and grounded

    then if attraction continues change the color you vibrate at to orange or brown this is only to be used temporarily must remember to change color back to what you feel ok!

    You can command this and it will be( changes the color of your aura, that those weirdos are drawn to) best wishes!

    Also with grounding excersise,forgot to mention, after 90% left at base mix with that 10% swirl together then bring up to top of head and on way up let it also go out both hands held out to sides(can ****,hands don't hav to be out) see it flowing as fountain

    breathe in as energy comes in. when done, u will know when enough has been circulated thru out, then **** 1 or 3 roses outside of your Auric space

    and command that people will meet you at the rose only

    may have to blow several roses and create new ones if energy drain occurs

    for more info see Mary Ellen Flora material

    best wishes

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