Reconnecting with Old Friends

  • I had the most profound experience with a reconnection to people from my past that I it brought me to tears when I hung up the phone. There was at one time a few years back a close group of Pagans that I was involved with. we get together and hold ritual for the Holidays, hang out and practice our Magick, share stories with late nite coffee and cigarettes. You name it, we did it. Then just as all of us thought that things were going great together one person in the group particularly decided to take total control of the group dynamics and decided that she wanted to be the one in "charge". Which didn't sit well with the rest of us and one by one it drove us apart. Now that we are separated and in different states we haven't talked to each until recently. I picked up the phone and called one of them and spent 3 hours on the phone with her. We talked about the old times and what we've been up to lately. It was good reunion and I was happy to have taken the opportunity to reconnect with all of them. And the strange thing was that it was 2 years to the date that I talked to her and that was when I had gone through cancer treatment. I believe that it was not a coincidence that I talked to her again on that day 2 years later. I wanted to cry when I hung up the phone. It was great to finally hear from her and reconnect.

  • Hi sweetie

    Im happy for you. I took some years back reconnected with an old friend of mine. It was a if i dont do it what am i loosing, n if i dont i wont ever know what might be. I´d always go if only i had dared to contact. So i was ok what have i got to loose, so i wrote a letter, and part of a story n mailed it my conventional ways.

    A year after the first email in a long while we went to phone talks also. So yes its abselutely wonderful when u refind old friends reconnect n its all as it was n it gets better.

    bless ya

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