• If you can reduce its importance in your mind - like thinking of it as a bug getting smaller and smaller and then vanishing - it might help.

  • Thank you captain- I will try. 🙂

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • And, if that doesn't work, try doing what your mother did and create your own thought form - only this time an entity of positive energy, like your own personal guardian of light. Build and fill this entity with love, compassion, generosity, abundance etc - all good energies - and set him/her like your own personal superhero to watch over you and repel dark energies (and not just your mother's).

  • Dear AngelBee,

    I went through this entire thread and the first thing that hit me was that this “entity” was hanging around you because was you are “open” (as the description you got being a flower and bee theory). Only you freaked out a bit. You have gotten wonderful advices/answers and even from Paddi.

    You need to sage your entire HOME. So send everyone off to a pick nick tell them you’re having a spring cleaning or something and write a prayer stating in your own words what you want for the house. Peace etc.

    Since this is going to be your own prayer you will be sure of what you say and you stand fully behind what is said.

    This entity hasn’t gotten the message that it needs to move on and it’s your task to make its passage clear.

    When you’re done you open the back door/window and the front door and air out the house telling it to leave and not return. To have peace on the other side and you are glad that you helped it get to where it needs to be and to leave you and your family alone.

    Then after that always have a white candle burning in your home when you are home. At night you can even keep a lamp/light on.

    Now since The Captain picked up upon your mother I will share a lil story. Like you in my family they aren’t very keen in wanting to know more than what they already know. We had a situation where someone passed on and their spirit didn’t want to leave the house. I took it upon me to write 3 prayers. 1 for the family, 1 for the person who passed on and 1 for the house. I asked for forgiveness and I requested in God’s name that the spirit to pass over and find peace. As for the house I asked for it to be blessed from that moment on and that only goodness may come through its door. They were very personal prayers.

    The thing is in most cases you cannot go about the general way. If you are aware of the information as you are now I think you should really do something with it. I know my task within my family probably you have a task too.

    Stay strong,


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