• Oh, Okay, What do you mean by picture. picture of house? home, me. I do not mind posting anything that can help ya with a signal, I am not sure if that thing i done today, that missBeth mentioned has worked yet, but if it hasn't i will let you know, and perhaps you will be able to help me out, That does sound like something, about it that could be the problem, but who knows.

    Bee Xx

  • Angelbee, the way it has always worked for me is that I have had to have something that I can either hold or touch physically, that once belonged to the person that is "gone". Or near their graveside. I have found that by holding a picture, obituary, jewelry or other items of the deceased works best for me. I prefer not to know any details before hand of the person I am trying to contact. I have been able to "pick up" on things at graves as well. See if you can find out about previous tenants there, maybe a previous house that stood there even. Check the archives at your library and trust your instincts. Ask older people who have live there. If you happen to run accross a picture or something that I might be able to use to tune in, let me know. If the house has been there for a long time, a picture of it may work.

  • Bee,

    Each night I always ask my angels to be at every door and window to protect my family and home. They are happy to do it and I would suggest this be part of your routine. And since you've had an unwelcome visitor, I would also add to that for your angels to cleanse your home of any lost souls and escort them out. Don't dwell on it. Don't give your "energy" to these types of energy. It's a simple "before you go to sleep" request as you say your prayers or whatever your bedtime routine is. Even if you're brushing your teeth you can quickly ask for these.

    Keep us posted.


    Miss Beth

  • Okay, Miss Beth.

    I will 🙂 Bee Xx

  • HI Bee,

    have to let you down again, my instinct tells me to leave this one alone and I prefer to listen to it. I can do a spirit scan in fact I think I did that already but I am too much of a novice to take on a bad spirit. Seems like you ahve sorted it out yourself anyway.


  • Okay,paddi, Spirit scan is fine, 🙂 and thank you love ya, I do understand, Blessing to you Bee Xx

  • hi angelbee, well done hope everything has gone well for you and you feel more confident about handling this sort of thing. This was a great thread as all the advise has helped all of us well me anyway lol

    loving light

  • AngelBee,

    As the saying goes this too shall pass. You got some great suggestions. The meditation when I need grounding that works for me is to visualize a mountain. Mountains are pretty dang strong. I have had sleep paralysis and felt entities checking in in meditations and some times both are scary. I have the loving kindness prayer that soothes me when I'm vulnerable and feel fearful but am not sure why. I've chanted "I'm am safe and protected from all inner and outer harm". The Psychic Institute w/ holding the roses out as a boundary sounds workable too. And smudging tell that pesky thing to scadaddle!

    Cheers P

  • Thanks Pfree, and AngelBoots, What lovely advice and kind words, Think its going to be fine now anyhow, just gotta keep any other unwanted visitors away, 🙂 More grounding and such, i guess, Thank you for all your advice, I means a lot, Love ya all bee Xx

  • Hi AngelBee,

    I have read your thread, and I hope that this unwelcomed visitor has left your home. I too have one. I do recognize some of people here as they were in my thread. As of today it's been 27 years that this presence has been with me, in my case, it's a late boyfriend of mind who died. We weren't together when he died, it had been 4 years. I was 14 he was 18 we were together for 5 months when I left him. When I was 18 years of age he died. He had a wife and son when he died. But it seems he must have had some feelings or something because he still at my side. I have told by pyschics, that he thinks we are a couple. There is more to this my story, you can read it in my thread some of you already have. I have prayed, even have a photo of Archangel Michael. I believe in God, in Angels, loved them, have them place in my apartment. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I don't fear this presence, yet I do admit I am so use to "it". I can feel 'it" when sits in my bed, or lays in bed, when it gets closer to my face. I was able to feel at a young age but this past year it got stronger, I was told by a pyschic that I was developing spirtually and that is why I can feel "it " so crisp. I need help, I have been praying and looking, asking but no answers. So on top of what I am going though with "it" I need to understand my gift. Like someone said here you have the cream of the forum here they have given you some very advice. I pray that you will find that peace and that this visitor will go. I know what my unwelcome visitor has done to my life and I want "it" to move on. I have hope and keep on praying that it will.

    Cee, Peace to all

  • SpanishRose- thanks kindly for popping in, and i have heard of your problem too before, i hope you can find a priest or Psychic. medium to help you get rid of you follow, that will proberbly be one and only way you can do it id choose the medium, and get some help with it, if you really freaked by it, id do the same, but my family are skeptic with this stuff, that i can not just save money, and wait and phone a medium to get rid of something, even i am not sure that is there, you know what i mean?

    Its not that i do not believe it is there, its just i am still disbelieving that i can even feel it.

    I do not see, i just feel, and smell, and think it is still around, So its a stubborn one too.

    But i am trying my best not to give in to the energies myself, it can be daunting, if i do. and not very good. Going to try the salt thing, and i love angels too, i sort of believe in them, like i believe in faeries, so i guess, i do not mind the idea that Missbeth said to do, which i did, but the spirit thing, or whatever it is, is pretty stubborn. But i am trying, to remain to wanting it too leave.

    Mine sits on my bed too, and freaks me out. I thank you for thinking of me, and reading my thread, and i do hope you can sort out your problem too, with the energies around at the moment, there is probably a lot of people with this sort of problem. weather they notice it or not.

    Love Ya and thanks again Bee Xx

  • Hi AngelBee,

    I was suppose to go to Puerto Rico where a family pyschic was to help me but due to money problems I couldn't go. I have gone to church and they did pray for me. I will try and do the praying myself with a candle going in every room as suggested here. I also have sage, which was hard to get. This presence is very stubborn also, I have told "it" to go into the light that it doesn't belong here and that I don't want it here, well pretty much what has been told to you here. But it's stubborn. This one is very stubborn. I was thinking after I wrote you the other message, that maybe it's confusing me with another person, you see, someone had me, once in my other thread was trying to help me, I don't remember who it was, this person was picking up, deception, I believe the word is right, this presence says that, deception on my part. I was 14 when I left him, he was 18 like I said. he made his life, found someone had a child. I wonder if he might be confusing me with his wife, after all he was with her when he died. I mean 4 years had pass after we had split up. They tell me that sometimes when people die, they are confuse, and still think they are alive. I was told by 2 pyschics that he won't let me be happy with no one because he says that I am his, well he has done more things. Like making me feel bad about myself, if I am with someone he will end the relationship, and for many years I didn't know this, yes I did feel the sitting on the bed but not all the time and that was when I was younger. Until recently when my gift was developing, which is something I also need to learn. I don't know how to tap into. There is so many things that I need to learn and ask. Yes I do need a medium a pyschic but I also need money to pay for there services. There is so much going on in my life that I can go into. This presence is blocking alot in my life, something that a pyschic told me once "it" goes then my life will change. I love angels maybe Missbeth can help me with that too, ...But there is something I am not afraid...I just want it out and to move on and go to the light. I want freedom. It's nice to talk to someone who understands you thank you for letting me jump in here and tell my story... I will pray for you AngelBee as well... I know that we will win this battle.... and with all the help we have here I know that everything we go well especially when God is always there. ...someone left you an of Angel Michael ...it was beautiful...I have it now as my screensaver in my cell. .......well have a great night...until tomorrow....


  • Hey SpanishRose, thanks for sharing me your message as it does help to know, i am not the only one, and i guess your right, it is expensive, the whole getting the psychic to help thing, but lost souls, are not always lost, and will find light, eventually, even if they are bothering us, i am sure they are just confused as we are, hehe. I have tried all that stuff too, even have candles, and such,and inscence too, But nada, stubborn, though i havent yet tried the salt, its suppose to be good for keeping away things. Mmmm. I do hope your little follower, realizes, he is following the wrong person, or at least causing you trouble, perhaps when your gifts grow, you will be able to see 'it' and talk to him, about the other side, and that he needs to go, as its your home not his. i Did try that also, but i do not think it worked, still trying my best with prayers and such too, and church, as well.

    so maybe one day, it will go. thanks for sharing your story too, i am glad i am not the only one, as i bet you are too, Yours has been around a long time then? perhaps its your guide or something else like that, Who knows i guess, we just do not know 🙂 i do hope you can finally get rid of the 'it' in your house, so you can feel better about having relationships. and feeling good with yourself, and in your house. Love ya and thanks for stopping by.

    Love Bee Xx

  • AngelBee, I just saw this thread.

    The problem here is that the entity is attracted by your mother's negativity, and not by you. So even if you chase it away with prayers and rituals, it will still be drawn back by your mother's vibes. It has been 'created' by her out of her dark thoughts, anger and bitterness. It visits you because you are the only one in the house who can sense it. But it cannot harm you if you don't fear it. Only your mother can 'destroy' it by becoming more positive and she is not aware enough to do that. However, you can ask it to stop bothering you and to stay with its creator, your mother. She does sense it unconsciously and she feels comforted by its oppressive presence. It's like it confirms everything bad that she believes about the world.

    Spirit is telling me that you should try getting your mother to speak some words of exorcism but I don't know how you would do that. Maybe get her to read aloud something you have written, like it's a play or something...?

  • 🙂

  • Captain, thank you for popping into this thread, you will have to explain what type of exorcism words, you mean? I am not sure she will be up to that, even if its just play stuff, she doesn't believe in any of it, and thinks its a load of B.u.l.l. and i am glad she doesn't mind me getting into it, but at times i am sure she thinks i am crazy lol, it does hang around me a lot, and even though i can sense it, i am not afraid of it. I can feel it around me strongly at nights, and it likes to lie on me, as like there is a weight, I do not know if it will listen to me, and stay with my mum, but i can definitely agree with you on that one, I am just glad i am not going crazy, Hehehe. So my mum is the only one who can destory it, fun fun. I will have trouble with that, i can barely talk to her about this myself. i do have a friend that may help though, Not sure if its a good idea to tell my Lady friend, as she is into this stuff, and will probably believe me. But i am not sure. You know her already captain, from other threads. and that i am working out slowly, which is good. I was wondering, if there was anything else i can do to keep it from me? apart from talking to it, not sure i feel comfortable with doing that, but i will try. Thanks again Love ya Bee Xx

  • Good Morning AngelBee,

    Today I went thru my home and prayed with a candle lit just like MIssbethangels said, thought I give it a try. Well tomorrow starts a new stage of my life, I start going to school, again. I am going to study computers. Moving forward, a step at a time. Have a nice day.


  • Blessings to you spanishRose, and what a beautiful, name there you have. 🙂

    I do hope you fix your problem too, and can fight back as well Thanks for stepping in. Love ya Bee Xx

  • AngelBee, you could just ignore it - it's only drawn to you because you give it attention. It's made up of your mother's 'qualities' and one of them is craving attention. So deny it that and it will lose interest in hanging around you.

    The words of exorcism don't need to be formal but they would have to be sincerely meant. Your mother could simply say "Dark spirit, be gone!" or something like that but, if she doesn't change her dark thoughts, it will return. She must have the sincere intention of wanting the entity to leave. She would genuinely have to change her attitude to life or she will just create and attract more of the same kinds of entities. Perhaps you could tell her what is happening and even if she scoffs, it will sink into her subconscious and her inner self may begin to change.

  • Thankyou Captain- We will see what happens, and your right i guess i could just ignore it,

    thank you again for your input; I Guess only time will tell with these things, but i do not think she will do that lol, its very hard to convince her to do those things, and i will see if i can just ignore it, cause eventually it does leave me alone, if i do, but i can still sense it around.

    Love ya Bee Xx

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