• Hi Bee,

    Looks like you and I are going through very similar things, but you know what my lovely friend, we will overcome all this once we really get to know our true power and have faith! and also trust in our beautiful powerful Angels to assist us :).....and what wonderful help and guidance you are receiving on this thread that our "earth angel" Poetic started for you, I too am benefiting from the loving light workers on here and taking their advice to heart also.....isn't it all just perfect!, they reach out their loving hands to one and end up helping so many.....

    don't forget Bee, we ARE strong and can rid our fear, we just need to build our faith in this fact.

    wishing you ALL all the love in the Universe


  • Hi HealingWays its good to see you back on the forums again .

  • Yes, Hi Denise, saw your the posts the other day, welcome back..

  • You know what Denise nothing lasts forever, good or bad, one day we will look back and laugh, I know these things feed off of fear, replace fear with love, love is the biggest weapon in our arsenal, Love and Faith!

  • You know you guys just warm my heart all over it's so beautiful to see such good people in this world, I BELIVE IN THE GOOD AND LIGHT AND I BELIEVE IT'S MORE OF US THAN NOT! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! WHO YOU BELIEVE IN DOES NOT MATTER SO MUCH AS THAT YOU BELIEVE.

    KOOKISH- Amazing story! Wow! Everything helps someone you guys are so brave and strong!

  • Thank you LoaP and poetic, I'm pleased to be back, I've had some dark days to deal with, mostly depression came back out of the blue to haunt me, and top of that my ongoing problem of living in this house where I just don't feel at ease with... but as they say "there is always light at the end of the tunnel" I've been taking baby steps to crawl my way back and thankfully the light in me never went totally out, just my mind and thoughts dimmed the flame for a while, but these past couple of weeks I feel stronger and want to be "back in the world" so to speak....

    your right poetic, love truly is the only way to beat the fears 🙂


  • Thats beautiful thoughts and words healingways, it is good to see you back, i hope to see ya more around here, Missed ya Muchly, and i know i will be rid of it, Have to wait till everyones gone, to do that thing beth said, Or i will look like well, To my family i will look silly, So i will wait till they are all ou of the house, and do it then, probably easier that way, 🙂 I am glad things are better for you denise i hope we can help some too, Love ya Bee Xx

  • I thank you too Cee, for your lovely idea of this thread, 🙂

    Bee Xx

  • AngelBee,

    You are a beautiful and powerful child of God and you need to feel confident enough to take back your sanctuary and claim it as your own again. You can do some of this by yourself and no one else in your family has to know about this.

    I have a 22 years old daughter away at college and I’d forgotten about this but she did a shortened version while she lived in a dorm her first 2 years. The 1st year it was a 2 bedroom & the 2nd year it was a 4 bedroom – talk about negative energy & hormones – geesh! She moved into an apartment the 3rd year and waited to move into a brand new building but she still “cleaned” the area and none of her roommates knew a thing about it whenever she did this. We’re Christians so this is how all the information is written. You don’t have to use the word “God” if you’re not Christian; however, I would ALWAYS use Archangel Michael – just this mom’s advice.

    1. **Don’t forget – LET GO OF THE FEAR! Do not allow fear to be felt on you, even if you’re shaking on the inside fake it on the outside and NEVER hesitate when walking into your room or when you’re speaking – be very confident in all your actions. And remember NEVER “acknowledge” evil, never use the word “evil” or other negative words, use only Godly, loving and powerful words. My daughter said she practiced this numerous times before she felt comfortable actually doing all this so a few practice runs might help you as well.

    2. Stand at the threshold of your room and say “Our dearest Heavenly Father, I ask that you surround me with your light and love as I enter my room”

    3. Then say “Archangel Michael I ask that you protect me with the strength of your shield and your sword as we enter an area shielded from God’s loving embrace, help me be strong, goodness and love must prevail”.

    4. Go to the center of your room and say in a VERY CONFIDENT MANNER “I am a child of God and I am surrounded by God’s loving embrace and as a child of God I demand you leave this space, you are not welcomed here. You have no purpose here as I am filled with the love of God and I call upon Archangel Michael to assist me”. (I left out the part where you say “I do not fear you” as did my daughter, we both felt like we were taunting it because they feed on fear”

    5. Walk to every corner of the room, face the corner and repeat that statement.

    6. Go back to the center of the room and stand there and “feel” the space. My daughter said she could feel the difference in how she felt in the room, she felt less stressed and uncomfortable.

    My daughter always has multiple crosses & a metal shield on her wall and someone once told her she has seven guardian angels so she also has a large “7” to represent ALL her angels. If you don’t have a visual of something that makes you feel strengthened then be on the lookout for something to put in your room. My daughter likes to make “inspirational boards” where she gets foam board and covers it with empowering words and statements she cuts out of magazines; “Beauty is not artificially flavored”, “Fun Fearless Female”, “Bold”, “Loved”, “Smarter than your average bear”, “This daughter is not a brick house”. It’s not a manifestation board of “wants”, it’s an Empowerment board to remind herself of who she is. I don’t know how old you are but she’s been doing it since high school, she says it’s very therapeutic. My son has a large cross and a beautiful angel his grandmother gave him; however, his angel is holding a machine gun from his G.I. Joe – he’s spiritual and literal so he has both worlds covered he says.

    Peace be with you sweetie,

    Love and Blessings

    From a mom in Texas

  • Kookish- thankyou, i will try my best, and to include some of yours in words with MissBeths instructions, and the four corner thing, i will try to do, I am 19, so but have been on the forum for 2 years nearly, was under another name, But yeah i am very into the spiritual side too, i also love reading about magic and mysteries from books too, So i think about thinks like that often, and thank you for your help, and words, they do mean a lot. I will be doing it some time this weekend hopefully, so i will let you guy's know how it goes, plus i know that at the moment, Its still around, but i don't think as strong as it was b4, so i do appreciate your guy's help. 🙂

    Thankyou Bee Xx

  • Dear AngelBee,

    All the best to you when you go through your house. I understand wanting to do it privately lol. You yourself, coupled with your angels and all of the divine, are not a match for the "irritant" in your home. Angels escort spirits home day in and day out because they are the ones seeking the light and quite excited to go home. Others, though, linger around for whatever reasons. Unfinished business. Waiting for someone. And they truly do not believe they have passed on. Which is hard for us to grasp, but in their "world", you are the intruder in their life. So have compassion for this lost soul, be straightforward, and just talk to him like you would someone else, but say you are gone. You are no longer living.

    Kookish's approach is quite similar, as are others. Use your own words, whatever is comfortable for you. But the message is the same. I am not afraid of you, you are not in charge, you are not welcome here, so leave...and go find the light because you are no longer alive.

    I've been told that the "light" is similar to us looking to another neighborhood. We are in our own neighborhood, quite comfortable there...not seeking to leave really. We can look and see a really nice neighborhood, full of beautiful homes and mansions...and we can go there...but we choose to just stay where we are. That is what lost souls do. They don't feel lost...they feel they are at home. Eventually they get there. But it can take some a long time to do so.

    Angel blessings and keep us posted!


    Miss Beth

  • Thank you MissBeth, 🙂 I will try my best, and that is all i can do, I hope you received my last email, I appreciate you giving the message to me, and i will try it out this weekend, It will probably feel silly at first, but i will get it eventually. It has been here too long, so i hope that it can find some peace when it goes. 🙂 I am glad i do not see things yet, Lol Or it would probably be scarier for me. But i can smell, and feal things, so yeah I do know when its around, thank you for sharing and helping again.

    Love ya Bee Xx



    I just visited the room in question and it already filled with the most wonderful light. Everyone has really helped with their energy here!

    I am so not christian or connected with any modern Church but asking for angels and calling upon Jesus to clear an entity is some on the most powerful energies you will ever find. I have a huge list of reasons why but that won't help.

    Just call on them all the time and any and ask the angels to show you the way and it will be that easy!


    Namaste Bee

    love and hugs shee




  • haha thankyou Shee, i have that deck, and keep getting that card, 🙂 LOL

    I got it a couple of days in a row, Thankyou, Shee, I love ya

    Bee Xx

  • Sheila, my Archangle Michael is a handsome young man (well my age, not that young any more) who is very chatty and always at my side when I need help. Funny how we all depict him.

    Bee you have the cream of this forum answering your post so be sure to make good use of the advice you have been given.


  • Thanks Paddi Xx 🙂 I will.

  • Hi Bee,

    You need to step into your power here....it won't go away until you show it that you are strong. Yes, fear will feed it, however you also need to show it that you mean business for it to depart. This has been a lesson for you in your physical world and now it has followed you in the spiritual world. Lessons are repeated until learned!!! Try this Archangel Michael image....POWER.

  • YES! That is the POWER!!! It is for you now BEE!!!!

  • Thank you WaterGirl, Love that image 🙂 I had a good sleep, and i will try my best with ridding it either today, or tomorrow, when everyone is out. I have a white candle too, and I will print out the instructions Beth sent, and add a little to it, 🙂 i know i will have to speak out loud or it wont leave, but i dont mind, i will try anything, Love ya All and thankyou too Spirit Seeker.

    PS watergirl, i figured it would be something like that, and i was like oh, well I guess I have nothing to lose for trying, aye, Only fear will get in the way, and i cannot let that happen.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

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