• Feel the fear Becca and do it anyway. Get out of the house and find a quiet place where you can say out loud "Yes, I am afraid. This thing scares me because..." and then list all the reasons you are scared.

    This will bring all your fears to the surface where, in the presence of God and your angels, they will be dispelled. Don't forget to ask them to help you release them to the Universe.

    Once you acknowledge your fears, they diminish in power.

  • PH- I hope you know, that your right, I am afraid yeah, but I will get around that, When i need too. It just happens, Thanks for your support too, Bee Xx

  • Thanks Tooter love the Video, Havent tried anything yet, Still waiting for everyone to not be here lol, hopefully 2morow, cause i am fed up with this entity thing, needs to go. 🙂 Had some trouble this morning with it, but hoping i can be rid it this weekend, or at least monday, got all the stuff together i need, just words and action now, and the right time, Thanks everyone for your advice, this thing is a pain in the but, Literally.

    Love Bee Xx

  • Dear Bee,

    You can speak silently but I'm told it works better outloud in case your irritant is not listening "telepathically." Speaking outloud will pull them in to listen and hear you. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Also, on Alyson, I'm told you have a past connect to her from a past life. You dream of her not because you are foreseeing anything negative, but because of the past life connection. There is nothing to worry about, and you are not meant to sever any ties to her. It just explains the strange feelings you have. Just move on, and let the relationship unfold as it's meant to in the Divine order of your life.

    You're not making these things up...they make total sense to me!

    You mentioned some hurdles, so outside of your unwelcome visitor, you'll have to let me know what they are to ask your angels okay?

    Thanks and angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

  • Okay, Miss Beth, I will and thank you on that note about Alyson, thank you also, I guessed it could be something like that, So am i to wait and see what happens with the type of relationship unfolding? I guess, The other hurdles, are just the day to day stuff with family and such, and trying to cope with the differences and sometimes occasional fights and things, not too much at the moment, but still a little know and then, I am going to try to get rid of the entity soon, as i know it cant stay around here forever, I am glad i am not making things up, I thought i was going a little crazy with the feelings and thoughts i was having about Alyson, lol. I hope things will be a little clearer for me now, and for when i see her next. Thank you for Your message, and I will try my best with getting rid of the entity, i have never done it before, so i hope it helps.

    Bee Xx

  • Not meant to sever any ties to her,


    I was just wondering what you meant by this part 🙂

    Love Bee Xx

  • I meant don't jeopardize your relationship over anything. It's meant to be part of your life now.

    Also, the entity causes strife in your household because of it's negative energies. Once removed, your environment will change. Plus, always always surround your home (through your imagery) with the white light of the Holy Spirit (God's light) and also I would always add Michael's in there too as your protective angel. I ask for angels to be stationed at my doors and windows all the time. They are happy to do it!


    Miss Beth

  • Okay, I will try my best. 🙂 I am new to this stuff with the angels, so i guess i have to step up my believes a little more too. and just go with the flow, lol. I am glad they are happy to do it.

    I am glad about that, she is suppose to be in my life, that is good. Though sometimes it is a little weird, her being a family friend, and all that, I get confused to were my place is sometimes, and That makes it harder, Does that mean she is like a soul mate, in some-ways then?

    I will try my best with the asking thing, I don't normally like to speak things out loud, and rather in my head, Unless i am talking to myself, lol, or singing. But i will try.

    Thank you for your help, it do appreciate it. Bee Xx

  • Hey Beth, tried what you said to do, But think i was a little shaky to start of with, i hope it works, and I willl let you know, i hope i got most of the words out, lol. I know i am not too keen on talking out loud, but Yeah i tried my best, I hope.

    Bee Xx

  • Woohoo! Go Becca! Reclaim your life and your home girl! Sending you a legion of angels to back you up 🙂

  • I tried my best, may have left out some words in my haste of getting it done, But i am hoping, it is not here. lol :O) I hope it has left. I may need to try again, though i hope i do not have too,

    there is only so many ways you can say or do it.

    Love ya and thanks PH Bee Xx

  • As long as the intention was there, your message will have gotten through loud and clear. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done 🙂 x

  • i Think it was, 🙂 I hope that beth can tell me if he is or isn't definitly gone, or if i missed something, i am sure he is, but its always good to see, if i need another go. and its good practice for me, if i do.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    Bee Xx

  • Hi AngelBee,

    On GH the Taps team often talks about how high EMF readings can also cause discomfort and the feeling of being creeped out. If there are any electrical boxes or power lines connected to the top portion of the house this may be a problem, especially with your sensitivity.

  • I have had a few "entities" that would not leave me untill some "truth" or messege was discovered and delivered to a certain person. And there was one that seemed to be more on the playful side, doing just small but slightly annoying things. I did not try to vanquish it, but made my demands that it left certain things alone. That worked well, untill I went to move outof that place. That's when I was overcome with the anger that I felt emminating from it, but also understood that the anger it felt was a feeling that it had of being abandoned. It may be possible that your's is looking for someone that can tell a truth for it to someone.

  • Ok on that note I'll give it a go Bee. Maybe he is wanting to get a message across. If it is evil I will stop straight away.


  • Actually didn't Blmoon already answer all your questions on this once before?

  • Not really properly Paddi, it wasn't a thing i was going to talk about fully to her, so wasn't sure if it was or wasn't and it wasn't explained fully either it was mostly emotional stuff that i talked about with her and family, so i dunno, But i do not mind you trying either, Its up too you.


    and thank you, PatchLove, and irishelf for those helpful comments, we will see what happens though, and i think it has left, fingers crossed anyway, 🙂 thank you.

    Love you all Bee Xx

  • I am hoping that my suggestion does help. After reading through this topic the other night, I just kept having this "feeling" that there was something that this thing " needs someone know". If I was there, I am sure I could help you more. But ALAS!! I need an item, picture, or to be in the vicinity to get a decent "signal".

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