• Okay here goes.

    When I am not in direct contact with the earth as in a second floor or higher bedroom, I start with the bed I am laying. You kind of do this in one slow moving motion with your mind.

    Feel the matress supporting you which sits on the frame, which is supported by the legs, which sit on the floor, which is supported by the floor joists, which are supported by the walls, which sit upon the foundation, which is supported by the Earth.

    Now you can see how you are directly connected to the earth no matter where you are. Your connection can be made from anything that is supported by the earth. Just know that the earth will regulate you and the flow on energy will transfer.

    (It's kind of like the lightning rod effect. When lightning strikes a rod, it directs it straight to the ground safely, which then absorbs it.)


  • hey all, thakyou for the grounding techniques i will try them when i go to bed, and in my meditations i will practise the chakra one, i like the idea of the different colors and such.

    Thank you PH, Ibelieve, and Cee, 🙂 Oh and Gjay, Your information helps much. I will try my best too help myself with all your info, thank you, Just done a meditation for a little bit, but felt too tired to carry on, so will try some more tomorrow

    appreciated you guys thanks Bee Xx

  • Oh my gosh I actually have something to offer versus requesting help! I’m so sorry you’re feeling this negative entity – it’s a very scary feeling.

    When my son was 10 years old he came screaming out of his bedroom shaking and crying. He was asleep and said something was hovering above him and he could feel it right in his face and it woke him up, it was taunting him to open his eyes to look at “it”. My husband and I went into his room and it was very cold we both got the chills. We left the room, closed the door and our son slept with us that night and stayed and grandmas until I could have the house “cleaned”. From the time my son got scared until our home was cleansed I kept seeing shadows moving EVERYWHERE, especially in the kitchen. Even now as I’m writing this I have tears in my eyes, it was very, very uncomfortable – I almost stayed at my mom’s too! Please know the person that came over to clean our house is a professional psychic, I’ve seen her in action on 2 occasions and I would never attempt to do this unless I really had no choice. Here’s what was done to get rid of the negative entity:

    First and foremost – LET GO OF THE FEAR! Do not allow fear to be felt on you, even if you’re shaking on the inside fake it on the outside and NEVER hesitate when walking into a room or when you’re speaking – be very confident in all your actions.

    1. Before she walked in our door she said “Our dearest Heavenly Father, I ask that you surround me with your light and love as I enter this home”

    2. Then she asked “Archangel Michael I ask that you protect me with the strength of your shield and your sword as we enter an area shielded from God’s loving embrace, help me be strong, goodness and love must prevail”. She says never “acknowledge” evil with that or negative words, use only Godly, loving and powerful words.

    3. She took shallow metal pan (pie pan) and made a pile of Sea Salt then poured Alcohol over the salt.

    4. As she entered a room she would say “I am a child of God and I am surrounded by God’s loving embrace and I do not fear you”.

    5. Then she would light the salt pile and walk to the center of the room and say “As a child of God I demand you leave this space, you are not welcomed here. You have no purpose here as this family is filled with the love of God and I call upon Archangel Michael to assist in your removal if you do not choose to leave.”

    6. Then she would walk to every corner of the room, face the corner and repeat that statement.

    7. Then she would go back to the center of the room and stand there with her eyes closed and “feel” the space then if she felt it was clean she’d move on to the next room. I would only be guessing at this point because I couldn’t tell one way or the other.

    8. She went from room to room and repeated steps 4 – 7 in every room. Two of the rooms were a little harder to clean, one of them my husband’s office and the flame kept going out and she would just relight it and speak louder and more forceful. She saved my son’s room for last.

    9. She stood at the threshold of my son’s room with the door open and said #4, then as she went to light the salt the flame was blown out on the lighter was, she tried 5 times! (I almost peed in my pants)

    • She put the pan down in the center of the room and got some fresh sea salt and sprinkled it in the corners and she repeated #1, except said room instead of home, then repeated #2.

    • Then he repeated #4 more forcefully THEN a book on my son’s bookshelf fell over. She has done this numerous times so she didn’t even flinch, I on the other hand felt sick and I gasped. She looked at me and said “remember what I told you first and foremost before we got started (show no fear) and if you can’t do this then you have to leave” so I sucked it up, said a little prayer to myself, stoop up straight and stayed.

    • Then she said “Archangel Michel I ask you to show yourself to the unwanted and let them be aware of your strength. Let it be known of our resolve and your might. We will not stop, we will prevail.”

    10. She tried to light every time she repeated this but the lighter (and matches) wouldn’t stay lit. She finally got it lit once and the flame was HUGE then it went out. She kept trying until it stayed lit and the flame got smaller to where it was the same size as in the other rooms. (My husband had to bring a platter up to set the pie pan on because it was getting hot – he wouldn’t walk in the room.)

    Finally, after almost an hour or repeatedly trying to light the salt and repeating her phrases over and over – it was done. You really could feel the difference. I slept with my son in his room that night and he slept by himself after that.

    It seemed when we remodeled the house we built over an area that had “something” attached to it. The kitchen was a new part of the house that’s why I kept seeing things there and my son’s bedroom is directly above the kitchen. My son had been sick with lots of gastric problems and was going through lots of medical testing, plus he was fearful of all the changes in moving back into the house and where the bedrooms were located - he was basically an easy target for the negative entity.

    My friend who did the cleaning looks like a sweet little 50ish school teacher but when she was in the room telling the entity in a very forceful way “where to go” I had total respect for her and her “gifts”. She did get very sick after this and was in bed for 2 days and we took her soup. This was 5 years ago and all is well.

    I hope this helps you in any way, I have no “gifts” like all the amazing people on this website, I just take really, really good notes.

    Peace to you and your family and I hope you find comfort soon.

    Love and absolute blessings

    From Texas

  • Hey sweet Bee you have some great answers, and its that terrible fear you have inside you that keeps interfering with your growth...Surround yourself with Angels, soft beautiful music not loud head thumping music hehe, more like a mantra soothing sound...You will get through this, BELIEVE ok....

    Love ya sister Bec

    Namaste Rebecca

    Sister Shee

  • Thankyou Kookish its nice to meet ya , interesting story, 🙂 Well idont know if i can get someone in to do that for me lol, cause my family do not believe in that stuff, ya know, but i will try my best with what you suggest, as well as others, and i am hoping things will work out, I think they will be okay, and thank you for sharing your story, even if it seems a little hard for you to do so, its appreciated, and taking notes is a good thing, i do that too. love ya Bee Xx

  • Kookish, you just shared your gift. Believe in it. x

  • Thank you My Journey/Shee, 🙂 love your beautiful picture, I know i will, I will try my best, Love ya

    Too Bee Xx

  • I appreciate all your help. I Guess i have to believe more, and i will Get it eventually.

    Bee Xx

  • if you can bec, attatch a photo i'de really like to see if i can pick up on something in your room,no promises though...:)

    love and light


  • opps i forgot to add this ,don't tell me anything about your room or where you feel the most fear ok...notta nothing lol....

    love shee

  • I suppose i could use my sisters mobile to take a picture, and post it on here. 🙂 do you just want one of the room itself? i do use inscence and i do have candles, and music, and the window open, and light and such alike. I am thank you for your efforts in this, is appreciated, but i know sometimes i think it follows me, but i think most of the time it is in my room, though i do not get a bad feeling, just a strange one. and ok i will try post one, or should i send it email?

    Bee Xx

  • Sent it in email 🙂 easier. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Hi Bee i have a few meditations that i can send you via email if you wish, grounding and chakra and release and many more let me know. you can guess where the @ goes !! lol. I have had no dealings with what you are experiancing so cannot provide any advise other than to beleive in yourself and know that you are stronger and to call on your angels you know they are there to help just need to ask. Hav'nt said anything that has'nt already been said but will be sending prayers and loving light to you tonight. and if you want the meditations to listen to will send them tomorrow for you.

    Sleep well Bee

    loving lights

    K x

  • Dear Bee,

    Just read your postings here, and wanted to let you know what Archangel Michael says to tell you on your unwelcome visitor:

    "Bee. You are stronger than this irritant ever can be. You have the power and you don't know it. Do not, I repeat NOT, live in fear, or even acknowledge fear of this irritant. For that is what he is. An irritant. It is quite simple to get rid of him, and it involves three steps:

    1. Before you begin, ask that you, your home and your family be surrounded by the white light of the Holy Spirit. Then, ask that it be surrounded by my protective light. Ask God to station angels at every door, and window of your home for as long as you live there. To keep watch over everyone inside of it.

    2. Stand at your front door to your home. Before you begin, ask me to join you. Have a white candle that you can light and carry throughout your home. And then together, we will walk from room to room, every one of them. In each room, I want you to say outloud: "This is my home. You are no longer alive. You need to find the white light and go to it. Michael is here and will help you find your way."

    3. After we go through all the rooms of your house, go back to the front door, open it (symbolic in its statement) and ask the energy to leave now with Michael. I will escort him out of your home.

    It's important that you tell him to go because he does not believe he is dead. He believes he is still alive. You can do this. He may not be ready to go to the light, but he can at least leave your home. He has free will just as you do.

    It is a good practice each day to always surround your home and family with the white light of the Holy Spirit, both in the morning and at night, to help dispel any negative energies you may have picked up from others that day."

    Angel blessings to you dear Bee,

    Miss Beth

  • FATHER I ask you now to send your Angels to Bee, surround her in your protection with wings covering her in your Light! I ask for a second row to surround her with swords drawn to give her courage and strength in your Love and ask you to clear her fear and help her to STAND up for her own protection and self esteem; The time has come for this timid soul to FIGHT! To be ALL she is meant to be. I thank You for her Love and now I thank YOU for her strength and self acceptance in her place with You in Her. This is our New time and Time for us to be who we are ...mount up love YOU are amazing! BELIEVE IT BEE!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thankyou Everyone, I will try as you all suggest good things, and thank you MissBeth, i will try later today 🙂 When no bodies home, I hope lol. Id rather do it when no one is around, Or i will feel silly lol ahaha, Angel Boots, send me an email at and thankful for sharing meditations, I am trying to do that at the moment too, Love ya all

    Bee Xx

  • I just visited the room in question and it already filled with the most wonderful light. Everyone has really helped with their energy here!

    I am so not christian or connected with any modern churh but asking for angels and calling upon Jesus to clear an entity is some on the most powerful energies you will ever find. I have a huge list of reasons why but that won't help.

    Just call on them all the time and any and ask the angels to show you the way and it will be that easy!

  • Thankyou SilverRavenwolf, and everyone who helped here with their light, i will do what missbeth suggested later today, and hoping i can clear the rest of it.

    Love ya all Bee XX

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