• Good Day All,

    Our little Bumble Bee is having a problem with a dark entity in her room that won't leave her alone, I have advised as has others to Bless her room, Do the Sage thing, put Salt and to appeal to God/The Angels for help to no avail, could everyone please send Light and Prayers for her, I have told her she has to ask for help herself she is trying but is shy which is why this thing is probably not leaving!

    Please send love and light for Rebecca :

    United kingdom, An hour from London, in Hampshire i live in a little town called Alton. its sweet. and no not Alton towers that is up north. Just saying people get confused between south and north, and i am in the south england near the bottom, It is 4:11pm here. 🙂

    Bee Xx

  • Thank You Cee/Poetic 🙂 means a lot.

    Bee xX

  • This could wake me up. I will be fighting for you as well Bee but out of experience and a BIT of it over the years this is the time to step out of fear and take control. Check with yourself Bee if by chance you may have brought something new into the house..does it need cleansing? I want you to think about this dark being INVADING YOUR life and get really mad at it for this behavior. I have started off with even snapping at them with words such as "I have not invited you here. This property belongs to God and YOU do not have the authority here. You must leave now in the name of Jesus" It may sound silly but the fear will only draw him in closer. Mean your words..get upset that this being is trying to take over....HECK NO...Not happening Bee...stand in your room like you fly and fight in your dreams Love. Mount up and fight for you and your family. Is he after them too? Place the angels at all corners of the property. I am angry for you and am going to stand. TTYL Love and Light Bee

  • Spirit seeker, no not after my family, not that i think anyways, or no of. I think it is just me, and yes fear could probably have lead it here. Though i dont know if it could be thought related either, i dunno, but your right either way, it doesnt have a right here, cause it is such a stubborn one too, Mmm Or i could just be going crazy lol, i dunno. I dont even know how it even started,

    Kinda random. we don't always do cleansing of objects and such, i am the only one into this sort of thing, well sort of, they know about it, and things like that, but not as much as me. my family i mean.

    Your right though i shouldn't have let it get this far, but its quite strong whatever it is. and kinda making me feel like i need to be somewhere like in a crazy institution of some description LOL.

    Bee Xx

  • Plus if any other People out there could sense what is really Behind it all, id be appreciated- Cause i do not care what it is, or how it got here, Just that for it to go away to be rid of it, is the thing i am looking for cause i do not think i am strong enough to rid it on my own.

    Bee Xx

  • Bee,

    That is what the entity/shadow wants you to think.

    YOU are strong enough and you have the power of the rest of us at your back not to mention your ancesters (who do you think you inherited your gifts from, they know what to do.), your guides and angels who love you unconditionally, and GOD/Universe what power is there that can withstand this as your back up?)

    Don't just believe in your power, know it is so much greater.

    Blessings and back up!

  • Ibelieve- Thank you, 🙂 I do hope your right, and that it will leave me alone now, Getting kinda tired of it. 🙂 i dont understand it myself, but it also makes me feel bad sometimes.

    Thank you for Believing in me.

    Bee Xx

  • You know, I just got the impression it is an elemental. Attracted to your energy. Not really powerful just kind of mindless attraction. Like a Bee to nectar. Understand.

    You don't shoo a bee away from the flower in your space, as it just comes back. Instead, you remove the flower from your space and the bee goes away as there is no longer anything attracting it.

    I'm think you might be leaking energy. Ground your energy release the extra energy to mother earth and then shield yourself with white light.


  • Sound good to me Bee, The Light always wins Bee, Imagine you are a tree and roots are growing from your body into the ground to ground yourself. Thanks guys.

  • That is interesting, How do i ground my energy, Is that done mostly through meditation and such a like. I am getting into that well, been doing some every night, jsut listening to mantras though, never heard of an elemental, Mindless attraction, Interesting. huh. Well your right that it is not really powerful, but it still freaks me out.

    Bee Xx

  • Also thinking fear doesn't help, i am not so good at letting the fear go, and replacing it with love, though i will try my best. I am thankful for all of your help, and any one else's that wishes to Join in.

    I know i Probably sound crazy, but I do not mind sharing this, if it helps. hehe.

    Bee Xx

  • They can be anywhere from a slight prickling to very unerving. Depending on their strength or how long they have been around.

    Is your bedroom above ground?

  • No i don't think so - my bedroom is upstairs- I dont know what you mean by above ground though.

    My bedroom is tiny, Small square room but enough space for little me 🙂 lol and yeah very unnerving, causes me to feel really bad, and takes me into depression mode too.

    Bee Xx

  • Becca, call on Archangel Michael to fight at your side. This thing won't stand a chance. xx

  • Hi Everyone, I'm copy/pasting here 🙂 , just left the info below on Ibeleive's thread. Anyway I used to attend the Berkley Psychic Institue and the first thing they teach is grounding and protecting, because when you start working on your psychic skills you are opening yourself up and there are lots of entity's hanging around..so hope this helps. Love and Light 🙂 GJay

    Hi Ibeleive,

    Hope you don't mind me just jumping in here but I have used this very similar method of grounding and clearing for over 15 yrs, I learned it while attending the berkley psychic institue and it feels so good, anyway remembered seeing it here awhile back, so copying a bit of it below... I'm sure there are many other ways, so imagine SilverRavenWolf will also have info as well, but this is very nice. Love and Light 🙂 GJay

    this is from leoscorpion's thread posted by goldenhill @


    Also, please ground self everyday-

    sit down in chair feet on ground, visualize grounding cord dropped from root chakra

    base of spine all the way to core of the earth-as do thus pick color

    can change color anytime,then ****. Energy coming from soles of feet from the earth up to legs up to same chakra **** energy swirling and mixing leave 10% in chakra then 90% goes down to earth via feet then via energy coming from Universe via top of head down to all chakras then swirl at base chakra leave 90% there and send 10% down via feet

    do this for a while weeks or so, Till feel comfortable and grounded

    then if attraction continues change the color you vibrate at to orange or brown this is only to be used temporarily must remember to change color back to what you feel ok!

    You can command this and it will be( changes the color of your aura, that those weirdos are drawn to) best wishes!

    Also with grounding excersise,forgot to mention, after 90% left at base mix with that 10% swirl together then bring up to top of head and on way up let it also go out both hands held out to sides(can ****,hands don't hav to be out) see it flowing as fountain

    breathe in as energy comes in. when done, u will know when enough has been circulated thru out, then **** 1 or 3 roses outside of your Auric space

    and command that people will meet you at the rose only

    may have to blow several roses and create new ones if energy drain occurs

    for more info see Mary Ellen Flora material

    best wishes

  • Oh thank you Gjay, you got here before I did.

    Bee, if I find an easier one I will post as well. I tried typing up one of mine own but the words are just not flowing at the moment.

    I will post later on how to visualize connection from your room above the ground (meaning not sitting right on top of it.)

  • No please jump in, love and kindness is so beautiful, Bee is a piece of work because she doubts too much, gotta get past that, love you girlie! Bee just think that your body is a tree and imagine your roots going into the ground, thru the dirt and gravel and whatever is under you send the roots down into the earth and let them attach them selves, you can also say out loud "I am Grounded, words are powerful. Believe Chica.

  • Bless yall.

  • Ok thanks Ibeleive 🙂 Yea I take forever trying to figure out what to write so I copy and paste alot 🙂 Poetic thats really great and easier. You can also do the grounding and clearing and protecting with your home and room too.

  • Thank You I read about one where you envision the cord coming from heaven too, lets not confuse her, Muchas Gracias Senora. My head is spinning now! LOL

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