I need help and advice with Aries man

  • I have been seeing this guy for nearly 8 months now. I have been supporting him through after his wife left him and we have had some lovely weekends together and I call him every night and we chat for an hour or so. However, he now has to move from the marital home as its being sold and he is moving back to his old village and says I wont be able to come and visit him there as its next door but one to his mum and his sister will also be popping in and out. He says he still wants to see me though. HELP! I am in bits now. Going up to see him next Thursday. Should I tell him that I am in love with him??

  • There is no future with this man. You know this deep down in your gut but for some reason you don't want to listen to your instincts or perhaps you are not ready to listen.

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