Help needed urgently in making the right decision!

  • Dear all

    Please can anyone advise me about the right decision to make about probably the most important decision of my life.

    There is a guy in my life who is absolutely smitten with me. He really does love me so much and I don't think I can imagine him not being in my life.

    The only problem I am having difficulty with is the fact that he has a child from a previous marriage and I am not sure whether I would be able to handle it going forwards in the future. He is very close to his child which I completely understand, but it means his ex wife will always be on the scene too since the child is under 5. I'm not sure how to deal with that and also whether she will cause problems for us in the future.

    He has proposed marriage to me and would like to get married this summer. Also I will have to relocate to the US where he lives - I am in the UK.

    I haven't actually said yes. I just don't know if I should accept his proposal and take things further.

    (My date of birth is 18.2.77 and his is 16.4.82)

    Please can someone give me some insight as to whether this relationship will work and whether I should pursue it or not?

    Many thanks

  • unfortunately a tarot reading will only reveal what decision you will make on your own. It cannot tell you what to do. I have been using tarot for 16 years now and I have never once known for it to tell you what your outcome would be if you did one thing vs the other.

    I would suggest that you both should meet in person first to make certain there is complete attraction. Moving to another country for someone you have never met is incredibly risky. I would suggest doing what your gut instinct tells you to do. You are the only person who can really make that decision, right or wrong, that is completely up to you.

    I cannot forecast a future scenario for you but please follow your first instinct. If you have not said yes as of yet, you probably have a good reason why. Go with that.

  • Hi Misha

    lovedetox made a few good points - 1st have you ever met him & his child? 2nd follow your gut instinct 3rd Ask about the ex... find out as much as you can about her 3rd do you love him?

    raising anothers child is hard but it can be a wonderful thing I raised 2 of my children along with his 2 children the boy turned into a wonderful young man but his daughter & my daughter made it a living hell as well as the ex's but we survived & are still together after 14 years

  • Thank you both for your kind advice I really appreciate it and will take on board the points that you have raised.


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