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  • @HealingWays:

    I Am so glad that I was able to help you and give you peace of mind and relief. You are a special person and deserve it. Thanks for the wonderful comments. Much Love

    @Charmed WitchBente:

    Thank you for the sweet comments. Yes it is a quirky nickname ive had since highschool lol

  • Hello there, Just whatever you pull is fine, 11/20/65.

  • Thanks.

  • @Chrunch: I am working on yours next, i have not forgot about you sweety.

    @Taurus 513, @Molly, & @ lbeleive...i will have yalls done by this afternoon.

    My apologies for taking so long, I have classes during my day, and when i get breaks i work on readings. So I will try to get them to yall asap! Thanks again for asking for my help 🙂

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  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Blondebarbie22, there is no need to apologize for the length of time you take between readings..

    The majority of us realize you DO HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE.

    Blessings for the survice you are offering.


    loving silver wings

  • 2011 has proven to be tumultuous all the way around for me on every level, so i would love a reading. 🙂 7.10.69 and anything dealing with personal relationships, including ones on a romantic level, would probably help tremendously. 🙂

  • @Chrunch:

    It is natural for you to be feeling torn about which decision is best for you, especially with the time invested YOU put into making it work. I capitalized you because Im picking up the energy that this relationship has mostly been one-sided and it seems like you are the one who is always putting in the effort and energy in simply "trying" to make it work. Nine years is a long time to be in a relationship with another person, and yall have a son together. It seems as if the living arrangement was always conveinent for him, but in your heart it was not what u wanted...u long for more than just that. but after a while you started feeling as if he didnt want to commit fully to you(by marriage) and that if he hadnt made any move towards yall future together after 9 years, plus a child, then he must not want to marry you or think he doesnt love you enough. Im picking up that Rex has deeper issues and fears marriage because of a trauma event in his childhood. I feel that he deeply does love and care about you, but he doesnt have any plans (as of now or near future) to take that next step with you. There is a lot of tension between yall two, im sensing because of some sort of betrayal, deception, or possibly infedelity...a secret maybe that is there. I also feel that Both of yall are simply "tired" of trying so hard to stay together for your son's sake, when all along yall have known deep down that the relationship yall had is long gone. Im sorry if im being a little to honest, Im just trying to tell you exactly what im reading. As to your question if you should move on with your life, you honestly already know that answer deep down, you are just afraid to actually admit it. Yall have shared wonderful memories together and have a precious son. I think that your son being in an environment where he knows yall are unhappy, fighting alot is doing more damage to him than if you were to move out he would benefit by that and understand. He is still little and really doesnt know what is going on so your decision needs to be delicate, handled with respect between you and rex, and remain on good terms either way.

    The first card i pulled for you was the 9 of Wands (Introverted):

    -Decisions have weakened one's position. A defense will be difficult. A difficult conflict approaches.

    the second card was 10 of Swords:


    Walls crumble down and fall into ruin. Total failure. A time of grieving, pain and loss. Severe and devastating setbacks bring a plan to its end.

    Third card is Knight of Cups:


    Goals are far away and require a journey either physical or spiritual. The Knight of Cups represents creativity and yearning. Fulfillment exists but may be far away. A journey begins.

    The last card is The Tower:


    Ambition leads to conflict and strife. A tower is built high into the air -- a symbol of personal drive and ego. Goals lie in conflict with poweful surrounding forces, and forces of nature.

    So as you can see by the cards i have drawn for you, It's pretty clear what it says about the current state of yall relationship, and what is going on with it. Ultimately it is your decision to make honey, you know what is best for you & your son in your gut and heart. Best of luck to you and remember to keep your head up high during these painful times and do not regret anything!

    God Bless You, and your little one....I hope i was somewhat helpful to you!

    With Love,


  • Hi blondebarbie22,

    If you still have time, I need to choose from two man I dearly love, and I want t to know which is better suite for me and make me the happiest ? one is about 55 and the other 46.

    Melba June 18, 1969

  • Hi Bolndiebarbie22, I would love a reading regarding my love life and career path. DOB March 12 1985. Thanks!

  • Hello BlondeBarbie22,

    My DOB is 3/22/75 and my love interest is 10/29/78. How does he really feel about me and will we ever have some stable? I keep dreaming of a child so wondering if that is a child that he and I will have in the future. Thanks for all of you help.


  • Hi BlondBarbie22

    My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and I would love it if you could do a reading for her. She's had some tough times and is looking for work and a special someone to share her and her child's life with. Thank you soooooo much.


  • Duh!!!!!!!!! My daughter's birth info is 03/ 25/76


  • Dear Blondebarbie22,

    hey! hun im so sorry if i am to heavy i knew and i can feel it i am on high spirit and lot of things to do guide me sweetie love you heaps

  • Hey BB22

    u hit the nail on its head. ill need to re read this many a time. Its all so dead on. Thank u for making it clearer for me. i so owe u.


    ps, may i b bold to ask regard men n love n pregnancy ( as in when ill b a lucky to b mom) ??

  • CWB,


  • Hi blondebarbie22,

    First thank you very much for sharing your gifts with all of us...only if you have time and the energy:) i was wondering what you can pick up on me....Sheila,August 10,1960...

    Love,light,peace to surround you always

    Namaste blondebarbie22


  • Hey Blondie:) - Did you have a question for me?

  • Dear Blondebarbie,

    Could you please take a look at what the situation is with a guy I can't get off my mind? Not sure how much detail you need. But... something happened between us at a work do a few months ago and there were... shall we say sparks. but nothing was done about them. or then i've been too shy to respond, my defenses go up automatically. he's been away on business for a long time and now that i haven't seen him for a while, i'm not sure anymore where this attraction stands between us. whether he still likes me etc. can you please have a look?

    thank you so much for your help and generosity.


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