Destined For Great Things

  • Have you ever had the feeling that you are going somewhere with your life?

    I believe that we all have a certain goal we have to accompilish before we die. Everyone has a certain path that they need to take in order to contribute to greater cause. Why we were put on Earth, is what we all have wondered once in a while. I think that in our subconcious, we know what we are put here to do. It manifests itself in our dreams and desires.

    I personally think that I will make an impact on the world in some way. I don't know if it's good or bad. I just know it will make the world think and consider things in a different way. That's just my opinion.

    P.S. Sorry for the creepy eye pic but I am infatuated with eyes.

  • Never mind. The pic didnt show.

  • I definetly believe everyone is destined to do what they want and should do as long as they work hard to pursue their goals and dreams! If you are ok or not fully satisfied with your life I dont believe you are doing yourself any justice and are never going to be completely happy their for not living.

    I feel I am destined to do great things definetly! Ive always felt that way and for some reason I feel it would be soon. Im an aspiring film director, screenwriter and model (what a very interseting combo lol) Ive been writing, and studying these subjects like crazy especially the modeling which is new to me but I feel I am destined to do all three for some reason.

    Heres my picture-tell me what you think, hope you like it!

  • You're very pretty and you have a nice smile. I would like it better if you looked straight at the camera but that's only because I am infatuated with eyes.

    I agree, everyone should work hard for what they want.

    I also write but I can NEVER finish a story. I start writing and then move on to a different story. I can't stay on one story too long. Cool, I've written a play before (it's still not done) but it's about 40 pages which is really neat.

  • Omg Im the same way lol about stories. I written a full length script (120 pages) in 3 weeks for this contest but I didnt feel like it was my best only because of timing and my desire to finish other stories lol. I always find myself revising, seeing if I can change up the plot or the scene differently critiquing my work lol-sound familar?

    Thats great you finished 40 pages most people act like its hard to do 5 or even 10 pages. Just find your inspiration in each page you write set you self into the scene to have the story follow smoothly. You want to be a screenwriter too?

  • That does sound familiar. I actually spend about 30 minutes on the first paragraph and if I don't like it, I'll just delete the whole thing because I think "It can't get any better from here." Oh gawd, I look up so many contests and then end up never submitting them because I think they are horrible. I should become a critic! Lol!

    I can't really set myself in the scene seeing as it's about a psychopath. :D!

    Well, I want to become either a Forensic Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist, FBI/CIA agent, or Mother Teresa, or Gandhi, or the Dali Llama! LOL!

    I wanted to be just an author but I've been told it's more of a side job.

  • Wow lol I do that alot especially the deleting and the contest thing! I always critique my work and revise it believing it isnt good enough and sometimes I just enhance it just a little more but as I heard most good writers are like this! So I must be doing something right lol! And I have plenty of stories about gangsters, psychopaths, you name it lol! I love studying a slighty disturbed mind its a different side of human nature-very interesting. But hey if you want to still be a author go for it! Its a great profession to be in especially if you have talent!

  • Hi everyone,,Im new,,fascinating reading your comments,,,at 56, I have started so many projects and ( new business' s also) . Artist,,writer,,designer, jewery,nail care, vendor show scarf business,,dried herbs,,cocktail hats,,polymer clay, oil pastels,,photography, ect...some I have purchased supplies,,Never finished anything!, Iv'e come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter in the bigger picture of my life's ok to dream,,it's ok to explore,,. Interest in these has introduced me to new friends,,feelings of excitement,,,general happiness...Just feeling good! Isn't that what we all want? I now enjoy investigating new ideas ....I know a little about a lot...after reading your messages,i'm Glad To Be An Aquarian,,,I feel so yummy to be me.?

  • Very true its definetly ok to dream explore and find many different passions and aspects of life! Thats what makes life interesting! At least you can say you are experienced and the great thing is you have new lessons, realizations, newfound happiness and new friends all due to new experiences! 😉

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