Leo Female 02/08/83 - Cancer Male 22/06/81

  • Hello Everyone : )

    I have been reading from this forum for many years (about the same topic leo f / Cancer m.), but only joined today.

    I have been with my Cancerian male 22 June 1981 – for about 8 years LONG DISTANCE. (We live in different states and we are free to date other people - but we are in touch so much that we havent dated others seriously for some years now) we always keep in touch on a daily basis and talk, miss each other.

    We meet twice a year, and skype, call text weekly. - Im usually not a patient person, but with him I find it comes naturally.

    My question is: Cancer Male has asked me to move to his state, where his job is and see if we can make things work firstly for a few months and then long term if it works out.

    Im used to a big city, He lives in a quite City.

    I will be leaving my Family and friends (which I don’t mind at this stage as I want to see if we get along in person just as much as via phone emails ect.)

    He does have his typical cancarian moods, but I have grown to understand that he needs his space and we communicate well which helps us understand each other.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?

    Should I take the plunge, leave my familiar life for this amazing guy, or am I making a silly decision and will I find out he isnt as amazing as via emails ect?

    Thank you Thank you !

    Any responses would be appreciated as my mind is so confused I don’t know what will happen.


  • LeoElle:

    I too am a Leo and my husband is cancer. I have been married for 25 yrs, but I have to say it has been VERY rocky. He has his moods and to top it off he is also obsessive/compulsive. With age the OCD has become worse and he refuses to admit he has a problem. He too is crabby, and there is only one way in the relationship with EVERYTHING and that's his way. He is very controlling and expects me to forget my family and friends but keep his; It really sucks.

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  • LeoElle:

    Yes, he does have the split personality issue. I tend to believe it's the OCD and his sign too. My mother was also a Crabby and she had alot of the same tendencies. No, he isn't very distant, he seems to be VERY insecure and extremely jealous, constantly accusing me of infidelity. It's a long story with me, along with alot of history becuz we've been married for so long. Im not trying to discourage you, but I dont think you should sacrifice what you have where you are to go where he is?

  • Wow, LeoElle, I have the same bday as you and my gal has the same bday as your man, this is just Wow!!!

    IMO, unless you have a very good job opportunities in his state, I wouldn't move to his state and leave everything behind.

    Like you've said, 8 yrs is a long time, long distance or not.

    No offense, but seems like it is more like a FWB to him than a LTR.

    Anyhow best of luck to you.

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  • In that case LeoElle, since you have already prepared for the worst, just go for it, or else for the rest of your life you will live with "what if'. One way or another, or least you'll get an answer.

    I've met a few Leo with the same birthday, but haven't yet ran into one with the same birth year. Hopefully will meet one in my lifetime, I wondered how similar we will be LOL.

    As I learn from other Leos who's born on the 2nd (4, including myself), we tends to be the quiet type, not necessarily shy, just quiet, more like an observer, we can be bold and fierce at times, esp. when our love one are being attack. We don't enjoy to be the center of attention all the time, except when the attention is from "the one". We can be super wild and crazy, but only to those that are very close to us.

    We are extremely private person, we are friendly to many, but only a selected few can gets to our core and those who are there will stays there forever. We are very close to our family and friends, very loyal to our lover and tends to aim for long term relationship. Hopelessly romantic when we are in love. We aim for finding "the one" in our life and look for quality instead of quantity.

    I use the name LostLeo because I was having trouble with my Cancer at the time I join Tarot.com, I figure now, in a way, I will always be feeling "lost", because she's a cancer. But I would rather be lost than not being with her.

    In terms of other areas in my life, am pretty much know what I want and work hard to reach my goals once I've set it. I don't find it hard to make my own decisions as I'm very independent, but I do take some time to analyze the situations before I make my decisions.

    "Aim for the best and prepare for the worst" is my motto.

    "Patient" would be the keyword with Cancer, I wish you all the best with your cancer 😃

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