Experience Your Choices Prior to Birth

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    This channel had many different layers to it as do so many of these Goddess journey. Before we even started the journey, the Goddess began by speaking of the things that are going on within many people’s lives. She spoke of the energies of frustration, disappointment, anger, even suicide. As she acknowledged this in people, I could feel some of the energies shifting.

    As the Goddess was taking us from our grounded state into the Soul plane she was speaking in different terms. Rather than speaking of the spaces as grid work, she spoke of them as areas of our higher selves. She did this in response to a comment from an individual and to see if it actually assisted people in connecting to the energies. It felt different to me, as if it was less defined and more of an abstract energy.

    Once in the All That Is, she spoke once more of the frustrations and disappointments we may be having in our lives. She assisted us in linking with these parts of ourselves as a means of shifting out of that space. I could feel shifts taking place on many different levels. The Goddess also once more spoke of releasing from the conscious and unconscious perspectives.

    From there, she took us back through our birth and into the time or the moments before we born. She encouraged us to look around and see who was there. In doing so, this was another way to shift some of the energy of people’s lives. It also gave people the opportunity to see alternatives and to see how certain things perhaps became skewed as a result of the human experience. It was very powerful and created immense change in certain cases.

    So this journey truly created change on many different levels and from different perspectives. I invite you to open and see what your choices were prior to your birth. Open to remember who you truly are. Allow yourself to release all that no longer servers you.


    Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

    I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one who has come to join us for this experience today. As I reach out I feel as if my energy flows to you and yours flows back to me.

    We are all aligned with one another. There is a constant flow of love and awareness that moves through not only those here upon the journey but everyone who reads it or listens to it at a later time.

    Feel the alignment. Feel how many are here and present. Allow yourself to open to the awareness that you are not alone on your journey. You have a family and they are here with you right now.

    I have been listening as you speak to me. I have heard people speaking about the changes taking place in their life. I’ve also heard of people speaking of the lack of change in their lives. I’ve heard people ask me to assist them with opening up. And I’ve heard people say that they are tired and ready to transition.

    The general sense of all of these energies is that feeling that comes with being out of balance. Sometimes it comes with being in the midst of a huge transformation; sometimes it comes from the perception of being alone.

    As you allow yourself to become focused within at this moment while we are still grounded on the Earth plane, I invite you each to just breathe within yourself. Feel the energy as it moves down inside of you and then breathe out, letting go. Just let go of anything that may have been playing through you at this time.

    Take in another breath, once more breathing down the essence and the awareness of who you are and all that is within you in this moment. As you do this I then invite you to have a sense of letting your energies stream out from where you are within your physical body.

    As you do so you may have a sense of the magnetic grid. You may not sense the gridwork itself but just that place where your higher self resides. Perhaps it is without the structure of the grid.

    You allow your focus to align with your higher self and you feel who you are. You can feel a sense of expansion.

    From there I invite you to shift even further. This time feel as if you let go the magnetic pull of the earth. As you let your consciousness shift further there is a crystalline grid or what one might call the part of your higher self that is in alignment with the crystalline energies of the Universe.

    Feel that as it flows through you. As it does so, allow your energies to expand into this space, taking in perhaps the energies of the grid or perhaps just that expanded sense of self.

    From here I invite you to have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. Some of you may shift directly into the soul plane as you leave the consciousness of your physical self.

    For others it may be easier to allow your consciousness to expand bit by bit until you find yourself within this space. This is a dimension, it is a shift in consciousness, it is a place where you may access the greater amount of your divinity.

    So breathe deeply and let your energies expand. As you look within this space, you may see, you may sense, you may feel the essence of your divinity. As you do so reach out as if to embrace who you are in your entirety.

    I invite you to open up to feel the love. This is unconditional love from you for you. Allow it to flow with ease.

    I the Goddess move into this space. As I do so I reach out to embrace you. I see you as who you are in this life upon the Earth; I see you as your divinity. In doing so, I reach forth and embrace who you are.

    As I embrace you as your divinity, you may feel us shifting into the All That Is. Here within the All That Is, I invite you to look around. Feel what this place is for you. Feel that sense of coming home; that sense of recognition that this is where you are.

    The more time that you spend within the All That Is, the more you discern within the space. There are times that you come here so as to be able to create a new reality for yourself. There are other times you may come for that sense of being nurtured and loved. There may be other instances when you come here as a means of seeking answers to some questions that you have about your life.

    So if you are looking for minute details, specific answers or anything along that line, you may find that you get a lot of details from within here. If you are looking for that sense of comfort, love or awareness you may have just a sense of the essence of this space.

    I invite all who are here to open up and feel this nurturing love. For our discussion tonight I am considering different ways to bring up a topic of conversation.

    Now I know that you may think this is not a conversation; you are just speaking to me. But the truth is every time we have these journeys like this it is as if I receive immediate communication back and forth from you.

    I would like you to realize that this is a flow that has movement to it; there is a give and take, and that’s always going on. That’s why when you speak to me at other times besides here, we’ve already set up the communication and I can hear you and I do respond every single time.

    So first of all I invite you to take a moment and look at your life. I feel as I said at the beginning that sense of frustration that so many of you are feeling. There are many different reasons why you may feel it.

    It is to each their own so if perhaps there is something within your life that’s making you feel frustrated I invite you in this moment to bring it up. Bring it up from within you.

    Now then as you consider whatever this may be have a sense of looking at it from different perspectives. There is always an energy that is underlying whatever may be causing an individual to feel frustrated.

    So look beneath the surface; do you feel that you are not being heard? Do you perhaps feel a lack of respect? Perhaps it’s something to do with feeling overwhelmed with all that is going on within your life. These are but a few options; you may have something totally different.

    So as you consider whatever may be making you frustrated, feel as if you are drawing it up from within your consciousness, perhaps from within your heart, perhaps your emotions, and just let all of it come up for a moment. And then I invite you to breathe it out and let it go.

    When you have things that are happening within your life they may come along in layers. As you let go one layer you may see there is something else that comes up for you.

    I invite each one of you to either picture or sense that you are sitting in a room and within this room let yourself bring forth everything that may be going on, be it frustration, anger, sadness, anything that you have a sense maybe holding you back or keeping you in a space that feels less than good.

    Let it all come here within this room. It makes me chuckle because I see some of you have very crowded rooms and others are almost empty. This is but another means of creating a space of acknowledgement for the things that you are really feeling and experiencing within your life.

    As you continue to consider whatever this may be, from here within the All That Is, take in the greater love, the greater compassion, and the greater awareness from your divinity and let it flow through this moment.

    The sense I get is that so many of these parts that are within you are simply seeking to be acknowledged. They are seeking to have the recognition that these parts of you exist and they have meaning. Let whatever that may be come into you in this moment.

    It may be a sense of something over and over. It may be a multitude of things. But allow your room to express itself. Allow yourself to take in whatever that may be. And then let it go.

    If you need to open the door and let it release you will find that by acknowledging these emotions, beliefs, experiences, whatever they may be, by acknowledging that it shifts the energy.

    I the Goddess swirl through here clearing out all that is ready to be cleared out so that as you look around your room, you can see it’s different. You can see that you and your perception of yourself have shifted.

    As you consider your life, as you consider what it would be like to let go of these frustrations, let go of whatever seems to be holding you back, then see what you are seeking to create.

    As this energy moves through you ask yourself is this the best outcome or is there perhaps something else? As these energies continue to move, allow yourself to feel the flow and allow everything to become infused with even greater potential.

    And one last thing I would like to bring up as we spoke of the last time. Is there anything that remains unconscious to you that’s having an effect? What is it? What does it mean to you? Is it anything that is there for a reason perhaps of protection?

    Allow yourself to breathe in your divinity and let your divinity just shine upon your life.

    And as your divinity, your own self, is shining this light allow it to illuminate everything within and around who you are and where you are in this moment. Breathe in and feel what that is to you.

    What does it mean to know your divinity? What does it mean when people speak of fate or intention or sometimes they use the word karma, sometimes they’ll use the word soul mate. What do all of these things mean to you in your current life?

    There are times when people say that they feel like there is something even bigger than them that’s having an effect upon their lives. Sometimes they state that they feel guided. Sometimes they feel like whatever is holding them back is one of those things.

    This is an opportunity for you to have a sense of really connecting with your divinity. In fact let’s have a little exercise and this is a different way than what we have used in the past. I invite you to take in a breath and feel where you are right now in your life.

    I now invite you to have a sense of shifting your energy and as if your consciousness is moving along, let it flow through the years that you have lived upon the Earth. You flow back from this moment, continuing on until the time of your birth into this Earth.

    Use that as a means of focusing and then from there take a step further and reach back towards where you were as you awaited your birth in this life. Feel yourself not as the person that you are right in this moment but feel yourself as the soul essence filled with potential that is waiting to be born.

    As you do this look around see who is here and perhaps consider what thoughts may be going through your mind. As you are within this space feel the complete love and awareness that is you as you still have this complete blend with your divinity. Perhaps there are people around you that you intend to see in this life.

    Absolutely your parents, although for some it may only be your mother, actually we see for others they never know either one of their parents. But here in this moment before you are born into their life there is a connection with them.

    Some of you may look around and you see people that have been friends, sometimes enemies, you may look around and see people that are your spouse, siblings, and as you consider your life right now perhaps there’s someone that you would like to go speak to and talk about the life that you eventually will live.

    Ask them what their intention is for you. Ask them how they feel about you. When this is done allow yourself to feel that your birth is imminent. Feel the excitement and the joy that you have as a soul essence because you are choosing a life upon the Earth.

    Feel the anticipation for all that is to come because yes, 100 percent of you are anticipating the life that you will lead. Breathe it in and breathe it out. You can see by having these people around you that you did put forth the intention to have certain things within your life or to take place within your life. You may have a greater understanding of what this is.

    That energy that people refer to as karma; you can see how there truly is not that intention. Karma is a term or a phrase that humanity has come up with. You don’t need to pay back anything; you don’t need to fix anything.

    From here within your divinity you can see how you are putting forth intentions for experiences and you can also see how you have way more potentials than what you have actually tapped into.

    So at any time you can create change; at any time you can make new choices for yourself that allow you to feel happier, that allow you to let go the pain, the frustration, whatever it may be.

    As you feel these emotions and energies flowing through you at this moment just prior to your birth let that excitement and awareness come into your consciousness at this time and then take in a deep breath and feel yourself moving through that birth process.

    Try not to let yourself get stuck there because so often people do. If you do feel stuck then breathe in and breathe out whatever it may be and let your energies come further and come further.

    Feel yourself coming through this lifetime. It may be that you find various times of your life coming to your awareness and it makes sense to you now. You may have a different perception than what you’ve had in the past. You continue on, you come forward even further until you find yourself back within the All That Is.

    Look at you; it’s amazing to see. I see you as acknowledging your personal strength and abilities. I see you as truly feeling who you are in this moment and accepting all of this as your reality. You breathe in and you breathe out.

    With the strength of that awareness infuse it into your daily life. With your new and expanded perceptions, let that breathe down within you clearing out anything that you are conscious or even unconscious of.

    Let go and breathe out so that you may stand here in this moment in a state of complete balance, in a state of your strength and understanding. In the space of your awareness as you truly are.

    This is for you to feel for yourself. This inner knowing and inner sense of your divinity is for you to express as you live your daily life. Breathe, experience and allow for all of this to be who you are.

    I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you do so feel yourselves as that inner strength and look around at all who are here. As you do so have a sense of the hologram as it comes up within this group.

    As you look at the hologram you can see the various parts of the world, perhaps you see where you live, perhaps you see a particular place in the world that you would like your focus to be upon.

    Whatsoever it may be, feel that energy as it comes up within and as it flows through you let it infuse into the hologram. It is as if the hologram is taking on this sparkling light.

    You may see with greater clarity the dimensions that are represented within the hologram. This is an added perception that has become more and more prevalent over the past year. This represents the greater amount of consciousness available upon the Earth.

    All of that becomes infused and you sent the hologram until it moves down, it’s as if it moves down through the crystalline grid. There’s a portion that moves out towards Ariellis and the remainder comes down into Earth.

    As it moves through the magnetic grid there is that portion that becomes infused within everybody’s higher self. You continue to perceive the hologram as it goes down; it moves into the center of the Earth.

    As it does so it aligns with those crystals that are at the core of the Earth, infusing them, and then the energy radiates out. It comes out through the Earth, it comes out through the surface of the Earth, it comes up into you and anchors in you. It also anchors in the trees, the grass, the flowers, in everything that is around.

    Have a sense of letting your awareness return once more into the All That Is. As you do so let yourself feel energized and excited about all that was revealed to you today. Let the knowledge flow through you of what it feels like to have let go so much.

    Recognize how this life that you have been living in but one of the many potentials you put forth for yourself. You may create a change at any time. Infuse the intention of whatever it may be into your consciousness even deeper and then you shift back into the space of the soul plane.

    Do you feel a sense of recognition? Can you feel that space from where you shifted out as you created this reality upon the Earth?

    Open your consciousness to the intention of linking within that space and just let it become healed, let it become whole, let it become complete as it flows within and around you.

    You then shift even more, coming back through that crystalline energy. You may have a sense of feeling the various dimensions within or you may have a sense of just flowing through your higher self.

    And then feel the energies of the Earth as you feel the gravitational pull once more. As you do so you look around and see what’s here. Perhaps there is a similarity from within this space to what you aligned with when you went to that space of where you were before you were born. Let all of it flow through you.

    I next invite you to let your energies stream back down within your physical body. As you come back here within your physical reality you feel the essence of your body. Allow yourself to integrate all of that transition that has taken place over the course of this journey.

    Once more feel your current reality and feel the changes that have taken place as a result of this journey. Feel the strength and the awareness that is now pouring through you. Breathe it down and anchor it within your physical reality.

    As you look out at your life, if there’s any residual of any of those emotions or thoughts that were holding you back then once more breathe in deeply and breathe out, releasing, letting them go; let them flow away from you. And you may find that you can let go at an even deeper level that you did before.

    Feel the love of your divinity. Feel the awareness that there are options available to you. Look towards whatever it is that makes you feel good.

    As you do so I invite you to come back within the conference.

    All right beloved family, thank you as always for sharing with us this opportunity and this experience.

    We do always feel such love for you and we so appreciate this time together. And so with that I will bring this evening to a close.

    I am ever with you and within.


    This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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