What can you tell me about my guides....

  • I am in the mode of trying to connect with my spiritual guides and although I know I am never alone and their presence is felt, I feel somewhat disconnected from them. It's as if there is something standing between me and them so I cannot learn what I want to know who they are, how long have they been with me, what is your name. My guess it is myself and the limitations I impose on myself that is standing in the way but if anyone can guide me or give me information of any kind on just who my guides are presently I would certainly appreciate it.

    Now I am wise enough to realize what I want to know and what they want me to know may be two very different things. But I would feel better if I could communicate with them by name at least on some level.

    I'm open to whatever you pick up, please share it with me.

    Thank you.

  • bUMP 🙂

    bee Xx

  • Kind of getting the feeling the team assigned to me has changed. Can anyone offer any insight?

  • Too weird,

    I was feeling the same way for the last month and posted about it a couple of times. I am thinking I am comming out of it a little now and that things are settling down a bit and I'm getting messages again.

    Only thing I can offer is to be patient with the transition. And to know that the guides you are used to are still there and always will be there for you.


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