Aquarius women...

  • First and foremost, I am a cancer male. I fit the description to a T, its not even funny. Anyways...I usually click well with virgo & scorpio women, but for some reason..all of the most beautiful women ive known/ had encounters with were Aquarius.

    They are almost exactly opposite of cancer..but I cant resist them and they always wind up hurting me.

    Do Aquarius women even like cancer males or do they just find us attractive?

  • Aquarians love space, I know that much. Emotional attachment isn't the usual but they can be passionate about somebody. I have a wonderful aquarius friend who goes in all sorts of directions and focuses on so many things that having a "steady" boyfriend doesn't even cross her mind. You should read up on them, you'll see.


  • ive read up on them plenty...even going as far as to cover up all my "cancer" traits.. lol.

    the last aqurian i had feelings for was driving me crazy....i couldnt stop thinking about her! i never told her because i knew it'd scare her away. we really had nothing in common but she was soo sexy and i just wanted to be with her lol

    Do these aloof creatures even feel emotion?

  • I'm an Aquarius and had the major hots for a Cancer once, however my rising sign is Cancer so not sure if that had anything to do with it!

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  • Im an aquarian and I agree with all of you they always think that aquarian is not emotional but deep down inside I can easily get affected if someone matters to me is dealing with any emotionally problem and as much as possible I wouldn't show it with them but if they really noticed I always give my heart and soul to give them comfort.Cancer is extremely opposite of our traits as I can see I Aquarian very expressive or direct always trying to express how I felt towards anyone but it doesn't mean I wouldn't care about you though i felt bad on what you did towards me.I knew some Cancer and I found that most of them are indirect and by doing that you make me feel confused and uncomfortable for me to understand you.All I need to know was how you feel and it wouldn't make me feel good if you will not telling me what is the truth you rather telling how you felt though it hurt me I would appreciate that.Aquarian hate people who lied. I have heaps of friends and easy to get along with by I hardly trust people and I am very cautious to trust people and it will makes me feel upset if I give all my best when they can still talk shit on my back.And If I said I care about meaning I really mean it. Id love to talk anything under the sun. I hate argue but I wouldn't stop digging the truth if you hiding something to me. I love traveling ,being alone or by myself most of the time, you can see me in a big party and entertaining people. I love my freedom but it doesn't mean I don't like to have a partner in life all I want for him to support what I am doing and respect me for who I am cos what ever I do my hearts belong to him. I don't like jealous people that word never exists to me.But if you betrayed me I reckon it would hard for me to trust you again especially with my friends cos i consider them as my family.People see me very intellectual and I hate people putting me down.I'm so sweet to my friends by I'm a bit shy to show my affection to my opposite things that i neglect sometimes and scared that i might push them away from me.So I keep myself inside I wouldn't waste anytime to you if I don't like you and I can easily read people though I knew they will used me but I always give them benefit of the doubt this people makes may world upside down things that I DONT REALLY UNDERSTAND TILL NOW BOTTOM LINE YOU CANT PLEASE ANYONE IN THIS WORLD AND NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO ANYONE SAD BUT TRUE BEST THING IS TO COMPROMISED AND I AM GOOD TO THAT GIVING AND SHARING POINT OF VIEW IM OPEN TO ANYTHING TO WORK IT OUT WHATS THE BEST.

  • Motocrab,

    I once involve to Cancerian Man and I do believed that we scared you for being so charming and lovely to anyone were not insecure and most of the time we can easily attract our opposite and I knew it based on my experienced.If I were you let her know how you feel and you can easily get the answer friendship is a good foundation of relationship but if she said to you that she can see you as her friend that's the way it is cos we never wasted anyone time if we find out your interesting thats a good sign dont keep a secret tell her there's nothing to lose.

  • Thans, I will keep this in mind if I ever encounter another Aquarius

    Why do all the sexiest women have to be under this sign!!

  • oh I over look your second message, being aquarian I hardly trust my opposite and if i knew that your only after to have some good times I can easily tell you that were aloof cos were really value ourselves respect and tenderness is big thing bear that in your mind and if you win aquarian to deal with you.Make it clear what are you after to her so she can set her boundary don't lie other wise makes us freak out cos were so patient ,very understanding,broadminded,loving,carring and very sensetive ,very passionate in everything we do, We have plenty of emotion thats why we love to talk people and most of the time need our own space or freedom we need someone who will appreciate and respect us for who we are cos once u win believe me trust,loyalty,love and care you got everything in one deal.Physical appearance is not an issue we see people in thier heart so we expecting that never ever lied to us wether good or bad communication is the key then if you can't handle those simple words with all my hearts i will set you freely you don't know what you missed on us. I'm to intense to answer your question I once in this situation and I am glad I'm over it now.I start the ball rolling again and its all about me now another long year for me to trust someone.But I was told that i need to learnt to close my past as easy as i can cos i always holding my past and can't let go.I know nothing about Cancerian man but he made a mark on me but I will never take it in my heart.I've learnt a lot from him he teach me how to accept weakness showing me not all the time I can keep them as a friend or may be its just a game that i never played in my life that i need to realized I allow myself cos he made me feel so interested and challege to me no matter what I had no regret his always been a part of me.

  • Oh well what are you trying to imply my dear ,i don't really get what you trying to insinuate here is that a compliments or insult.Compliments using Sexiest in your eyes were absolutely attractive in what ways as bedtime story you will killing me and scared me once I meet someone same under your sign ugghhh I need to run past last year I had so much under your sign to friends and what ever he wants to call what kind of relationship he calls and thinks of me. Sorry if I sounded bitterness here cos as far as i am concern and what i heard and read in every single story here was totally disappointed but above all what happening my prayers and all the best in everything he doing and more blessings to come with him. I am glad that I knew what cancerian man after with us .You made enormous mark on me very well said.I'm over it.And for you to say that I WISH YOU FIND REALLY HAPPINESS IN LIFE.

  • I'm an aquarious (if you didn't guess by the name) my moon however is in cancer it's home sign which i've always felt made me a little emotional at times. My issues though probably because of life experiences is keeping it so bottled up before it just goes off on some unsuspecting person.

    Especially in love i make pretty firm attachments though they don't always know just how much of one as i can keep the surface waters in check pretty well.

    That being said i tend to shy away from cancers, for whatever reason however i don't go for who the books tells me to on the sun sign surface either. For instance right now a scorpio has my full attention...

    If i call you my friend i have your back however hurt me, turn on me or cross me and you have no idea what you are setting off (so much for the non challant passive aqua rep lol)

    Sun sings are a surface appearance you need to get into planets and stuff to get the full story (rising etc). Also check out chinese signs and elements they are pretty nifty too.

  • I can feel you I never share my feelings and get my point of view by the books and by signs but with all honesty and pretty obvious and you can ready all the thread under your sign is totally connected. I am not talking in general but mostly our experience is pretty much all the same.If your a friend of mine and I can easily connect in you that is for sure my loyalty and trust is always with you.Being Aquarian I love peace and harmony I can sacrifice my own happiness and put first people matters to me, Hope they realized that I have a few experienced and they never giving mw apology and if they will it comes from their nose not from they heart. I am very friendly person and i put everything 101% percent I never asked anything in return simple thanks that came from their heart much appreciated but talk shit and never once felt respected and most of them have an upper hand to say something about me i really don't know what to say but look at you .I may be out of control cos I start to be own my own and limit myself to anyone whom I care and giving me so much pain for all the time and giving away from them to say yes your right and vow in everything I lost myself respect and its killing me when they tried to twist my stories we never grow up with lies and swearing I am not trying to clean myself her cos I commit mistake too and all of us.I will never ever ask any validation on what you doing and where you came from what ever happen I can back it up myself and tried to keep myself away to peoples putting me down how stupid I am to keep how I felt from the very start all you want for me is to listened you think I was mean and rude and never have sympathy from what even through. I think you keeping me away from your emotionally issues in life great how lovely you are again deep down inside I was affected so what i do now is for you to understand and learnt to listen of others opinion and not all the time they will agree with you and they must said alright you got it right have think are they real to me or making fun of me .I knew a lot of people but I am cautious to some once who I trust and you must be lucky your one of them but now you need to record yourself abusive and words against action is not appropriate I will offer help its comes from my heart you knew to yourself that I'm not able to talk shit with them when I never hear anything but hurting words that never ever cross in to my mind for you to say and tried reaching out and helping you out .Reflect and recall everything we both valued respect and privacy I am limited person and if your excuse me I am the person never ever turns my bak when you need most but all of this has and end. I hope someday learnt to put your feet on the ground there is nothing to lose but gain more courage to accept who you are and accept people whom they are as long as never hurt your feelings validate every thing clear your mind thats what i always pray for us and give more guidance and knowledge and lead us is the right path ways of life;

  • Im an Aqua and I agree with all the other Aqua's, people tend to think that aquarians are not emotional but believe me deep down inside I can feel just as strongly as any Cancer if you mean something to me. When dealing with strong emotions I wouldn't show it with you but if you take the time to notice I will always give my all to make you happy and loved. For me I tend not to show my emotions as I do have a fear of rejection like any other.

    There are some fairly noticeable differences between the Aqua/Cancer combo, I tend to be more direct in my expressions and what I'm thinking and sometimes this may hurt a Cancers feelings, this is not intentional I just want to let you know that I have nothing to hide and I'm wanting to be honest from the get go. I'm sort of seeing a Cancer man and a year before meeting him I was being persued by this guy which I lost contact with and totally forgot about. One night I received a random text from this guy and I told him straight that I wasn't interested and that I have a new bf, I thought I should let my cancer know this as I don't like to hide things and he just went beserk and cut me off just like that....for an Aqua that's just ilogical because if it was reverse I would not give it a second thought because he told me about it....ever since he has held this against me, I'm not saying that I hold this against all Cancers because it comes down to the man himself and his past and upbringing. Where I have found with my Cancer that he is very indirect in his approach with me and his feelings which I find very confusing because I just don't know where I stand with him. I understand that Cancers need their space because hey I'm exactly the same, all I'd like is for you to come out and tell me "babe I'm feeling outta sinc, I just need time on my own" and I'll give it but I'll let you know I'll be there when you come back from where ever it is you retreat to. I was attracted to my cancer for him being such a cancer, the fact that you can make a woman feel amazing, that you are so dedicated to family and your relationship are a huge plus for me because family & friends are so very important to me. I'm very secure in myself and don't need constant reassurance that you find me attractive or question why you are with me like my cancer man. Looks and Money are not so important to me, if you can stimulate me mentally that's far sexier to me coz if I say I'm with you and I tell you I love you I mean it and there will be no one else in my mind but you. I don't believe in just hooking up with someone for just the sake of it or to just have a good time....I think it would be a waste of my time and yours. I can be the most amazing supportive partner if given a little bit of space when I need it and an open honest relationship. Never ever lie or get caught out in a lie because I find that very hard to forgive, I sometimes think that my cancer tells me things as not to hurt my feelings but if you're honest to me I will forgive just about anything. I have so many friends and I love to talk to anybody and everybody and just make people feel special and I think my cancer finds this hard to understand because he finds it hard to let people in where I can meet a stranger on the street and basically get their whole history in a matter of minutes!!! If we're out and about together I'll be the one with a crowd of people around me happily laughing and chatting and even though I sometimes like the attention my man being comfortable will be my first priority. And I do like to be around lots and lots of people I just as much love being on my own either holed up in my room reading a good book or just listening to music...sometimes I can drop off the radar for months and then I'll resurface as if I'd never been gone and only my family and a handful of very close friends will accept this about me....because they know that at the end of the day I'm the most loyal, supportive and non judgemental friend you could ever ask for, if you need me I will drop everything to be there for you...friends are just about as important to me as family actually I would consider them to be family.......I love the fact that I am the way I am and wouldn't change it for anything, I just wish my Cancer would understand that even though I may not act like how he want's doesn't mean I don't feel and love him less than he does me.

    Sorry if this has sounded all over the place and I hope this has given you a little insight into another Aqua's pov......we love passionately, feel strongly and try to understand everything that makes you unique..........I will always find Cancers an enigma and I will only think of the positive parts of my Cancer as he has enriched my life in so many ways, yes he drives me absolutely insane but I just can't seem to leave him alone!!! So Motocrab even though you think we don't care about you we wouldn't be with you if we didn't care 100%

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