Shuabby a follow-up if you find time please

  • Hi Shuabby - You've been on my mind lately and since I see you popping in on the threads I thought I'd inquire about a little reading you did for me last fall. You saw a tall, lanky, sandy haired man coming into my life. Well, as unlikely as this has seemed all these months, indeed, the tallest and lankiest of men I've ever known blew back into my life this past month. I haven't spoken to him in decades and I still find it odd that he has sought me out. We knew each other as children, but really never got to know each other well. Our closest connection is that he and my brother have a mutual friend.

    He is far away, in another state. He has been married to the same woman for at least twenty years, he has two gorgeous and bright daughters, a brilliant career as an artist...and yet...he seems to be lacking something. He seeks "encouragement". You know, you didn't say why this "lanky man" would be coming into my life. It was easy to assume (hope for, lol) that it would be a romantic encounter, but that doesn't seem likely here. So I wonder if this is the man you spoke of? If so, what is the purpose in all of this? Things have just been flowing along in a friendly way, I have no desire to push him to reveal more about what "spurred him to find me" as he put it. Just so uncanny that he so perfectly fit your description, even still has his brown hair - impressive for anyone our ages, lol. My birthday is 7-7-60 and his is 12-2-59. I would be so appreciative if you had any insights on this situation. If not, that's okay too. My curiousity is just piqued at this point. Thanks Shuabby for your time and attention here!

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