Would anybody like to tell me if I'm preggo?

  • Before you ask, yes I tried an at home test, it came back negative. Still no monthlies for this month, and I see the Dr. Monday, but I just can't wait any longer. Does anyone think they may have a little insight?

  • sorry looks like u hafta wait till monday dear. 4 my part its about being wrong. if i say ye u is n doc says u aint ull come on to me like a ton of bricks n i´d b 150% wrong. now if i say no n doc says yes ill get hammered by u again.

    This is properly why readers aint keen on such questions. Ill add im no doc, i havent studied it for years on end n i have no diploma that ssys hey im a doc n specialize on obgyn.


  • Hehe, my impatience knows no bounds. But thank you for your honesty, and yes, it was bit silly and wished immediately there was a delete button somewhere. Panic can make you do some silly things.

  • I know. so been to docs yet?

  • There was no need, my body eventually (albeit incredibly late) did as it was supposed to. But in that situation, my partner and I learned a lot about eachother and value eacahother even more. So it didn't turn out all bad. ^_^

  • Thats whats called "silver lining" i believe. Im glad u aint to discouraged. U will be a mom eventually. Just dont stress it. have fun n let it happen in its own way,

    best of luck.


  • Thanks so much 🙂

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