It's OK to be human

  • We are all trying very hard to develop spiritually and to reach that 'God place' inside all of us. We struggle to deal with our issues and problems and strive to be serene and wise. But it's perfectly OK to be 'human' and weak now and then, as long as we don't let it overwhelm us. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience in order to evolve. So we must in fact accept that at times we will feel frightened and overwhelmed. We shouldn't chide and deride ourselves when we fall. It's not the falling but the getting up again that is important.

    Don't be too quick to shut down those fearful feelings because they are signposts that point to problems that maybe you didn't know about or didn't know you still had inside. Allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling, try to find the real source of your fear and then try to remove yourself from the fear after you have explored it. As soon as your human part goes into meltdown, take some deep breaths and move into your intuitive objective side that stands outside and observes impassively. This God side sees the whole picture; the human part panics because it is only seeing a small chunk of their whole situation. Step back, calm down and find a solution. But don't deny or hate your human side - it is just a child who needs your love and guidance in order to grow and learn and fully enjoy its time on earth.

  • What about the ones that wanna fix which ain´t broken?

  • Thank you :]

  • A great message Captain, thank you 🙂

  • Very broken bits are usually pretty obvious. If some aspect of life isn't working for you, it's indeed broken and needs fixing. If you are unsure, feedback from friends and family can be useful.

  • no i mean the people who wanna fix what aint broken in ur life, fx. they believe u´re unhappy when ure happy above all else. so they wanna set up u with blind dates, but u as u chose im happy single. fx.

    by this i do not mean me.

    under this fix what aint broken u find the well meaning good doers no?

    im juss talking here lol

  • Some 'do-gooders' assume they know better than you what you need. But sometimes they see things in you that you don't. If you have honestly examined your life and can say they are wrong, then you must just go ahead and live your own life in your own way. They will come to understand, after you firmly but kindly decline their offers of help, that you want to do your own thing.

  • Yes so true but it is also true that occassionally it is something that needs fixing in their own life and they are projecting.

    I am sure we have all made the same mistakes at one time or another or several times. LOL

    Looking inside oneself for the truth is always the way to go.

  • Yeah a rule i live by. I always look inside myself!

  • Amen CWB.

  • It is good to self reflect & look inside myself but not always easy to accept what I see & more difficult to make the necessary changes. Denial can be the easier path & takes great resolve to face that which I don't want to see. It does help to step back & look at the whole picture & not be influenced by do gooders that don't know your true self. Some days are easier than others

    Blessed Be

  • Not sure how I missed this one.I heard it said the other day when you are resisting and uncomfortable wanna are exactly where you need to be. There are many aspects of myself or my personality/ego I'd rather not see and have trouble accepting. But it is what it is. Resistance is futile.(not that that stops me☺) When I wanna escape and curl up in the fetal position and hide behind a book or veg in front of the tv now I just do it. If I can. When I was younger I would be so hard on myself if I didn't do it all and throw in a strenuous wkout on top of it. Ahhh the gift of aging... slowing down. The streets of my mind and my attitude take up more of my concern now. The seeds I'm planting so to speak.

    Love to all


  • Sometimes we tell ourselves that we do nothing or stay out of a situation in order to achieve harmony. But that may simply be fear in the face of a necessary conflict.

  • Can you give me an example of necessary conflict?

  • Necessary conflicts are any situations in which we are called on to bring out our courage, honesty, and conviction in order to gain inner strength and knowledge. Telling ourselves we are trying to keep the peace when we are really just trying to avoid taking a stand or trying to keep people approving of and liking us is stifling our own progress and learning experiences.

  • That is so true, Captain, about the necessary conflicts, but it's so difficult ! I've found myself now in a situation where I should be able take a stand and leave my partner of 10 years like a grown up person with dignity, but I keep regressing into the hurt/panicky child, and then back. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for doing it, but I wish I had more emotional strength.

  • You gain the emotional strength by doing what you fear. Many people wait for strength to happen before they do anything, not realizing it is gained form the doing itself.

  • I understand being human, making mistakes, and standing up for what is right. What I don't get right now is the way people are putting their feelings off on others. If one more person tells me not to blow up, I will turn into molten lava. It's like so many people are angry about something, but they want YOU to be the one to lose it? What is that about? Yes, I've been through a very rough time, and I don't see the end of it yet. But why are people trying to push my buttons? Is that some weird new form of 'support' that I'm not aware of? I'm not avoiding conflict. But I grow tired of the manipulation.

    Your thoughts?

  • People try to push your buttons to prevent theirs from being pushed. They would prefer to inflict misery on others rather than deal with their own issues. But that doesn't help them become stronger or wiser people and they will be unprepared for the coming 'trials' when they happen.

  • We can only look to ourselves and choose how to respond/react. I find I often have buttons that people push but don't often let the pushers know they've pushed them. When the challenging situation passes I can see more clearly that they are MY buttons sticking out there. Situations can turn into drama and ego mania and defensive etc etc and I need to step beyond that.For my own serenity. I understand what your saying Captain, fear can immobilize. I am choosing to focus(when I remember) on the beauty in my life and not the fears of the unknown future.

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