Physical experience question please share your thoughts

  • I feel that Spirit has indeed been making some real changes in my life and I am intrigued by so much of it. I am not one to show anger and well this week something passionately hit me. I was really angry and then this heat rolled in a ball just below my sternum, I began seeing a rod of orange come from there to the top of my head and then the pain hit. It is sharp and almost radiates in about a 3inch circle with web feeling tingles. It feels like something is trying to break through the top of my head and yet cannot get out. Now when I try to meditate it comes on again. ANY CLUES here? Thank you for taking the time to read and share any thoughts you may have. Soooo much of Spirit is still so new to me. Light and Love

  • Thought I might boost this up. Hoping someone may know what is happening and can help me stop the pain

  • If an experience is painful and/or uncomfortable, call upon Spirit to help you. You can protect yourself from any harm by calling on the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit to protect you.

  • And You can ask Archangel Michael to come help you clear this out. He's very good at that sort of thing.


  • Thank You PisceanHealer for your input. I do protect myself that is why I am confused by the persistence of this event. I will try harder to protect. Thanks again Love.

  • Thank you Ibeleive...I will go to him.

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