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  • Dear Dimik59

    Canyon View Loop or Pronghorn Street? Love & blessings to you. ~D

    Canyon View Loop stands out here to me. You may have to do some kind of inner updating on the dwelling, as I fell pipes need some attention there, it will show up in the inspection, I don't feel thousands of dollars worth of work as the dwelling kind of sings a happy song to me. This is a dwelling where your inner child will come out to play.


  • Shuabby,

    Can I just throw a "what do you see" question out there?

    Jan, 4, 1961 8:05 EST Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks and Blessings

  • Dear Gem90,

    In answer to will you find someone to love you. Only if you are willing to open the door to your heart and let him walk through it. I feel some closed part of you inner works that needs to be addressed here. Did you not feel loved at home for some reason? You are reserved and some mistake it for coldness. You have a lot of love inside of you to give and spirit wants you to start lifting the lid of your soul (mind, will, emotions) and start to let all of that love show, when you do you will soon have more than one love to choose from. A light haired young man whom will be your stepping stone and than a man when you are around 25yrs old that will just simply be The One the min you meet him you will know that your heart has meet his and will beat as one.


  • Hi Shuabby, my e-mail is

    Thanks very very much...

    and about that person with light brown hair... don't really know who it could be...

    His name starts with a D and do you see him living in Austin, TX?? I haven't seen him in the last 6 years...

    does this person lives close to me now? do you see some letter so I can recognize him?

    otherwise I'm looking forward to April-May to see about this new person 🙂

    Thanks so much, cheers, HD

  • Hello Ibelieve

    Yes, you can throw that kind of question at me. I feel that you are facing new begginings in your life with some deceisions to me made around the home area. Are you wanting to move or did you just move? I do feel that your love life feels rather blank here and hard to read , are you closed down in this department? If so than I see a door with a light shining through it and a new begiining in that area of your life also. Have you lost your mate through death? It feels like this type of situation to me. You have much to look forward to this 2011 year. New friends and new surroundings is what I'm being told. A Ralph is here and will be of some help to you in the near future.


  • Hi Shuabby, you are absolutelly right. He does take an advantage of kind nature. And it is a good guidline here your gave me. Thanks so much. But my main and very importan question will he stay with me exclusively or he will stay with the other woman heis with. He is running back and forth between 2 of us.. I love him, and I do feel that I am specual to him. Pls help with an answer.. I just want this situation to resolve some how already.. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

  • Hello HappyDoc

    You will know him when you see him and yes he does live not to far from you at the present time.

  • Hopefully I'm posting this correctly - I've never done this before.

    My date of birth: 5.15.65

    My question:

    is the man I fell in love with this past year bad for me... or bad in general? Will/can my love for him ever cause (him to) change/create change that will allow him to love me?

    Thank you

  • Dear Vio13,

    He will not make a choice until he is ask to. I feel at this time he is happy with the running back and forth. You must stand your ground with him and not give in to his charm . The choice of staying with this man or keeping him around and finding another man that stands by his woman is strictly your choice to make dear. I'm a guidence tool only.


  • Yeah, not happy with the new home (my husbands and don’t know how to make it mine. Tried to without disturbing too much of the “HIS” feeling but failed miserably now no one is comfortable in it.) Definitely shut down the heart area after the argument over the house and whose is it supposed to be for issue and now just trying to get back in touch with me in order to see if I can move past this.

    I’ll watch for a Ralph.


  • Shuabby,

    I am so happy to see you doing this!

    My dob is March 18, 66.

    I welcome any thing you have to say about my love life.

    I hope to be doing what you do now in the near future.

    Thank you so much

  • Kurtus

    Yes, there is a good potentioal here with the two of you if you yourself are willing to put forth the effort of giving your heart to this man., if you do you will reap the rewards of having him love you deeply, if not than someone else will come along.


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you have time again my DOB is July 16, 1988...

    Do you see me landing a good career job after I graduate from college

  • Hello Coco67

    Your marriage is like a work of art. It has a splendid beauty and than there are the dark areas that just overwhelm you and send you into a depression that you find is hard to keep lifting off your shoulders. A seperation is what I feel this marriage needs more than anything. TIME to deceide if this is really worth anymore effort on your part. In the meantime, you need a support group that will help rebuild your self-esteem. Go out NOW and start to intermix with people, find a church that you feel drawn to and go , look at the neighborhood happenings and start to go and mingle, you just might meet a very interesting man among them all that will stir your heart in the direction it needs to go.


  • Thanks so much for the offer Shuabby. I always read your posts. My DOB August 5, 1951. My question is about my relationship with a Taurus. DOB May 15, 1953. He has asked me to marry him. Do you see a happy faithful marriage?

  • LilCraggy

    Your career has a bright light shining around it, you know in your own heart that you will be a leader in your chosen field of endevor. When you are ready the world will be there waiting for you to walk through the door of a new life's beginning, do not worry that there will be no opening or job for you. There will be and I see the numbers 567 connected to a situation for you in the near future.

  • HI Shuabby, IBeleive sent me over here after doing a reading for me as I am in a bit of a tizzy the link is

    in case you are interested but I would like toask you one question-our business, how do you see its future. I doubt too much maybe. I am so tired of the financial strain. my DOB is 6 May 1972.

    xxhugs Sheelagh

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