Doing Readings Today Until Midnight

  • Joe Savy,

    Since you want a woman that is a light worker, you will surely draw her to you dear. Please let us all know here when you meet her.

    Love Does Come Softly


  • Shuabby sweetie

    i know i have no right to ask again, but educationwise worries me. im scared i ruined it all now. my health throws curveballs at me along my selfdoubt.

    please, if u can, what can i do? am i right where i should b or ought go else education n if so which one, me folks will they understand or also go no more?

    desturbed scared cwb

  • Sending you thoughts of Peace, CWB.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Shuabby are you still reading. If you are, would love some insight on how better i should develop my spirituality, or if i am going in the right place, and i know i need to balance some stuff at the moment but things are a bit rocky, so i was wondering if you could Help in that area, Dont really have a specific question, just wondering about the spiritual side, as i need a little advice,Insight in that are. Thank you. Birthday November 9th 1991.

    Bee Xx


    And Hey Dmick- 🙂 Xx

  • Thanks you provide private readings?

  • Sear Shuabby:

    If you are still doing readings I would like one, please?

    DOB is 05/08/60

    What do you see for me in my immediate future for a career?

    Thank You

  • Dear Shuaby,

    I would appreciate a reading from you my dear feb.16, 1975 anything you will vibes on me. I'll appreciate your kindness thanks

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  • Dear Shuaby,

    I apolgize if I asked you for a reading and iy was after midnight. I was not sure what time zone the midnight time frame was for. Sorry.

  • Never had a reading and somewhat curious... Future between 4/5/53 and 9/3/52 Thanks for offering your time. Also, not sure of the time zone....

  • AngelBee,

    Just for you my dear because spirit wants you to know that you are loved by so many on the other side , not just from this lifetime but from several others . You are on a high spiritual level as is, yet you reach higher to know that your soul is going to reach it's goal of being here. You need to STOP the worry about not being more than you are and where you are at .

    You can take some classes in the areas in which you are drawn to in the healing relm of life. You are a healer and a wonderful writer and speaker. You are doing everything right is what I'm being told to tell you,

    Love Shuabby

  • Dear Joe,

    Yes I do. Please leave your e-mail address here on and I will send you the details.


  • shuabby, would I be able to get a private reading as well? do you want me to open up a new thread?

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Most of my friends telling me that I might end up with my long time boyfriend and un till now his a good friend of mine.He never once to get married and scared responsibility I find him weak in any money matters problem and to scared having full responsibility in life.Are situation was against all odd family feud and status reference.He always wanted the best in me and he is very vocal with that and every time I'm spending holiday he never ever said no to me I have all the power and control of him to see me and spend time with me, though I was told by him that he want me to marry someone better than him and giving me all the best of everything,I am a woman with strong personality and i knew he likes me for being who I am in my dream I never once expected someone like him will spend time with me those were the days .I am having a relationship for almost 9 yrs no one knows that we have understanding everything was secret and there is no secret that you can hide forever and he never once makes me feel jealous he always proud of me and adoring me foe being a fighter.I hear a lot of frustration on his family he doesn't like money arguing and business associate makes him feel sick ,I was told by him that if i get pregnant by him he will never recognized my kids but with all my hearts i knew he will never turn his back on me.He is just week and we always had fight for his none stop gambling and spending money to some luxurious things.His capable to lied for my own benefits telling me that his family find someone for him to marry but the truth was he doesn't want me to worry having accidents to his favorite sports basket ball. This guy made a lot of influence for being strong and fighter and never once humiliate me and disrespected me in the whole time I was with him. The only time he can talk shit to me when his pushing me away from him cos I'm a woman full of dreams and love to travel and he never once had a dream to leave in a foreign land which my family pushing me away to have a better life and make the most out of it.We never share any conversation when were together we stayed and sleep in one room and never once attempt to become aggressive instead waiting for me to give him a chance there are times I was happy sleeping next to him and never had cuddling but i felt I was secured I confused him so much and his afraid that he might ruined my dreams which my only dream is to be with someone who will care and respect everything in me as i care about him to what will happen to us but he knew that I was going with someone and never have happy ending.He said to me that I don't want you leave in our home town and I have no offortunity for all he knew that I ALWAYS MAKES THINGS EASY FOR ME AS HE HIS.

  • Thanks email is

  • Dear Shuabby, Thank you for that message, That was sweet of you 🙂 Makes me feel a bit better too.

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • Hey Shuabby,

    I was hoping we can chat when you find the time.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hello Shuabby ~ it is my first reading with you and I'm quite excited~ can you tell me about my upcoming love life and my work for this year, thank you.

    Jan.3 1972

  • Hello! First reading also...I'd love to know about my upcoming love life as well since this is the love and relationships forum. When do you see me settling down with someone that I love?

    My birthday is April 15, 1986

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