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  • Jenxx,

    You feel as though you just can't make up your mind when it comes to love. You love the feeling of the fresh beginning it brings and how romantic it all is, yet must understand that after a two yr mark the lust or passion starts to subside and you must than keep the fire burning. If you are in a relationship I feel rather bland about it, you have to know what you want and are looking for in a man to first of all make a good choice. Yes, to taste the wine on the vine is so temping yet has it matured enough to suite the taste buds.

  • Hi Shaubby !! Taurus7 here, 5/15/1968 around 2:30 in the afternoon, Indianapolis, question is, will I be successful in finding my "voice" to the masses? I have a story, advice, life experience and a loving heart that needs to help people.

  • Dear Heling Ways,

    I do believe you can find a home that will bring you peace in the near future.The rooms of the dwelling will have a peach color to a few of them and a light blue to a bathroom. Home is truely where the heart is and yours is coming to you by mid April-May with the help of a relative that will guide you.


  • Taurus7

    Yes, you are so correct is what I'm being told that you do have a story to tell and you should do so in book form, start off slow with it and make it small , afterwards you can become a positive motivational speaker and travel (get an agent) around to help other's with what you have learned with your life experience.

  • Bless you Shaubby!! 🙂 Thank you !!

  • Topstops,

    Honey this relationship needs TLC. I feel you are the teacher here , yet have some learning to do yourself, and will with this chamer , yet he pulls back when you become to outspoken and direct in what you want from him. You will learn patience and how to choose your words , he will learn how to become a bit thicher skinned. Enjoy your time spent with this man and if it is written , it will be.

  • Shuabby! HI! i hope your doing well 😃 and thanks for this offer

    DOB 1/26/1981 sorry for the caps ..


    Shuabby im loving life! i hope you are too 😃 HUGS AND LOVE

  • This post is deleted!

  • My Friend December Girl,

    I feel right a way a trip to the islands is coming your way with Mr. A and ohhhh what a delightful time you both will have. In the meantime back at the fort so to speak, life will begin to take a turn for the better and you will open up to going out with other men for companionship . Having fun in life brings us such joy and balance. You will be joyful this year, as I feel an engineer is near you, he is a man of zest is what I'm being told and so interesting too. Don't say No to him, he will just simply delight you.

    Best Always,


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I was just going to do a bit of reading but when I seen Paddi posted regarding her business I just can't help myself. I would love for you to take a look at this business my husband and I have if you are still up for it, if you are done that is just fine:). Should I just try to barely manage it and get into something else, or should I try harder with this current business? I hope thats one question?? My BD is December 10, 1958 California. Thank you very much! Love and Light. GJay

  • Dear lovongsilverwings,

    I love your given name and I have a new great niece with that name.

    Your life will flourish the reminder of this 2011 year. You feel like you study books for some reason here. They want you to help others with your knowledge if you are not already. Join The Red Hat Society and you will have a ball in the group you choose to join with. I'm given a C in their group name. Are you a member already?

    Partnerships of all kinds will be very important to you this year . I don't know that you are alone just that if feels that way to me. Open yourself up dear like the sunflower and seek the light of all that is good and bright to follow and allow yourself to feel happy and renewed again.

  • Was I skipped or perhaps you do not feel you can help me?

    (I know I've already received a few opinions on this and I was just hoping to get a few different ones before making a decision but I understand if you would rather just help those who haven't had any answers yet at all)



  • Hello Shuabby,

    Thanks for this offer.....I was wondering if you see a relationship upcoming in my future? If so, do you see marriage? Thanks, 5/26/69

  • Sweetody,

    Luckey you , yes there are a couple worth keeping around for a duration.

    I hear the name of Fred or Ted here. I see a man that is near forty and quite nice looking in most every way. How could you resist him? As he just may be The One you are looking for at this time. he will be rather quiet at first , but don't let that fool you, he can have fun with the best of them. He has something to do with art or has a lot of art around him.

    I am doing well thanks. Enjoying having a free day to help some friends.


  • Shuabby,

    I was on page 4, is there nothing for me?


  • So I know you said one question per person, and thank you so much for the first answer! But do you think attaching an inexpensive Reiki service to a friend's business idea would be a way to start that? People in my city don't have access to many, if any, alternative healing/relaxation services, and adding onto my friend's goal would also help her to become more motivated to start up, also!

    Thank you for your kindness, Shuabby!


    (Alaska- 3/3/90)

  • Dear GJay,

    I feel that your business will do better in another building because the one your in is not big enough to grow or flow with the type of business you represent. Iam getting that in a yr from now you will have made changes in how you manage time spent there and a partner will be brought in for your husband (Male) and you yourself will be out and about in travel for the business or one of your own. Yellows and oranges are coming in here also. Is this the colors you have in the business, if not than they are needed to attract people to your place. All will be well with good management and time as this was meant to be.

  • Didn't mean to have the "also, also" in there... Only one! 😛

  • Dear DersiringLove

    You are like a fresh spring flower getting ready to bloom and show the beauty you have from inside out to the world around you. You have a desire to be in love with a man that see's you more as a child than a woman. You are now becoming a woman and he will notice that along with other male admirers. Do not cling to someone that does not hit the solar plexus of your vision. He is blind now, but that is all right. No worries there sweetheart, he will soon see, and it just may be a bit late as I feel there is a young man that will radiate to you as if though you drew him like honey. He is smart and he will bring you a lot of joy. I feel him near , so please open your eyes and heart to receive him.

  • Dear Joe S,

    I do feel love is lurking around the corner of life for you. You are now more open to finding love so it will come to you now. In the form of a blonde woman whom is divorced and has 2-3 children which are good kids. I feel one boy and two girls. You may not think that you want children again , but these children seem special and one will be very intutitive.

    The choice is always yours.


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