Doing Readings Today Until Midnight

  • Shuabby thank u so much. I owe u!

    cwb ;-D

  • Dear Bluetopaze,

    When you say bad? That leaves the door open for so many negatives and not much positive. Do you yourself see him as bad? Does he treat you bad? Forgive these questions but must be asked of you. I feel he may have addiction problems and he can't see the forest for the trees so to speak he is so deep into them. You are wise to question if he is the man you want to give your heart and life to. You must love yourself enough to say No when it is needed. If you do deceide to let him go , please do not think you will spend your life alone. I feel a man that is waiting in the wings to come into your life and show you just what true love is made out of. Will you let him have a chance? I hope so. He has a J in his first name.

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  • Dear RubyRed Lips

    This can be a marriage that will be like two oysters making a beautiful pearl. If you have doubts about his being faithful,than you must allow a clause in the marriage contract that says NOT ALLOWED as I fell he will follow the rules to a T . He is ready to be married till death due us part. Congutulations to you both.

  • Thank you Shuabby!

  • Hi Shuabby, just whatever pops out, thanks 11/20/65. I usually just wait for things to unfold. "Blessed Be."

  • Hi shuabby,

    its been a while since we have met up...shatz was my old user name

    It might be to late to join in but thats OK:) I still love your responses when you come back and forth to Tarot...


    August 10,1960 "question what ever spirit sees for me, I've been in my head too much:)"

    Namaste Shuabby


    peace love and light always

  • Shuabby!!! THANK YOU! I do not work out of the home. I am however a state care provider for my mother. She is disabled..blind and has COPD. We are in this for the long haul and the state asked me to stay at home and care for her. They pay me 996.00 dollars a month. Unfortunately not enough on my own with the 2 of them. I have been trying to find some on line work...yeah right..BOGUS so far. I can no longer do child care as mother is in too much danger of getting ill. We almost lost her this week and they actually sent her home from the hospital as it was safer here for her. I am so excited; the things Spirit is doing but I cannot figure out just how He wants me to do this without enough income. I know He will open a door if this is still His plan. I know it to be and WE are excited to feel/see and be going through these changes with Him in charge. We cannot wait for this move to happen. I feel the freedom coming. Thank you so much for your incite and Love...this made my day. I will keep searching for our door of opportunity. Bless you and may the Angels surround you.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    What a gracious offer! 1/23/78 Curious about love. Will I find love again?

  • Hello Shuabby,

    Thank you so much for this lovely offer. I'm so glad to have found this forum - everyone seems so generous and kind. Here is a link to a post that I previously had addressed to you for a reading but it was pushed down quite a bit while you were gone. I'm hoping to get a handful of opinions so that I can make the best decision possible for myself.

    Thank You,


  • Hi shaubby,

    I was wandering if I could have a relationship reading please if it's not to late.


    Thank you in advance if I make the list of names you already have.


  • Dear Shuabby,

    if you can take a look in my situation here are the DOBs - my 10 January 1984, his 8 July 1976.

    What do you see for us?

    Thank you deeply for time in advance!

  • Dear Shuabby,

    What is ahead for me in love this year?

    Thank YOU!

    With Much Love,

    December Girl

  • PS. Yes, I still love him....

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  • thanks, but what will happen to my studies?

  • Hi Shuabby,

    This is so kind of you to do this!,

    I would love to know if I will be moving to a home that I will feel content and happy in the very near future?.

    D.O.B 2nd December 1951

    many blessings to you

  • Dear Pattifluff

    Yes, Your business will grow but not as fast as you would like for it to. I feel there needs to be some changes made in the look of it and how it is being presented to the public. To much blue is what Iam hearing here. The money will get better after April , you will begin to breath better and feel less strain . A consultant may be needed to advise you on how to handle the look and renewal of the business.

  • Too much blue? Funny that is the colour my husband chose for the logo and website. Thanks Shuabby and yes there needs to be a real shake up for anyhting to happen.


  • Doeeyed Pieces

    You have yourself a Cancer friend who when the feelings run to deep, he withdraws inside his shell. You may want to contact him and ask If It Was Something That You Said.? If you feel you were right than no need to do so, just keep waiting and maybe someday the Cancer will seek you out again.

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