Doing Readings Today Until Midnight

  • Hello,

    I find I have some time today to come back to the board and do some readings for those in need of a clairvoyant reading. I do well with life questions. I do ask for your DOB and a question . Please be considerate and ask only one question at this time.


  • My DOB: July 16, 1988

    Do you see me and my boyfriend being together forever???

  • Shuabby thank you so much for your service and I ask Spirit to give you protection and clarity. I would love to see if I am really going to be able to move my mother, son and myself out of this house and situation. I know that it my choice but I am having a hard time with the means to do so. This is still His plan right? So, Do you see a door opening soon love? Thank you so much. My date is Aug. 1, 1965. Light and Love Shuabby

  • Dear LilCrabby,

    Forever is such a long time. I feel that you will be together for a while around a year and he will have to leave for awhile to go into training for a job that would take him elsewhere. I feel the seperation and during it you both will be making the deceision as to weather this affair will ccontinue into a deeper committment (marriage).

  • Hey Shuabby

    Welcome back darling. U have been missed.

    March 10 1972 at 11.20 pm GMT plus 1 hour, denmark city Sønderborg on isle of Als

    question is:

    Whom when am i gonna marry eventually?

    May i ask an extra q?

    cwb psyched lol 😜

  • Thanks, Shuabby!

    I was curious as to whether I'll have a bigger role to play in the hectic times to come... Since the world is going through so many changes, it struck me that I may be relatively adaptable and may have a part helping others...




  • PLS HELP SHUABBY! My question is if the man I love is the one for me, if we have a future TOGETER! ME: Apr 1st, 1982, Him: Sep 2,1972 THANK YOU!

  • Hi Shuabby, welcome back and thanks for your offer. Before I ask, could you tell us if you will be working as an advisor and where can we contact you in the future?

    My question is,

    When/How will I meet the person I'll marry... and if I already know him then when we'll be together?

    Thanks, we have missed you.

    Best of luck in all your future projects.

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  • Dear Spiritseeker8,

    Yes, this is still in the plan for you, ask for assistance is what I'm hearing. Go to a woman's chapter and ask for help in being placed or money to move with. Do u work? I don't feel a job with you? If not than State assistance would be available to you. If you do work than a women chapter will help you. After your move I feel you will be very happy along with your son and Mother. I see a lot of yellow in your surroundings where you will be moving. A business is near by feels like a beauty salon to me. Happiness is reaching out to you and it will find you really soon.

    Blessing to you,


  • hello shuabby, My DOB is 8-1-1974

    My question is, Will Tim and I have a future together as a couple?

    Thank you very much.

  • Dear Charmed Witch Bente

    Spirit speaks up loud and clear here to tell you that you will not be alone , you will indeed meet your heart's desire and sooner than you believed you will. I feel that by the end of 2011 that you will be out and about with this new love on your arm , so proud of him will you be and he will treat you with mutual respect. He is a man of taste is what I'm being told, he will like the finer things of life and food and wine will be two of them. His clothes will be sharp, neat appealing, his dark hair will shine. I hear and F in his first or last name.

    Shine that love light out there and attract this wonderful man for all seasons.


  • Dear Timzgirl,

    I hear a soft yes here. Is Tim unavailable at times, as I feel some distance here.? I can feel your heart felt love for Tim and he loves you too, he feels like a man's man and in this case you will have to fill your inner needs with female friends and than have Tim on his level of love to give to you also. Hang in there is the words I'm being given to tell you. Time in this case is on your side.

  • Hello AngelaVictoria,

    I got chills when I read your question and spirit wants to say that YES you will play a part of helping to heal others and contribute to this changing world in which we live in. I sense that you have a psychic ability that needs to be brought forth and let shine on others as you lay your hands upon them (reiki) healing . You will also choose another healing modality that has to do with emotions and the brain. You will be blessed in your work and many will love your gental ways and heart.

    Best To You


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks for the offer. I would like to know if I can have a future with the guy I'm dating at the moment. My DOB is 17.04.1981 his DOB is 02.02.1984. Or will someone else come along?



  • Dear Vico13

    This match has potentional , yes it does. Spirit wants me to say to you that you must receive as much as you are giving to have a love balance. The man you are involved with feels like he just may take advantage of your good nature at times, so now you are aware of that and can stand stronger and earn his respect along with his love.

    Enjoy the love


  • Hi,


    25-05-1990: will i meet someone who will love me and what do you see ahead with my studies

  • Hello HappyDoc,

    I work independent at this time. If you send me your personal e-mail I will give you the details.

    You can give me your e-mail on this board.

    Your answer to your question is: You have more than one prospect and you already know one man that appears with light brown hair and he is creative in a business way and may own his own business at this time. I'm being told he would be one to consider as a good marriage partner.

    The other man coming in here is a darker older man around 45 yrs old and quite good looking , he will be more of an out doors man , like sports and water and being near it. He will have a good head on his shoulders and also a good heart with those he loves. You will be meeting him around April, May of this year out in the open spaces is what I'm being told.


  • Thank you!

    I appreciate this very much.

    I will definitely look farther into that :]



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