Cancer Man Capricorn Woman

  • About Me: 32, M

    About Her: 22, F

    We've known each other online for about a year and have talked quite often. Being only about 15 minutes away from each other we didn't decide to meet with each other until a few weeks ago. There was an instant connection between us so powerful and beautiful I cannot explain. It was love at first sight. Not because of her beauty but, the look in her eyes and the way she presented herself.

    The first meeting with her was extraordinary and I couldn't make it up if I tried. See, I live in the US and she Lives on the other side of the border in Canada. Not having a passport yet we decided to meet for a few drinks and was going to meet in the parking lot on the US side of the border. Well me being a not all so familiar with the tourist part of the area went to the wrong parking lot which happened to be an area I had to go through the border in (no turn around). Long story short, I was detained by customs for over an hour. During that hour she decided that I stood her up, went to the local restaurant and wanted to soak in her disappointment, not knowing what I was going through.

    Now, here I was, socializing with her finally, and we were getting a laugh out of my mishap. I asked her If I could make her dinner. I figured it was the least I could do for making her wait for an hour. I am a single father, taking a woman home to meet my daughter is a big deal, something I don't take lightly. In fact, in 6 years she is the first I've person I've ever brought home to meet her. My daughter being 10 years of age for some reason, odd and not her character, took to her like white on rice so to speak. This woman continued to amaze me even more! Not only did she get along with her but she was instantly in love with my daughter as if she was her own.

    As time passes, we continue to be together as much as we can and every time we see each other it gets better and better. I want to show my appreciation to her however, She is a very Independent woman and doesn't want to be showered with gifts and what not. Being the cancer I am I want to do something for her meaningful and romantic but, at the same time not offensive to her ways, which I respect. Can I write her a poem, send her flowers at work? I don't need to impress her, she is clearly impressed enough. I was very straight forward and told her if anything is going to be meaningful in our situation we have to be able to communicate openly. Which is a task us cancers have a hard time overcoming. I just want to send a message to her to let her know that I am in complete awe with her without driving her away but, I don't know what to do.

  • Oh my. U lucky dog u. Well being a woman i can say poems n flowers goes a long way. We may down play it as ohhhh u shouldnt have, but we´re pleased happy n feel loved n appreciated. it helps deepen the bond. caution is that once u start u need to keep it up even if u do get into a living together choose to marry situation. im not saying each day we need it but once in awhile. i know i´d love it if mine did that. being a woman she will most lilely reciprocate.

    in my book if it comes from ya heart it aint bad. so if u feel u wanna show ur appreciation n love do it. we live ina time when such is questioned can one do it, n is V day the only day for it.

    So i say do it go for it n relish in what will b given back to u.

    bess of luck n congratulations

    cwb pisces

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