Love is???

  • in simple words what does LOVE is LOVE mean?

    from one individual to another, if the two ppl care about each other n have a connection...what does it mean if 1 person says it to another?

  • even though i dont think ive felt love before but, i would say this, someone that accepts you for you, doesnt want to change anything about you, but will be supportive if you wanted to change your self, someone you can count on that will always be there no matter what, some you can TRUST that will not leave you so there no time for jealousy, you are truly interested in what the other says and dont just "act" like you are,

    ummm hmm tryin to think of more....................... make the other feel like they can tell you anything even when its something REALLY BAD about the past or whatever and be understanding and let them know that you will NOT judge them for speaking so freely,

    uhhh be willing to "wait" for them cause for them maybe its just not the right time for something for them, if you guys were to EVER TO BREAK UP you still wish that they will be happy again, oh yeah! and you Respect them!

    damn i ran out of things to say, oh well, maybe people can put more on here, but i think i did good lol

  • so 2 you my question would me idk if you male or female what would love is love mean??

  • im a male (21, sag) what does love is love mean? hmmmm you think anyone can answer this? i dont think i can, why do you ask this? why cant love just be love? it cant be explained or need to be explained, in the end........ love is love because it just is. i like too think, i dunno im confused now lmao

  • umm i would think love is love means like it is what it is lmao.. like u love me and i love you idk

  • Love is love means exactly what it means......Love means you giving 100 percent of yourself, and loving you 100 percent...unconditional love...being able to give to others with asking nothing in return. Helping others, give love...So love is love. When you give love with no expectations, you will in return receive love back. I think that is what is meant by the saying...Love is love.

  • so when a guy says this to female (love is love) he is bascially saying unconditional love for you no matter what.? is that what u are saying deja

  • lilmisspretty,

    I can only say what I have learned. If you want to know, ask him, everyone has different interpretations of what it means, to me, it is exactly what I said. Sorry dear, I wish I could be of more help.

  • Yup...i must agreed that the definition of LOVE is subjective to individual.

    So in life, i guess we are searching for the person who has the same definition of LOVE in order to be 'Live Happily Everafter'.

    Cos One's Honey might be Another's Poison....sometimes, the things we does which we intend as LOVE might be perceive different in another's eyes....hope you get what i'm trying to

    So pretty05, you should ask that guy you are interested in on his definition of LOVE and see whether yours fit in... Cheerios

  • It means nothing. "Love" means nothing. It can mean that someone just likes another. Like saying: I love ice cream.

    But that is not how it is supposed to be.

    Or it could be: I love sharing my body with you (so to speak). And that is not what it is supposed to mean either.

    It should mean something else.

    The human soul is a loving soul. Because the love of God is in fact a part of all of us. We are sometimes able to feel a holy kind of love. This is an energy. It is a spiritual feeling. It is a kind of feeling that makes us believe in God. Because it makes us remember who we really are.

    That love is a force that is more natural to our soul. It is a state of concienceness that is able to highten the understanding of who we are. It has power to cleance us from the past and from our mistakes. That love is what can truly be called a holy love.

    This is also why some people get into life crices when they have found love. Because it might go against everything that we have learned in this life. That love might heal us from our past and from everything that our parents have done wrong to us. The power of this kind of love is so strong that some people go through a whole change of identity. Because they truly change.

    Love can truly help us to find our selves. But then we must - MUST - let go of the mistakes that we have learned to follow. The mistakes that have learned us that we are not good enough- Those mistakes must leave the soul so that we dare to believe in the love that we feel is a gift from Heaven through another human being.

    Amen to that.

  • Love is Friendship set on Fire...

  • wah Gem, Short & Sweet! ;D

  • gem twim i have no idea what you mean?? explain

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