• Hi everyone,

    This is a general topic regarding astrology in today's world.

    I want to share my own experience with you all..

    I had loss in my business and was going through a very tough phase. Then one of my friends suggested me vedic astrology. Since then my financial position has improved a lot. I have regained my confidence and also have started to follow astrology . Currently I am doing some research work on it. I would recommend everyone to make astrology a part of their life .. Well I am not suggesting to leave hard work as only way to success is hard work and determination, but wat I am trying to say is that astrology walks hand to hand with hard work and shields us from negative power if used correctly..

    Reviews are welcomed.

    Cheers and God bless everyone!!

  • Hi There,

    I think it is a good insight to our personalities, what career we would do best at. Who we would be compatable with and what we might have in common.

    Your friend,


  • I believe if astrology had stayed a science rather than astronomy splitting off from it, we would be much more in tune with the flow of life enrgy. (Of course with our preveiance for violance, our species may not have lasted this long had we not been kept in the dark for so long.)

    Case in point: we have weather predictions as part of every newscast. It is based on the latest data and correlated with known past patterns to PREDICT the future outcome. WTH, if we were putting as much thought, study, record keeping into atrology, would we not be able to predict future outcomes/patterns in the same way? Yes, and with as much accuracy.

    That does nt sound so good but really, weather forecasting is tentative long range but up close, pretty good. (within 24 hours) but there are still unknowns that throw it off.

    Chaos theory begain as a weather prediction tool. And we would be so much closer to understanding quantum mechanics and synchronicity had we continued to include studies in astrology in our secondary schools as well as the universities.

    Knowing what patterns are in sync for the close future is as much a tool as knowing whether to bring an umbrella with you for the next day. Whether you should dress for warm, cold or in layers.

    People do this on a regular daily basis without thinking it strange or weird. Why should astrology be any different? With the weather we call it being prepared, knowing what is on the way so as to be prepared to deal with it. Then we can turn our thoughts to other important matters.

    Which leads me many important matters are much harder or do not have time for because we did not prepare for specific tendancies/patterns that were available to us?


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