Watergirl? captain? blumoon? i need some insight, and perhaps even a reading :)

  • so, life has been a messy whirlwind since 2011 hit. i am in the midst of having to make some important decisions and wanted to see what you girls had to say about it.

    i have been in school for a year and a half now working on my pta (physical therapy assisting) degree. i just found out today that the summer 2012 classes (the ones i was hoping to get into since all my ducks won't be in a row before they start this summer. bummer) is full. well, where i moved here from has a technical college that offers the program. i am applying and seeing what happens, as i am not looking forward to taking ANY time off (i just want to be done, i am not getting any younger).

    it just so happens all of this is coming about at the same time that my lease is up. my current roommate and i were not planning on renewing as we will not be friends if we continue to live together (we had it out a couple months ago and have both just been grinning and baring it). i was planning on moving to a little island town out here and working all summer, but i think moving (though i have been very vocal in saying i do NOT want to move back to this place....but...) might be the best option if i can get all my ducks in a row and keep doing my school thing. the good part is my parents live an hour away, so if i had to live with them for a couple months while i get everything together it is an option. i am just not sure what the best thing to do is. i always have these great impulsive ideas, and they usually blow up in my face and leave me miserable. i need to change the tone of my year (for a while there i had murphy's law-what can go wrong will go wrong. and a lot of things have)

    so girls, what do ya'll think? i've got nothing keeping here, especially if school falls through for 2 WHOLE YEARS and i have friends in both places. and both are by the beach, so i can't lose there 🙂

  • Hi Mel,

    I do see the earning of a degree or pursuit of a degree as your foundation and there is indeed a change of residence in your near future, however what has shown up the most is the emotional aspect of what is going on for you. Like everyone else these days, you are being given a message about empowerment....Spirit shows you as having everything you need at your disposal, but there is an overwhelming feeling of being down and out and of a perceived loss of face that is hindering you right now. Your self-confidence and self-worth are low and you need to work on this. You need to make a decision to shake off the negative energies that you have succumbed to...it's this negative energy that creates or invites the things you perceive as bad that have been happening to you recently. The key is to remember that what we resist, persists! Release the shackles of the past - I'm not just talking about the guy here. Release the behavior patterns and belief systems that are getting you nowhere. The first step is to be completely honest with yourself. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge.

    As I said, I do see a change of residence for you in the near future, but not sure to where (island summer job or back "home"). I will do another reading specifically on the move, but as far as this one goes, it is all about the internal transformation that will lead to you getting out of your current rut.

    And, with regard to school...this isn't part of the reading - this is my personal advice...trust where Spirit is leading you. The answer seems clear - if you can't take classes where you are currently enrolled for another year or so, then the path of least resistance seems to be moving back from whence you came and enrolling in classes there. The issue of the lease being up just supports this move. I don't see putting your life on hold as a good thing for you right now, however I do feel that maybe the job on the island might be a good summer thing for you to relax, have fun and recharge your batteries before heading back home to school (and let's not rule out the possibility that classes will open up at your current school as well). If you stay put and keep your current circle of friends, please be cautious of the temptation to use your friends as a way to stay "connected" to what is going on in your ex-boyfriend's life. Whether they like or don't like his fiance is immaterial. She is marrying him, not his friends and vice versa. Friends and relationships come and go in life. They are with us for as long as we need them to be and when they no longer serve a purpose in our life path/lesson, they often drift away. If you do go back home, I would be careful about spending too much time with the parents, though. Sorry, but one of your issues is being the "little girl" and your big lesson right now is self-empowerment.

    I will try to get a better read on the move/school thing later...


  • thanks watergirl 🙂

    i made the impulsive decision to move back up to good ole myrtle beach. i will be gone from here in 5 weeks when my semester is over. 🙂 i sent off my application for the school today, and will be going up in a couple of weeks to find a job and talk to the director of the program i am going into. he said the spots for this fall were being evaluated and i missed the cutoff by a month, but i have a good feeling about it. showing up in person and talking to him will hopefully work out to my benefit. i wanna be DONE and planning a move to florida within the next year 🙂

    i'm gonna miss charleston, but there is nothing holding me here. i have plenty of old friends where i am going back to, and my parents live 45 mins away as opposed to 3 hours. the pros outweighed the cons. i will be living down the street from the ocean, which was my goal in life, so even if i don't get all my ducks in a row in a timely fashion, i will be a busy little beach bunny.

    on the subject of the ex, i'm glad i had that week to reflect and go crazy. i heard more about his indiscretions while he was still stringing me along and beginning a relationship with his future wife. it apparantly involved sleeping with a WAITRESS (go figure...) who was married with a kid. haha...this made me laugh and made it clear what type of person he is. why waste any more energy on that? i'm not. i'm moving forward and doing what i said i never would which is moving back to good ole myrtle beach. i'm pretty excited to see what happens. i will miss the friends i have made here, but i will visit. and he is not even going to be on my radar. it's a freeing feeling 🙂 i made this decision less than 24 hours ago and things seem to be falling together. maybe this is what was supposed to happen...all signs point to yes

  • I just pulled some Spirit Oracle cards that didn't really make sense and then I was prompted to come here and now they do make sense as they were for you!

    Your decision(s) have been good ones for you and you are starting a new phase in life with great new opportunities for you...


    P.S. I don't have a picture of the 3rd card...it's called "La Natura" and shows another beautiful and very happy naked woman who looks to be about 12 months pregnant 🙂 This isn't a pregnancy in a literal sense, mind you!

  • Mel, I am seeing you wearing a uniform and saluting - I don't think it is a factual vision that you will be joining the army or whatever but I do believe it is telling you that you must develop more self-discipline, fighting instinct, and control. To be a soul soldier...to get what you want.

  • lol i wouldn't last a day in the army. i feel i need to take what i learned here (i've been here almost 4 years...i kinda fled some bad situations and now i'm going back. i said i never would. go figure) and go back and finish school. it's only temporary, i don't plan on being there forever. but i have a good feeling about this decision. i've ran into many many bad situations and snags since 2011 started and i hoped the second half of the year was going to be better than the first. i have some awesome friends there and i can't believe i am saying this but for right now there seems to be more opportunity there. i used to joke that that place was a black hole that still had parts of my soul. maybe i will find them...i don't feel there is any more opportunity here for me right now, though i have grown to love it here (i was not a fan at first....it grew on me). i just hope i am making the right decision b/c i'm jumping in headfirst...

  • watergirl, i love the free will card as my friends joke that i am a "free spirit"

  • Here is the important part for you... You were faced with an obstacle and did what I call the "choose and move" routine. This is a good thing! 2011 will get better provided you understand that this is what 2011 is all about...learning to deal with change and overcoming obstacles without succumbing to a 'woe is me' or fatalistic attitude. You are off to a very good start with the decision you made this week. Just keep adapting to the changes, obstacles, forks in the road, etc. The vision of you in uniform is very a propos....step into your power and overcome rather than be overcome.



  • thank you. whew i am relieved you girls had positive feedback. i tend to make impulsive decisions and they dont always work for me, but i think my attitude now is to get through this semester and start over where i came from 🙂 i will be taking many many lessons with me...and the determination to finish what i started (school). and i'm excited about reconnecting with some old friends....and finding new ones

  • ha. this was in my monthly forecast. it amused me: "The Sun's entry into unstoppable Aries marks the Spring Equinox on March 20 and brings another burst of energy into your professional life, encouraging you to follow your star, even if you must proceed alone."

  • The lesson you must learn from being a 'soldier' is to know it's time to fight and when it's time to make a wise retreat to regroup and rethink your plans. You must never retreat out of fear.

  • (should be) when it's time to fight and when its time to make a wise retreat...

  • it's time to go. this decision feels right and makes the most sense. for school purposes, financial purposes, and i have been just waiting till i could quit my job anyway. i feel i have done all i can here.i have felt backed into a corner for a couple months now. while it rains on my head. so yeah... and if i stay here with these friends, i am going to be faced with mr. aquarius and i feel to truly move on from that experience, i should move. away from here.i can't believe i'm actually going back...but things change, people change, and places change. i've certainly changed and learned many life lessons. and things about myself. fell in..and out...of love for the first time, met some cool people, and went back to school after 5 years when i wasn't sure it was possible. it's been a bittersweet experience in many ways. i need to move on and continue to grow, even though it involves moving back

    and about the "little girl" thing, yes, my parents have always tried to shelter me and protect me from the world. my mom more so than my dad, but both are guilty. i have over the years of growing up and becoming my own person distanced myself from them only to end up very close with them. they still try to shield me from the harshness of the world as much as they can, bless their hearts. i was raised in a very small southern baptist town and those ideas and ideals have followed me, and aren't necessarily bad things. but i understand what you mean. they are sort of like my security blanket, b/c mama and daddy are ALWAYS there when i need them. who knows where i would be without em b/c i was thrown into the real world with no concept of what it was like when first out on my own. i'm still learning. i am happy to be closer to them, as they live with my granny who is 83 and still with it and so funny. i love spending time with her. she has spoiled me my whole life, as she was the one who kept me while mom and dad were at work and picked my brother and i up from school...etc....i am lucky to have a family that loves me and cares about me so much despite some of the dumb decisions i have made. i recently told them to focus on my little brother and send him money and help him out while he was in school (they made me get a job in college and i subsequently dropped out....it was too much. that wasn't the only reason, but it didn't help. and they haven't helped me out financially in years, but like i said if i need em...they are there) so yeah, looking forward to them being so close. since living here and being in school i only make it home once a season and granny is my favorite. i wanna spend as much time hanging out with her as i can.

  • ya'll. it's starting to sink in. i'm leaving 😞 i'm starting to get sad. lol i am going to miss this place and these crazy people...

  • The two cards--are saying--FREE WILL. In the mist of sisapointment or attachments to plans that go wrong we can choose to feel--slighted by life--unlucky--impatient--or we can roll with it accepting there is a divine influence onbourd directing us towards a different plan (good news) or a lesson is taking place. Spirit shows me a big sign that says INTENTION and another saying PURPOSE. I feel you have a restless nature--and you are an energy source--that has much potential. But there is a frustration when knowing your capability for more is not right now happening. There is a time for foundation--this is were you are at.. It is the most restless time So this is the INTENTION sign. And PURPOSE because you restlessly make desicions on life goals from an "idea" point of view--you analize from the head--you make plans--you are good at this--directing--organizing--making things happen yet it is missing purpose. Your head likes a good sound plan of action and completion and to be ahead in life. On a spiritual level, life is not so tidy or well planned. You are capable of many paths--learn fast--good at filling many roles--what is not into awareness right now is your purpose--what are you meant to do. And can you be happy if it doesn't pass the logical test or makes sense to others. I feel there is something at home with your parents that is part of your immediate journey. I feel there is a great purpose for you but will not be realized for 3 to 4 years. 3.6 is what I see. It will be a windy journey and you will try different things meet many people--it is going to be fast moving after Sept. I feel you should keep close to your parents the next 4 months at least. And you should smell the roses more and do some deep breathing and relax more for awhile--this will feed the intention need as you need to lighten up on yourself awhile---It is true that God loves you just as you are and you do not need to worthy or prove yourself. Life says slow down---be with yourself and your roots and let purpose find you--then life will really pick up so you will be ready. Spirit shows me a person on stage at a microphone---this person is a leader---inspires--gets good things done! Great image! BLESSINGS

  • thanks blmoon 🙂 that is reassuring as i have been a lil bummed today about leaving, but i am living up the next few weeks with my friends

  • Dear Watergirl,

    I desperately need your help and advice..you have done readings for me before and you helped me a great amount. If you could get in contact me with on here or by email, I need to ask you a few questions about the angel cards. my email is

    With love and respect,


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