What Does Mercury in Perfect Conjunction With Vertex in Sign of Sun Portend?

  • I guess I'm interested in a more in depth reading as well but I'm particularly interested in the feature of my chart!

  • I guess my birthplace time/date would be helpful. LOL

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  • If you consider that the vertex acts almost like a secondary descendant, then I would say that with vertex conjunct mercury (exact) it would mean that you seek people who have good communication skills and you need to be mentally stimulated in your relationships. In cancer, communications are gentle and intuitive, and in the 8th there can be hidden passion and intensity.

  • Thank you for your response. The first time I had questions about my chart, months ago, you were also kind enough to respond. I'm interested in an in depth reading, both personally and a synastry reading. I am hopelessly attracted to a woman whom I can't seem to divorce myself from, despite plenty of reason to do so. There seems to be something fatalistic between us and neither of us can let go, but the relationship is destructive in my life. On the recent Virgo super moon I decided to turn to astrology to seek answers. I was astonished to find that nearly all astrological indications that the two of us are soulmates are fulfilled. I love this woman and yearn to be in a healthy, loving, and supportive relationship with her, but that seems impossible at the moment and my unfullfilled longing to be with her seems to be consuming my life. For the past few days, I have been scouring the internet so that I may gleen some insight myself and have come across many generic results, but I certainly don't have the experience necessary to interpret the meaning of the finer intricacies such as house overlays, aligned angles, or other aspects that don't have specific interpretations on sites such as . If you could give me an in depth reading or point me towards someone who could I would owe you a debt of gratitude.

  • crazyCrustacean, I don’t do readings for a number of reasons. I would much prefer an interactive discussion regarding the different aspects within your chart(s). I believe there are a couple of readers on the boards that could help you, otherwise I’ll come back to this thread (albeit sporadically) if you want another opinion on your own research.

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  • The first thing you'll notice is the way our angles line up and that her sun and my moon conjunct these angles. I know that her sun conjuncting my descendent is supposed to mean that she has qualities that I feel I lack and this is a powerfull attractant for us both, which is most certainly true. What does my moon conjuncting her midheaven signify? What does the fact that her gravity axis aligns my magnetic axis signify?

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  • Does her vertex conjuncting my midheaven have any significance?

  • According to Stephen Arroyo (highly recommended) planet aspects to the midheaven manifests in 2 different ways; the planet person, either helps them to achieve their potential or it holds them back by some form of domination. Either way, you would play a formative almost protective role in her life. Aspects to any of the angles are powerful and it seems you have quite a few. I don’t know what orbs you’re using? A conjunction to the MC also opposes the IC, the former being how the public self is projected, which is rooted by the latter, the most private self, so the bond is felt by both forms of the self. The vertex, as I mentioned earlier is like a secondary descendant, but there is a fated quality to it and it can be found in significant relationships. If you look up in cafeastrology there is a description of how this aspect between 2 people manifests; it’s not a love at first sight aspect; it’s more an aspect of reluctance which becomes an “epiphany” when they do fall in love.

  • I have only been at this for a few days and am very inexperienced. I was just using the standard orbs that uses and reading from the extended table. After a little more investigation, I found that when comparing angles there should be a maximum of 4 degree separation and that angles really have zero orb when compared to other planets so half the planetary orb should be used. I am interested in conjunctions and squares with the angles, because, from what I've read, those tend to be the most powerful connections and seem to be what holds people together despite circumstances dictating otherwise. They are also the most difficult aspects to find interpretations of on the internet. If you allow for a maximum of 4 degrees of separation between two angles, and 5 degrees of separation between an angle and a planet, the following are contacts that our planets/angles make: Her Sun Conjunct My Descendent (Already Discussed); Her Mars Square My Ascendant; Her Midheaven Conjunct My Ascendant (Already Discussed but I'm particularly interested in Her IC and my Descendant interpretation); Her Vertex Conjunct My Midheaven; My Chiron Square Her Ascendent; My Eros Conjunct Her Descendent; My Moon Conjunct Her Midheaven; My Jupiter Square Her Midheaven. I know that you may not have the time or inclination to provide interpretations for all of these aspects, and I greatly appreciate all your help thus far. Any further assistance you could provide is also greatly appreciated. Thanks for your generosity and kindness of spirit.


  • I tend to focus in on hard aspects also, not only because they’re more powerful but because they offer the most growth potential individually or as a couple. However, you should look at all aspects to a planet because even though there might be hard aspects, the soft ones also reveal another way of using the planet energy. Secondly, when looking at aspects also consider the overall condition of the planet and the house, the sign the planet is in, the house placement and in synastry what houses are activated by either your planets or the others falling into respective houses. Understand the characteristics of each sign, the function of each planet and each house because an Aries Sun in the 1st house is different from an Aries Sun in the 10th house, just as an Aries Sun is different from an Aries Moon. There are also numerous traits that are attributed to each sign and not all of them apply, so you have to look at the overall chart and also use your own intuition. Consider each individual’s natal chart because you might be comfortable with certain stressful energies but the other person might not be.

    I can try to help as much as I can, but keep in mind that I can only offer 1st hand knowledge on aspects that I’ve personally experienced or have come across in others. I am just making an educated guess with aspects that I haven’t seen in action. There is no right or wrong because studying astrology is about sharing those experiences so that each can make their determinations through their own research. So as much as I want to help you, I would also be seeking your feedback 🙂

  • I'd like to believe that the alignment of our angles is important. To me, it seems that her ascendant conjuncting my midheaven means that her personality will help me present myself to the world. She is the most charismatic woman I have ever met, and, although I am pleasing to the eye and have a cheerful disposition and at times can be very social, I am not inclined to open up to people and at other times am very reserved and timid. My north node is in Leo. I think that she can help me become the leader that I am supposed to be and to have confidence in myself and help me to shine. On the other hand, her IC (if there is another more aesthetic name for this other than Imum Coeli I'd like to know) conjuncting my descendent means that she truly embodies the qualities that I am lacking. Her sun conjuncting these angles reinforces this aspect about her personality. Her charisma is beguiling to me, and I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and she knows it. I think that's part of the reason she's also drawn to me, because I make her feel special and needed, and, the fact that I have many attractive options, yet am somehow instintively and unavoidably compelled to be with her I think is a big turn on for her. That's why she won't let me go. But, at the same time, she is scared to be with me. I think this is largely due to the fact that my IC is almost in conjunction with her north node in Pisces. Who I truly am is who she needs to become. I don't think she is quite ready to embrace her role in this regard yet. I think she is close but still a little scared, and that is why she constantly pushes me away, only to reel me back in. Her Venus is square my Saturn, and we are currently embroiled in the downward spiral associated with this aspect. I need and yearn to see her, and she too wants to see me, but everytime we are so close a fight over nonsensical petty issues breaks out between us. So she withdraws her affections furthering my need/want to see her and increasing the likely hood that we will get into another fight. It is a very hard aspect to deal with and is in the -4 category for a very tangible reason. But, as I said, I am very, very new to all of this and only recently came to accept the validity and veracity of astrology in general, and I could just be interpreting things the way I want them to be instead of the actual meaning behind these aspects. Is there a particular book on synastry that you could recommend for me that includes interpretations about aspects with angles and maybe includes chiron, eros, and psyche. Scouring the internet for particular meanings and not coming up with answers grows tiresome.

  • If I come across as boastful or arrogant I apologize in advance. I know that, at times, I can unintionally rub people the wrong way. I think it's part of my cancerian nature. We have huge and yet fragile egos and sometimes are so self absorbed we fail to see the world around us, but we do truly care about people and want the best for everyone. At least that's true for me.

  • CC, I actually don’t think you come across as boastful or arrogant (gee…I hope I don’t) but I am trying to slow you down because by only looking at an aspect as something conjuncting/squaring something you only have 1 piece of the puzzle. Everything is coming across as scattered. You have been studying your charts for awhile and you are introducing this to me but I don’t have a clear picture of either of your charts. If I can suggest, look at each chart individually first. This way you will understand your energies and begin to understand hers (like what makes her charismatic to you). By gaining this knowledge, you will have better insight into where each is coming form and then you can look at the synastry and understand how to work with the energies there. Nothing is cast in stone, if a hard aspect exists it doesn’t mean you can’t mold it and work with it. Having said this, you could be thinking “blow it out your ear, I want to do it my way” then I will offer you any cookbook notes that I might have or find.

    Btw, you mentioned that at times you could be reserved and timid…take a look at your natal Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 10th. It’s the apex of your mutable t-square which is like a 3 legged table seeking a balancing 4th leg in Pisces. My s/o has a fixed t-square with Mars conjunct Uranus in Leo in the 3rd as the apex point. He’s the opposite of you; as soon as he gets an idea he’s off and running; he’s a very high risk taker.

    This is what I have on relationship analysis, but none of these are cookbooks (maybe the March & McEvers one is…?)

    1. Astrology a Language of Life, Volume IV – Relationship Analysis ~~ Robert P Blaschke

    2. Relationships & Life Cycles ~~ Stephen Arroyo

    Awaiting delivery:

    1. Astrology/Karma & Transformation ~~ Stephen Arroyo

    2. The Only Way to Learn About Relationships, Vol. 5 Synastry Techniques ~~ March & McEvers

    On a light, fluffy note:

    1. Cosmic Love ~~ Jan Spiller

    2. Sextrology ~~ Starsky & Cox

  • I don't think it's going to work between us. She wants me out of her life, and, because I think she has conviction in her decision, I am going to do my best to honour her wishes. That, however, doesn't diminish my interest in the subject, and today in my studies I came to almost the same conclusion that you wrote of. I guess the focus of my interest is now shifted to what my chart means about me and how I can better myself. I see a couple of patterns in my chart. There is a trapeze containing Neptune, Venus, North Node, and Pluto. There is also another one rotated about 30 degrees from that containing Chiron, Uranus, Mars and Mercury. From what I found today, this is supposed to mean that I may have to give something up in order to achieve something important in life. I'm glad that she didn't leave me with that choice, because I don't think I would have been able to make it with her, but I'm interested in whether those particular planets could shed some light upon the significance of this pattern and also whether the interpretation I have found is meaningful or just internet hogwash. I also see a finger of god containing Pluto, Uranus, North Node, and Mercury and one containing Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Venus. Can you offer an interpretation of this pattern? If you take away the aspects to all, you'll notile a large red iscoceles triangle in the middle of my chart. I'm wondering if this has any meaning as well.

  • I was just looking and clearly those patterns I described are not YODs. They are hour glass shaped and I was confused about the pattern.

  • I guess the proper terminology for the trapeze is a cradle. I'm not sure where I found the name trapeze other than it is trapezoidal, but I know I saw it somewhere on the net.

  • hmm... just looked at the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect. Maybe I'm giving up right now just as the universe would give me what I want, but I don't think so. I think she is sick of the fighting and it has driven her feelings away. I also think the only thing I can do is retreat and hope that my absence will bring them back. Concerning Mars in Virgo, I will say that I am quite picky when it comes to relationships and that a nervous energy and shyness is definitely a part of my personality.

  • Is the apex of the t-square you spoke of indicitive that one of my challenges in life is that I need to be more confident, and outgoing in social gatherings? The fact that Saturn is also in conjunction leads me to believe that I am resistent to change my ways and have difficulty overcoming my nervous energy (this is true by the way. Without anonymity, I don't open up to practically anyone unless there is an obvious mutual attraction or until after I get to know that person)

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